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    For years, Clif High published his ALTA Reports, to which I began subscribing in 2009, which were based on the predictive linguistics harvested and processed by his Web Bots starting in 1994, which scoured those areas of the internet rich in posted language, such as comment boards, social media, etc.

    Clif believes his efforts proved that human beings are unconsciously psychic and that they begin accurately posting about future events, on average about 8-10 weeks before these events actually occur in physical reality. He published these reports until he was forced to quit, he says because the internet was gummed-up by the lies of the “Blue Chicken Cult” (aka “Blue Avians”) of Corey Goode.

    The predictions were both short term and long term but throughout the time of the ALTA Reports, Clif says he saw language about “Desperation in Summertime” building over a number of years, which he now believes refers to the summer of 2021, due to the horrible fallout from the MRNA vaccines, which in turn will precipitate another linguistic cluster, which his reports referred to for years as the “Secrets Revealed” about UFOs, extraterrestrial life and their technology, etc.

    Clif doesn’t know how this will play out, whether it will be a Deep State false flag alien invasion or whether the aliens will bypass the Deep State altogether and directly introduce themselves to us.

    But ETs are the least of our concerns, as it seems clear to him that the MRNA vaccine is shaping up to be a mass-genocidal, Extinction Level Event. In this video, Clif echoes the warnings of Dr Vernon Coleman, that the vaccinated people will infect the unvaccinated people as they slough off their dead skin cells, which contain the MRNA contagion, thereby rendering everybody infertile or worse.

    Clif says, “We’ve got this situation where people who are vaccinated are shedding cells, as we all do, continuously all day long; they’re shedding cells that have the vaccinated, pre-loaded MRNA in them. This vaccinated, pre-loaded MRNA is potentially a cause for this new reported phenomenon going around, which is women are having extremely rough periods; that menstruation has become very painful and debilitating and very suddenly.

    “And prior to that, we had noticed that there was a huge rise in the statistical reporting of miscarriages across all of the Western world, where vaccines had been put out and where we had this mass-inoculation program going on. Miscarriages were just up 500% and 600% in just a little over a month and a half.

    “Now, bear in mind that in 4 months, we’ve had a reported 3,000+ deaths and that equals all of the deaths for the last 13 years. So, we’re on the bad side of a trend, Guys. We do not, as humans have a good track record with vaccines. This trend is now starting to kick our ass, here, because we’re starting to show women that are having miscarriages who have NOT been vaccinated. And women that are having exceptionally difficult periods, to the point of debilitation. Even in older women, they’re saying that it is like nothing they’ve had in their entire history.

    “So this is not a good sign. I was very much afraid that MRNA could be passed by kissing or by sex. We now know that that’s true, that’s happening. And now it looks like there’s MRNA passage is being done through contact with shed skin cells which have the MRNA within them – also, all the cells we respirate…

    “So the desperation component is now going towards this push for infertility. So it looks like maybe the Powers That Be did, indeed have a giant depopulation agenda and if they did, then it would be fair to say, if that is conspiracy-fact, then it would be fair to say they’ve implemented it and there may be nothing we ca do about it, at this stage.

    “There may be enough people inoculated with the vaccine that we’re now going to push infertility on most of the populace, due to the close contact of the vaccinated with the other unvaccinated and fertile people. We may, as a result of this have to alter our social order, to where the vaccinated people are put in some kind of coventry, where they’re excluded from contact with non-vaccinated; where they’re isolated and held back, so that the species can continue…

    “It is highly probable that everyone who’s been vaccinated with the MRNA product is infertile. And if they’re not infertile, I would shudder to think as to what would be the outcome of their progeny, what that would look like. It’s that bad. The potential for this is quite severe.

    “All we have is discovery. We’re continuing to discover new clusters of effects from this MRNA product, which is not a vaccine, which should be halted immediately and everybody that’s ever been involved with it, rounded up somewhere where we can just hold them for a while, while we sort this out to decide what we’re going to do with them. Because it may truly be a crime against humanity. The MRNA vaccination, if it is as bad as it appears at this stage may have doomed the entire species to infertility and we’ll expire as a species when the last human on Earth now dies. It could be that horrific. We just don’t know…

    “The MRNA, which is intimately connected with reproduction of every cell and every part of every cell and then, on a larger level, it’s a key component to the reproduction of the human being, themselves, by the production of the gametes necessary to produce sperm and egg. So MRNA issues throughout the entire process. So, we can see if you have a very robust immune system and there’s these strange MRNAs coming in – now, bear i mind that our bodies cannot tolerate MRNA anywhere except in the cell, itself. If our bodies find that the stuff is in between the cells, there’s whole crews of scrubber things that come along to scrub it out. So, we’re very robust at scrubbing against MRNA.

    “But MRNA is something we need within the cells. It’s just that we don’t need the strange stuff that is coming off the people tat have been vaccinated and apparently, women are reacting and it may be – it’s my supposition at this stage, sort of a woo conclusion, a very tentative, very nebulous, very wobbly, so that we can throw it away at any time – but the conclusion at the moment is that, ‘Hmm, maybe the MRNA is altered enough that it’s triggering the immune response within the women that get it to the point where their immune response then goes on to attack their own reproductive MRNA processes.”

    In the US, these problems will disproportionately affect Democrats and members of Antifa and BLM and the realization of same will hit them hard, as it becomes clear, into 2022 that these mental and fertility problems are legitimate.

    Clif says, “They lined up and took it en masse, they were true believers and the true believers are going to be basically, I think killed by the vaccine and killed early. MRNA, I do believe will cause prion-like or statin-like separations and voids in the brain and if the data on PubMed is accurate, then we can expect this to happen in 18 months to two years, it won’t be a 30-year process. And so, we’ll have a lot of very young people that will be debilitated. And they’re infertile.”

    It’s been reported that 150 million people have been vaccinated in the USA. If true, Clif says, “The USA is finished. As a nation, it’s finished, because over the next 2 years, that 150 million will become 100% debilitated and will need care for whatever remains of their short lives and it’s going to destroy the social order. It’s going to break down the banking system, it’ll destroy the value of real estate or any damned thing, because, as these people become debilitated and run into problems, the first reaction we’ll have will be to put them in nursing homes or care facilities, which will soon become overwhelmed. And of course, who did we give the shots to, right in the beginning, with these 150 million? We gave them to the healthcare workers…

    “The good news is that, even in early parts of the data reports about all of this badness, there were stuff saying, ‘Oh yeah, they’re going to just run and kill the Rothschilds, they’re just going to kill the Queen and everybody that’s a Royal and murder the political elite in our country – and in most countries – will simply be butchered, as this proceeds. This is our ‘Summer of Desperation’, this is the ‘Summer of Woo’. Remember, I kept saying, ‘Discovery is going to be the issue’ and ‘Discovery only lasts as long as it lasts.’

    “So the social order will be breaking down around you, because of everybody’s mind’s going, because of the worry, whether they’ve got the shot or not. They’re going to be worried whether their wife or husband has gotten the shot and are they going to get an effect from it? Do they have to split up? Do they have to stay away from their kids, as more and more of these side effects come on out. I hope I’m wrong on all of this…

    “If we can determine by September that, indeed that we’re going to be saddled with 150 million people dead or rapidly dying or debilitated, mentally or potentially mentally debilitated to the point where they can’t be trusted and/or have to be sequestered because they’re shedding the s*** in their skin, we’ve got real serious issues, as a species.

    “And so things like property values become non-sequitur, they just don’t compute. Who cares? At some point, we’ll worry, ‘Do we have enough functioning workforce to get oil out of the ground to produce gasoline?’

    “And it’s all their fault and they kept pushing it and Fauci and all these guys, Obama and all these f***ers. So, they’ve done it. We’re here. ‘Summer of Desperation’. We’ll see how it plays out. Hopefully, I’m terribly wrong about all of this. Hopefully, it is completely wrong. Hopefully, we’ll be much more resilient than it appears at the moment and we won’t be that affected by this horrible medical experiment. But at this point, it keeps getting worse and they’re covering-up the getting worse part. And unless we face it as adults, we can’t deal with it, we can’t address it…

    “I expect that things will degrade – there’s a real potential that things will degrade very rapidly over these next two years. So, in that case, over the course of the two years…

    “I can see that the good side of this is that there might be so many people dying on the planet, that war is not a possibility anymore. That we just have too many people dying off…

    “All of my plans are held in abeyance…

    “Good luck to all of us. It’s not a very good video. Didn’t want to have to make it. It’s been days and days and days. I’ve been getting these reports from people. I’ve had reports from a number of the nurses. They were the first ones send them to me, saying they didn’t know if it was related, they weren’t vaccinated, they wanted to escape the vaccination or turn it down at the hospital and they didn’t get it but…these reports from nurses have been coming for about a month now…There’s enough of them, now, that there’s a developing pattern. There’s enough of them now that they, themselves are discussing it, reporting it to each other and noticing that there’s a developing pattern.

    “So, I’m hopeful that this understanding will percolate through the female aspect of our social order very rapidly and raise Holy Hell and maybe we can get this stuff stopped and examined and see what we need to do to aid those individuals that have been injected and see what we can do.

    “Maybe there’s some way we can un-do the MRNA damage that’s been done. I don’t know, neither do they. Nobody knows about any of this sh**.

    “Some of the knowledgeable doctors are very, very, very concerned about this and are worrying, like me, that this is species-affecting.

    “OK, so I bummed you guys out enough, now already. I wish I could end on a really positive note but I can’t. I’m just concerned, I’m having to change my plans. It looks like our species has been affected to the point where we will all be affected, whether we are vaccinated or not and there’s no upside to it, at this stage.

    “I’m not particularly depressed, because there’s so much in the way of unknowns. This is why I like living in woo, because you don’t get a firm paradigm set there. So, I can’t be uplifting abut the information but I can be uplifting in the general sense that we don’t know. We don’t know so much, that there’s huge holes, there for hope…there’s so much we don’t know…

    “And I have faith in the spontaneous human reactions. OK. BLM and the riots? That’s not spontaneous. They get that sh** ginned-up on Twitter, they get all the social justice freaks all whipped-up to go get their buddies and it builds. That’s not spontaneous.

    “Spontaneous human reactions, though do arise and we’ve seen them cause whole countries to change. Cacerolazo…the women beating the pots and pans for their missing relatives in Argentina during the Dirty Wars. That kind of thing. That was spontaneous; it just kinda happened and it changed the nature of the country. If we have such a thing happen – such things, by the way, Guys, they usually happen from the female side of the species. The spontaneous change in over-wooing of the social order from below. When men get involved, we call it revolution because we go to violence. We don’t have any other recourse.

    “So, I’m hoping the women are going to get extremely upset and change the social order and stop this, as they will be the first noticeable victims of the side effects of the vaccine outside of someone else’s body. Strange days, Guys but we don’t know – there’s plenty of hope, so don’t get too down or anything and I’m going to continue looking at this and hey, we’ve survived terrible things and gotten this far.” 

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      • I’ve been following Clif since 2009, when he was publishing the Web Bots reports, also known as the ALTA “Asymmetrical Language Trend Analysis” reports. Prior to that time, I believe Clif was a security executive at Microsoft.

    • Thank you for sharing the PubMed link. What a horrible, horrible crime against humanity. Those suing should, and may God be with them in fighting those court battles against the worst of the worst evil (not to mention filthy rich) in this world. Here’s a Canadian doctor who violated his gag order to share the stories of his patients knowing first hand the neurological affects from these death jabs:

    • So we need to isolate ourselves from the jabbed?when you tell ppl that now they’re dangerous to unwanted….you get that “oh sh** another one of THOSE ” look. Ppl don’t want to believe that they’re in more danger from the jab than the virus. Oh well…see you all much later.

    • Those FEMA camps are for the “smart/evolved/brave” who did NOT get the vaccine. They will be put in the camps for protection and will be the ones who will rebuild the planet.

      • Your comment is a fanciful guess, but those FEMA camps were not built for “protection” of the unvaccinated.

    • St Judes is the a dreen a krom factory. It’s why it is free. Terrified children going there for treatment. They draw their blood and ship it out. All under the mask of helping.

    • Sounds like the complete opposite of what the lefties are saying. They want to jab you or isolate you and enact vaccine passports…..
      Devils advocate question, wouldn’t there be an easier way rather than relying on a vaccine for population control.

      • They could have started sterilization decades ago.
        There would be little panic or suffering.

        Satanists want a slow, fearful and painful death.
        They feed off our suffering.
        This is a Feast for them.

        Many of us will likely be food for the Reptilians.

    • I have to agree with the sentiment that the synthetic genes will cause vaccinated people to be feared. The mRNA experiments use CRISPR/CAS9, which is gene drive. The Cas9 enzyme Is put there to direct the mRNA package to a specific spot on the DNA and it then makes the “cut”. Genes can be replaced or deleted this way and it happens to both sides of the double helix. Thus, all but ensuring passage to the child. Who will want to start a family with someone who has synthetic genes?

    • Honestly I doubt it’s going to be as insane as he’s saying. Also, nothing Clif has ever “forecasted” has actually occurred, except that about half of the crypto-alts he hyped pumped for a little while before going to zero.

      Strangely, I wouldn’t actually mind if it WAS this bad. We would lose some good people, but we’d lose a lot of the worst people, too… Still I highly doubt it’s going to go down like this. Time will tell.

    • Back in January, three of my closest senior friends got the MRNA “vaccinations”. I chose not to participate in the experimental gene therapy known as the Covid vaccine. (We live in an area that has been aggressively pushing the MRNA experimental gene therapy) Later that month, Sue decided to get her two year old female dog bred for the first time. Meanwhile, Helena decided to get her two year old female dog bred for the first time as well. My five year old female dog came into heat around the same time, so I decided to get her bred also. All these breeding’s occurred around the end of January. Us old gals would gather to play Scrabble once or twice a month. We’d bring all our dogs to each other’s homes while the five to six hour game would ensue. There were hugs, dog petting, a potluck and laughter. My dog’s previous litter two years earlier consisted of six healthy pups. I was looking forward to a healthy litter. The stud was two years old and unproven. The stud Sue used for her bitch was a proven stud, as was Helena’s choice of studs for her Millie. Sue’s bitch had a false pregnancy. Sue is an experienced dog breeder and knows what she’s doing. Helena, also an experienced breeder was shocked to discover that the ultrasound revealed one puppy in Millie’s womb, this is extremely rare. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the ultrasound revealed that my bitch only had one puppy in her womb as well! Both Millie and my girl Pearl gave birth to one seemingly healthy puppy. Both instances are extremely rare. I’ve been trying to come up with a theory as to why this is happening. I wonder if it’s a fluke of nature or a harbinger of things to come? Can we thank the MRNA gene therapy for this?

    • The masks and swabs in test kits and the vaccine have nannotechnology nannoparticles nannochipping nannobots nannoworms and nannobots in them we found them in masks swabs in test kits and the shot solution its not just mrna synthetic. Its the nannotechnology in the shots masks and swabs. Yes morgellions like organism in the shot solution. Must stop it NOW PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID HE GOT THE SHOT ON FOX E HANNITY. IT CAN BE SPREAD TO OTHERS VIA SEXUAL RELATIONS ETC. SO ITS A DOUBLE PROBLEM. WE HAVE TONS OF VIDEO ON THE NANNOWORMS AND THE NANNOTECH NANNOBOTS AND NANNOPARTICLES MOVEMENT IN MASKS SWABS AND THE SHOT SOLUTION. IT IS NEPHARIOUS AND AWFUL. GATES FAUCI GLOBALIST WHO NWO UN AGENDA CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!@ DAM MY FATHER PERFECT HEALTH HIS WIFE MY 16 YO GRANDDAUGHTER H ER FATHER GOT IT AND MY 25 YO NIECE BOTH HALF BLACK . ITS TERRIBLE.

    • This was their plan, exposed fully in the movie “Children of Men”, with Clive Owen. As a woman, I can freely accept the idea if death. It is NO BIRTH that I can NEVER accept.

    • Your message should be spread far and wide. However, when you dress to impersonate a homeless person, your credibility is lost. Please take off your beanie and dress like you have something to say. This message ought to go viral.
      “The words of a poor man are not heard” – Ecclesiastes 9:16

      • Andy – Absolutely do not agree. Clif is intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate and looks great…down to earth. I’m not interested in ‘suits’ – no time for that. Nor interested in shallow bias and judging a book by its cover. I listened to this twice. Please grow up. This message needs to get out – and Clif is not the only one with these warnings.

    • A true conspiracy theorist… weaving wishful speculations with facts proclaimed by Truth seekers only to be lumped into the same camp, giving us a bad name!

    • Wow.
      You have missed the mark here. COLOSSALLY.
      You have confused sociopathy with Asperger’s. They are not even in the same universe. I am an Aspie. I also have C-PTSD which compounds my sensory issues. My life is not a blank void, nor is my soul offline, or my ability to empathize broken. I, like many people on the spectrum, actually have too much empathy, I feel everyone’s emotions all the time. It may not immedietly register on my face, but I feel others pain in my own body. I hear all the sounds, smell all the smells, am overloaded by textures, and light. My typical experience is like yours, only all my senses are on high alert, 24/7. It takes me time to process things. To formulate verbal responses. When I see something, anything: a situation unfolding, a place, a store, a field of wildflowers, I take in a massive amount of detail first, and then put those details together to form an understanding of what I’m seeing. A neurotypical person skims, automatically draws upon prior experience, and then looks for details. Same with being asked questions. I have verbal processing issues. Sometimes, even if I’m asked about something that is one of my areas of expertise, my mind goes blank and I cannot form a sentence in response for a long minute. The reason people on the spectrum seem detached and quiet is because our brains function differently, it takes so much more just to freaking exist for us.

      Where on earth has your compassion gone?

      This is an extremely ignorant article, and I’m really disappointed and surprised you would attack people like me and equate us with soulless corporate NPCs. Many conspiracy researchers are Aspies, because we see thru bullshit and we are compelled to dig deep into subjects to understand them and seek truth. We can’t stand lies. We spot inauthenticity easily.
      You are encouraging the ignorant to judge and discriminate against people like me with this piece of writing. To denigrate, alienate, and insult us.
      You need to do some research on Asperger’s…maybe talk to some people who actually have it and learn what it is from us.

    • I FELT it was a sterilization method among other things. I also FEEL what’s coming. I can’t seem to find any of God’s children around me . I’m on the Governments Terrorist List and Locally labeled for speaking up. They absolutely want everything you have Deep State is now (visible ) working through local level to take property and this I can prove BUT NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR OR SEE . Iv been involved with the justice system for quite some time (through no fault of my own) they mistook my disabilities and kindness for stupidity, and created a situation that I will not stand for and using this pandemic to cover their shit will work on some but not others. Thanks for your opinions and facts , but whit do we do with them where’s the Militia?

      • WE are around so do not sespair, and you are right, prep like crazy now, and if you can go away for the next 4 months to a cabin somewhere

    • First. Thank you to AB for transcripts. I hate plodding through the over abundance of videos these days. Second. Let’s all focus evermore on our spiritual beingness. All of what is happening on Earth is our “wake up call” to who we really are. Pray, people, and acknowledge God (choose your name) at this time. Lastly. If anything happens this summer re: extraterrestrial, it will be their arrival to us, perhaps, to help us because the situation has gone to the extreme Clif is describing. IMO

      • All these companies are producing mRNA “vaccines.” There has never been a virus for which a vaccine could be produced, and they know it.
        To understand this situation much better, log onto for 41 posts, to date exposing the coronavirus.
        God bless,
        Arlene Johnson
        To access my e-zine, which is top secret history that’s internationally acclaimed and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.

        • Re your statement, “There has never been a virus for which a vaccine could be produced, and they know it. ” unless I am misunderstanding you, how do you explain the vaccines that have been used successfully for over the past 40-60 years to combat measles, mumps, rubella, Diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hepatitis B .. and other conditions? I cannot accept your statement. Please explain.

    • Sure explains why Alta reports show people attacking journalists, doctors…….
      Those psychopathic freaks in DC need a wall around their conclave!

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