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    Karen Kingston joins Emerald Robinson on the Absolute Truth and is very upbeat about the Brook Jackson case, saying that the terms of the Pfizer contracts will convict them of fraud, despite attorneys’ efforts to blame the FDA for the lack of testing on the COVID-19 vaxxine.

    Karen says, the judge in the case disagrees with any argument that Pfizer has immunity from damages under Emergency Use Authorization or under the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act or any pretense, including if they were “contracted to commit fraud” by the Government. The language of the contract states several times that Pfizer was to deliver a product that was safe and effective, according to FDA requirements.

    She says that the judge, at one point during the trial asked the attorney, that even if the FDA had decided they were going to ignore serious adverse events, disabilities and even death of adults and children, were we just supposed to live with it? And Pfizer’s lawyer, Carlton Weston said, “Yeah, Judge, you’re just supposed to live with it.”

    She says the US military and Government are claiming that they do not own the product and they weren’t involved in the clinical trials and the contract stipulates that the vaxx would not be used on civilians until they received FDA approval. She says here that “the way it was written”, the contract does not have the EUA liability shield.

    But way back in January of 2022, Kingston had said that Pfizer had broken their EUA liability shield the moment they released the “FDA-approved” version of the jab, Comirnaty®, because now, it was no longer an experimental product and it thereby left Pfizer exposed to legal and perhaps criminal liability.

    At that time, she reported that she’d seen the Pfizer contracts and she echoed the opinions of Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt that these indicated that the Department of Defense, from the beginning was in control of what data went to the FDA from vaxxine trials.

    Back then, Karen had said this meant the DoD, not Big Pharma was the central figure in any vaxxine cover-up and if there were a plan to inflict dangerous vaxxines on the public and on the military, itself, then the DoD was the most responsible; that although Congress had given immunity to vaxxine manufacturers for any harm caused by their shots, she believed the military leaders may, themselves be exposed to damages.

    Karen then mentions to Emerald how the Russian chief of nuclear and biowarfare, Lt General Kirillov had cited her legal analyses in one of his recent announcements, referring to how Pfizer did fraudulent research, which she says Pfizer actually admitted to, in a court of law.

    She says Gen Kirillov credited her for citing US Code 18 §175, which states that if you produce a “vaccine” or a toxin or a device (the COVID jab is all three), that was produced using fraudulent research and it causes harm, then that product is, by definition a bioweapon.

    She says Kirillov is now calling on nations in Africa, Europe and Asia to nullify their contracts with Pfizer. Kirillov has also asked the US Senate about what information they had about the “directed evolution” experiments done by Pfizer, that were infamously leaked by Jordon Walker to Project Veritas on hidden camera.

    Kirillov is calling the contents of the vaxx “biosynthetic pathogens” or “artificial viruses”. Karen agrees that the contents are organic and inorganic, saying, “It has metallic molecules in it. And that’s what the forced evolution is.”

    Karen says that with just the contracts and the data submitted to the FDA and some internal documents, you can win the case against Pfizer.

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    • A good analysis but don’t mix narratives. Yes it’s a bioweapon in that it’s a toxin. But even Karen will tell you it’s just a junk cocktail of metals and foreign genomic matter. There is no enhanced function SARS Corona virus whatsoever. No lab engineered biological weapon. These programs have always been a cover for money laundering. Just look at the long complicated money trails.
      Pfizer is not doing any directed evolution nor do they have one single isolated SARS virus particle. That part was all just the setup to get you to take the poison.. And it’s sad that everyone has realized what a sham this all was yet still devoutly believes in the original lie that there was a virus at all. Project Veritas completely imploded over that story, almost certainly because someone figured out they got played. Yes the shot meets the stated definition of a Bioweapon’. But its no biological weapon. Your DNA is not Microsoft code. What idiot tried to tell you that (wink)? It’s double checking, error correcting, creator code. No inert scrap of junk RNA is going to ransomeware it. Viruses are a joke. This is the lie they’re ultimately trying to protect. So they can scare and medicate you into submission forever. They did a very bad thing here. I think people are still too shocked to summon the appropriate amount of anger for what was done. We need to see justice served equally on all of them, and all of the lies that paved the way for it exposed and discarded. Starting with the whole wider fakery of viruses. They all know what they did.

    • DOD has been in the people harming business for hundreds of years so they are trained to kill and given the right weapons manage to be effective most of the time. Some idiots decided just because they run guns , run drug labs, run child trafficking and adrenochrome labs in the tunnels that they should run the pandemic depopulation program as well besides nobody in .gov has stood up against the military in ages. Maybe the CIA is the real CIC no civilian shithead has the balls to tell the military what to do. No chance that .gov oversight is not captured , gonna sue the military, ha! After all they’re the whitehats we worship. Gonna drag the military into a civilian court when has that ever worked out. They will just pull some national security out of their asses and circle the wagons. Everyone has someone else to blame a circular firing squad that ensures mutual destruction if someone can’t be Oswalled like Trumptard..

    • “Kirillov is now calling on nations in Africa, Europe and Asia to nullify their contracts with Pfizer.” <This sounds great.

      Speaking of nullification, I have been checking to see there is any progress about the Thai Loyal stuff….however, still no words, nothing (not entirely unexpected, however).
      Things don't progress mostly due to lack of courageous people.

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