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    If the State of Oregon were to roll a tank into the Federal building in downtown Portland, everyone would recognize them as the real aggressors and insurgents. Instead, they use groups like Antifa and BLM as proxies.

    The State of Oregon is officially backing the violent terror cells and their insurgency against the Federal government,  with Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler referring to the Antifa attacks as “peaceful protests” and complaining loudly about DHS forces sent in to defend the Federal Court House and to arrest Federal suspects.

    DHS forces have made Black Ops-style arrests of Antifa members using rental minivans, in order to avoid the mass casualties of a Maidan Square-type of false flag event, were they to deploy conventionally.

    In a press conference Saturday, Wheeler blamed President Trump and the DHS for the Antifa riots. Never mind that the Federal Court House has been violently firebombed and spray painted by a mob for 51 days straight.

    What’s more troubling is that other officials from around the country are siding with the insurgent Mayor – making them fellow insurgents. Texas Democrat Congresswoman, Veronica Escobar has called for the resignation of acting DHS Chad Wolf over the DHS’ arrests of Antifa members.

    Antifa is engaging in fourth generation guerrilla warfare. These terrorists exploit social media for propaganda purposes and they have allies in the media who gaslight the public about “peaceful protesters” and the nonexistence of Antifa.

    But peaceful protestors do not throw explosives into Federal buildings every night for weeks on end. The complicit media is a key component and the insurgency could not be successful without them. All of this is exactly by the 1917 Bolshevik playbook, which saw a similar assist from the mainstream media.

    Radix Verum at writes, “The entire State of Oregon is using all resources at its disposal, legal and financial, and combined with the national media are now attacking the Federal government for trying to protect innocent Oregonians and their own Federal buildings and agents.

    “It would appear that the State is actively assisting and participating in a domestic insurgency, while simultaneously our adversary China is attacking us on a ‘whole of government’ scale, including economically. In effect they are helping our adversaries prepare the country for a real attack. Are they trying to soften us up for it, so we comply quicker?”

    “…Predictably, the ACLU is protecting the Marxist insurgency, which is beyond ignorant, and exposing themselves for the ideological tools that they are. The ACLU is simply a law-fare tool of the extremists to push and force society to be remade in their image.

    “America is under attack on all sides — from Russia to China, from chemical, economic and legal warfare, and obviously from within. The Democrat Party has made clear they are on the side of the domestic terrorists. By dangerously refusing to cover these riots truthfully, the media are engaging in a propaganda campaign rivaled only by the 2016 Russian Collusion scam.

    “The media has been largely responsible for the division, fear, hate and anger we see playing out in the streets today. They stoked this violence, they gathered up all the tinder, doused it in gasoline, and lit the damn thing on fire. The blood is on their hands. It’s time we start calling them what they are: terrorist collaborators.”

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    • I would say that this person has hit the nail on the head when he explains in old time “pirate” terms how one side funded “private” groups to plunder another sides merchant marine fleets … using ….. denial to lie their way out of any guilt … in the Portland case (same around the nation’s major cities it seems), Left-wing Socialist Soros funded BLM and Antifa trouble makers raise hell and the Liberal City administrators, make the Cops stand-down and in effect encourage the unrest and looting as they seldom hold the relative few arrested legally liable as they just let them go rather than prosecute effectively as they should. Civil War the author calls it and rightly so, it just has not yet come out into the open as such … but it will eventually. “Out of Chaos the New World Order”, TPTB will have their way one way or another … They can only be stopped if and when enough people wake up to the truth of the matter realizing that we are being “divided for control” and “They” are getting away with it so far. That the MSM (Liberal Branch) can bring these Portland Officials on camera for the nightly news and claim that the Federal Agents were in effect “Trumps Goons” as if they were just uniformed Far Right White Christian Gun Nuts acting on behalf of the “Renegade Usurper” of the National Government probably with the help of Putin/Russia of course … anyway, with all of the bald-faced lying going on, especially from the Left … it is all just going to get a lot worse … but hopefully that will “wake-up” the ones so far duped by the lies. … Ho-Hum …….

      • PS … actually all of my words above just muddy up the waters because the article/video/post says it all very well itself, as did the Rudy Post; … I am so glad that their are people out there that can see what is taking place for what it really is and can present it to the public so well … maybe we have a chance after all.

    • FB will not let me “share” as “someone in the community has said this has objectionable content.”

      We’re there! We don’t even need unelected technocrats to censor our speech. Any idiot with an opinion seems to be able to do so. At least temporarily. But we all know the process to appeal is tedious, time-consuming and expensive. But they time it is cleared it is “yesterday’s news.” And THAT’s the point, isn’t it.


      • FB wouldn’t let me share this the first 3 times and then it did.

        Not sure if my post is shadowbanned or what.

        Also, instead of putting me in FB jail for China Virus posts they didn’t like, they just deleted the post. New rulz.

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