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I was a lifelong Democrat until I realized that the Big Tech algorithms and content moderators who were demonetizing and de-platforming my accounts everywhere were doing so, not because I was a dissident of endless wars, mass-surveillance and disaster capitalism but because I was not far-Left enough.

My online business was being annihilated because I disagreed with the UN’s brand of Globalism and with all of their bad faith boondoggles, like the Green New Deal and now their latest, the CoronaHoax.

This shocking realization happened over 3 years ago, when nobody could understand what I was talking about – because nobody was supposed to understand: This is Fourth Generation warfare, whose standard operating procedure is fraud.

To have Big Tech come down on you the way it has on me is one of the biggest Red Pills that you could ever swallow. When it happens to you, it is an experience like no other. It is secretly and illegally trying to destroy you. It is deeply un-American. It makes you want to kill it back! So, I think it’s good that it’s now happening to thousands of others, because together, we will kill this Big Tech tyranny deader than a door nail.

But this is cold comfort, when your family members are still entranced by the fire hose of fraud that keeps spewing at them from the Mainstream Media in our psychological civil war. A lot of people are having difficulties with family members and friends because of fundamental worldview differences and James Corbett says something interesting, here: “You can’t wake someone up who pretends to be asleep.”

You can shake a sleeping person awake but for the person who’s pretending to be asleep, there’s nothing you can do to wake them up, because they’ll continue to pretend that they’re asleep.

I learned another thing about opinions when my mother died: That our disagreements no longer mattered. What mattered was that she was gone. I remind myself of this with my loved ones who are still alive.

Opinions are about the ego and such times call for us to transcend our egos.

And the good news is that it looks like this week will finally see a break in the malaise that has hijacked the truth for so long.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • My parents were lifelong Democrats may they (RiP).
    Today they would not even recognize their own party.
    It has become so radicalized that now it is nothing more
    than an echo box for the communists. I’m sorry to hear about your
    bad experience. Many of us noticed something was wrong
    during the Obama (miss administration) and voted for our current president.
    He is an honorable man and in spite of the radicals who have demonized us.
    We will vote for him again. Welcome back to the people who still love America.

  • Yes, so true that you cannot wake up another, just plant seeds. Someone very close to me is “pretending” and I know that must be respected. At the same time, I must go on as I see fit. Thank you & I am sharing this. ; )

  • How do you remove the program box from peoples minds? (TV)
    I wish I knew, been trying for years, and you can show them, but they won’t see.
    Does that make sense? Well with 40 years of falling into the box, they do not want to see,
    It would upset their apple cart. All I can do, is keep trying. Good Luck, to all.

  • This was really helpful. Kind of slapped down some arrogant thinking that goes into wanting to awaken others. I think I’m guilty.

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