This is the latest from The Atlantis Report and it is scary.

We’ve been hearing about the “Plandemic”. We may start hearing about the planned famine.

It feels like we’re being herded into the Green New Deal, despite nobody having voted for it. It’s like a slow motion trainwreck crossed with 9/11 and the film, ‘Groundhog Day’, with the TSA now everywhere, obliging you to wear a mask.

Don’t want to starve? You’ll take that vaccine and chip, whether you like it or not.

The Atlantic Report is calling this a “manufactured food shortage” in the making. He says hunger is what governments do to enslave their own citizens into submission and that this whole thing could also be an experiment to see how we react, to see how easy we are to control, to implement the next phase of Global domination.

We cannot look away. We need to see where this psyop is heading and to do whatever we can to get our local governments to stop the lockdown as soon as possible.



The US Government and bankers stole your pension, savings, future and they’re about to starve you.

To be clear, this was not caused by COVID-19. This was caused by federal and state governments shutting down all businesses and putting millions out of work.

Never, ever, ever has the government just shut down the food supply because of the flu. This is all engineered. Food is a weapon.

Quarantine is what you do to restrict the movement of a sick person.  Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of a healthy person.

There is no rational basis to closing the slaughterhouses over a few cases of the virus, just as we don’t close them every year for the flu.

This is a deliberate attack on the food supply chain of the American People. Nothing is more tyrannical than threatening people with starvation.

Why are we paying 25 million unemployed to sit at home watching TV, while at the same time, we are destroying our food supply due to lack of workers?

But how else can you crash an economy if you don’t bribe unskilled labor to stay at home? How does food processing not come under an essential job and therefore, still remain open?

So, between higher food prices, unemployment and harder times ahead, they somehow thought, “Let’s kill all our livestock and burn them in a pile!”

Before the pandemic, 1 in 7 Americans relied on a food bank. Now, the demand has tripled. Millions of Americans are lining up for food. Meanwhile, millions of tons of food are rotting in the fields. Farmers are destroying produce, dumping milk and culling livestock because the pandemic has upended supply chains, making it impossible for many to get crops to market. We have long food bank lines and farmers destroying food.

The National Guard has been deployed to the nation’s food banks to ensure food supply chain networks are not severed and that the logistical pipelines of food to these facilities can continue dishing out care packages to the working poor. But how about deployments at meatpacking plants and dairies, chicken farms, etc.? w about help planting and harvesting?

Or is this a planned famine? Is this the Department of Homeland Holodomor?

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