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With the current events in India, Clif High says there’s enough data to indicate that we’re at the “Pivot Point” referred to in his data, that people are now realizing that the spike in illness and hospitalizations has to do with the vaccine and not with the so-called virus.

“The situation in India is a big deal and it’s going to get worse, as the time goes by and it will be surprising if we don’t actually have many governments around the world collapse as a result of what’s been done with the vaxx and the problems coming out.

“Statistically, we just have to acknowledge that they’ve vaccinated, they claim, 1.25 billion people and so that’s basically 1/7th of the planet…one seventh of the planet, spread around the planet is still a huge proportion, relative to population of any individual country, that will be aggressive and and angry about what’s been done to them – those that survive…

“We’re starting to see the righteous indignation of the victims starting to show up in videos and in articles and in images, out and about; mostly in videos, almost all of them off of YouTube…

“We get to a point where even those individuals who are totally captured by the Globalists – the Cabal, whatever you want to call ’em – even those individuals in our society, whose minds have been totally captured by these nefarious groups will start to see things that will shatter their own internal sense of surety of their position and as the Mainstream Media starts crumbling, it won’t be there to reinforce that old idea.

“And you will find that the crumble will happen very rapidly. So that they’ll go through Hell. Their minds are going to be very torn up about all of this. They’ve been basically a prisoner of war for a while and we have to think of them that way…

“So your former friends, who used to be your friends before they became Progressives – and who the capturing of took them away from you – are every bit as much prisoners of war, as if they’d actually gone off somewhere and were stuck in a gulag, because their minds have been captured. And that mind-capture, that mind gulag will fade fairly rapidly, once they enter this point of the pivot…

“We are in a war…Inculcate this idea that we are in World War III. And so far, it’s a soft war. And hopefully – find all the wood we can knock on – we can keep it that way…

“Because of the war launched by the CCP on everybody else – and it’s probably the Globalists on the other side of the CCP – trying to reduce the population by 1/7th, I think we’re in that position where the planetary social order is going to change…

“It is my conclusion that the power elite are too stupid to manage the dynamism of the global order in change…

“And this, by the way is why the Quantum Financial System stuff is bogus. You cannot control every single asset on the planet at that level and manage anything…”

Clif goes on to describe the properties of the virus, explaining how, at the tip of the spike protein, there are three – count ’em – three folded proteins, aka prions, aka spongiform encephalopathy, aka Mad Cow Disease.

“This spike protein is the artificial part – it’s bioweapon part of the coronavirus. So they just took a regular, old bat coronavirus that was a little bit infective but not very much over the Common Cold and what they did was, they put this spike on it and that’s what made it into the terrible thing that it is…

“I don’t know how the body’s going to react to being turned into a factory for those guys [three folded prions]. But I can tell you that the presumption by anybody that thinks about it this way is that it will not react well. And we’ve seen too many people with too many kinds of mental problems resulting from this to not pay attention. We’ve already seeing the vaxxidents, we’re seeing people have strokes.”

Clif gets into more topics, including the upcoming fake alien invasion, all of which I find vastly entertaining. He warns about channeled information from purported “Pleiadians” and whatnot. He says, “Don’t believe the aliens or their stooges, who may show up as government minions…

“My understanding of it is that we are like the 5th major human civilization on this planet and our civilization is a remnant civilization from the 4th, obviously and that 4th civilization was destroyed during the Ice Age…We’ve found [human skeletons] known to be over 130,000 years old. And those are in California.

“And there’s many reports that they’re sitting on evidence from the Americas, both North- and South, that there’s modern Homo sapiens sapiens, as well as other hominids, all in the same strata of earth and that some of these things go back at least a million if not more years.”

Clif also references ancient Hindu texts describing the smelting of iron, while simultaneously describing astronomical arrangements that occurred 253,000 years ago. This is why he says we should be suspicious as Hell of anything that any aliens may tell us, given that we are a species with amnesia, which is how they can get away with saying whatever they want.

“Humans are ancient, just not our particular civilization…We don’t need to take any sh*t off these aliens, just ’cause they’re here in fancier floating cars than we’ve got at the moment. And that’s really the truth of it! They just have a different physics and I think that we’re onto that physics right now…”


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  • I think Clif High has gotten his statistics completely wrong. India has not vaccinated 1.25 billion people but only approximately 1.5 million people. That’s a 1000 fold off. So not 1/7 of the planet but 1/7000 of the planet.

    • I think you misheard him and that he said 1.25 million.

      Everyone knows that the total population of India is around 1.3 billion. He is not suggesting that a number in excess of the total population in India got vaccinated.

      • Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I was confused because he also mentioned that it was 1/7th of the planet, which is what made me question the statistic presented.

      • Sorry to bother you again! I went back and listened to it. At around 2 minutes 31 seconds or so, he clearly says 1.25 billion making it 1/7 of the planet. It is also mentioned in your transcript of the show. So, it is pretty sloppy on his part…just saying. (I guess we are all stressed these days and am attributing it to that).

        As an aside, I enjoy your website and all that you do very much and frequently share your information! Thanks for all that you do!

        • I listened to it again, too and you’re right, that he said 1.25 billion were vaccinated – but worldwide: “1/7th of the planet” – not in India, alone.

          Cliff knows how many people are in India and how many people are on the planet and how many they’re saying have been vaccinated.

          Many Americans are dumb and don’t know this stuff but Cliff is not one of them! LOL

          No worries – thank you for your kind words –

  • Clif, the Golden Ratio has been the subject of anons on QResearch in the past. I just found this post: you might find interesting.
    This is beyond most of us, I’d guess. But there are some pretty intelligent anons on the chans. Only news sites worth reading. You made an aside about feeling better after being exposed to jabbed folks. That’s reassuring, because I think we’re getting nervous being around these nutjobs. Are WE being permanently gm’d? Thanks and GB.

  • Not exactly true mis info is being spread by Governments not as many are being Vaxed they are lying to us….. People are refusing so take the vax people are Not as dumb and brain washed as media etc want us to believe.
    India espc. and other 3rd world countries the people are being literally STARVED TO DEATH. many count on USA to help them feed their poor,it is poor starved people being burned in piles in India and only the poor are burned there after death.

  • I knew this India chaos would be a turning point!It’s the son took a J.J. I pray it won’t hurt him but they’re shedding this vaxxx so it could hurt unvaxxxd!

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