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    Last Tuesday, Project Veritas broke a story about Pinterest’s sneaky censorship tactics. I had no idea that my website was involved until the following day, when a subscriber told me she’d heard about it on Tim Pool’s podcast.

    FKTV has never been called “Fake News” by the likes of the Poynter Institute, Wikipedia, PropOrNot nor by any other (Soros-financed) fact-checking organizations but Pinterest has now done something blatantly deceitful. They have placed the domain on their blacklist of p-rnographic websites, along with other alt news, natural health and pro-life websites, like and Pinterest users were blocked from posting the FKTV web addresses on their site.

    I have asked them to explain why to me and I’m awaiting a reply from ZenDesk.

    This news came just as I learned that one of my favorite YouTube creators, Black Pigeon Speaks, with nearly 500,000 subscribers had his YouTube channel deleted without any warning. Those who’ve seen BPS’ great work on this website know that he never engages in any hate speech or profanity.*

    With thousands of accounts deleted from YouTube and Facebook in recent weeks, I was beginning to feel very demoralized. Then I saw Project Veritas’ interview of the Pinterest whistleblower. Eric Cochran is the young engineer who came forward. He explains here the inner peace that he felt when Pinterest fired him.

    “I could live in the comforts of life and I could go on for 80 years and make money…and then I’ll just fall to ashes. I think that’s how a lot of people live their lives and it’s hard to break out of that rhythm, there’s like an inertia…to me, this was just such an obvious choice because I saw wrongdoing…this is something that, no matter what happens, no matter what I lose, it’ll mean something after I’m gone…

    “All the things that we think are so important, like our status on social media even our reputations online, they don’t matter and that’s really how the tech establishment controls people…fear, intimidation that you’re gonna be a social outcast but those things aren’t real…it’s just fake stuff and there’s so many people in the real world who do support you and who do have your back and you’re making all the difference for the country and for the world and for humanity when you come forward and you tell people what’s really going on inside of these dark censorship bureaus.


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    • No one is going to read this comment because this video post is now a week old but I think this guy is off the mark a bit.

      The censorship we’re seeing right now is mostly being centered on “pro-life” platforms, so-to-speak, but that’s not what the censorship is truly targeting. It’s simply the easiest, most divisive and accessible content to go after in order to streamline the broader effort. And with the millions and billions that has been funded for fake news (a la Smith-Mundt Act 2013 and NDAA Obama signed in 2016 that authorizes our government to use propaganda against its own citizens under the guise of battling “fake news”…but note that this was before fake news was a “thing”.)

      Censorship will eventually broaden–the abortion issue is the foot in the door.

      And no, his whistleblowing, while superb, brave and necessary, won’t “spark the end of abortion”. Poor guy has some pretty weird perspective.

      Veritas would certainly be the first place I’d head to if I had a whistle to blow. Wonder what will happen to them…

    • please and…. get to and…. toastmasters… and….you are and….killing your message… and……
      i’m serious

    • “All the things that we think are so important, like our status on social media even our reputations online, they don’t matter.”

      You’re absolutely correct!

      Really sorry Pinterest has seen fit to classify your highly informative, educative site as “porn.” Their controllers are obviously REALLY, REALLY scared of the truth getting out there and red-pilling humanity.

    • Most of us are taught from a very young age to go with the flow, do what you are told, don’t make waves. Especially when it comes to making money, no mater what the “boss” is always right. To see something happening that is not right, and doing something about it, something that will get you tossed out of the circle you have been living in, is almost unheard-of. I guess most don’t have any morals when it comes to making the big bucks, and to see someone come out, speak up, and speak their mind about something like this, is refreshing.

    • Everyone has a conscience, a recognition of evil and they are both repelled by it and drawn to it at the point if decision. Which ever way one choses, progress becomes more compelling and addictive.

      I’ve said it million times – mankind is both hypnotic and addictive by nature so seemingly little decisions produce big consequences. Life is short, love is scarce, when you’ve got it hold it close.

      These self appointed judges over who gets to publish and who doesn’t have chosen the path to perdition and it will not end well for them regardless of much fame and fortune. What is their life anyway? It is but a vapor. They like all of us are less that grains of sand on the seashore, less than a molecule in an incomprehensible temporal universe.

      There is nothing new under the sun, what has been before will be again. What we are experiencing is the same kind of monopolistic take over of the internet that took place in the print media, then radio, then film and then television. The corporate government complex acts in concert to control everything it possibly can if we let it and it hates independence, especially independent thought.

      One can be creative as long as they are in charge of creativity.

      Well, these fellow creatures are simply revolutionaries against the Creator and his creation!

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