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    Karen Kingston is back with more information from her deep dives into federal contracts.

    She says that she’s found contracts that indicate that the Department of Defense, from the beginning was in control of what data went to the FDA from vaxxine trials.

    If that’s true, then it means the DoD, not Big Pharma was the central figure in any vaxxine cover-up and if there’s a plan to inflict dangerous vaxxines on the public and on the military, itself, then the DoD was most responsible.

    Congress gave immunity to vaxxine manufacturers for any harm caused by their shots but if Karen is right, then military leaders might be exposed, as well.

    And she has another theory: when the FDA approved the vaxxine under the new name of Comirnaty®, then somehow, it broke their immunity shield, leaving them exposed to legal and perhaps criminal liability.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I woundn’t shield the big pharma cartels at all, why are they NOT willing to come out with all their data and need 75 years for their facts??? It is all a ONE crime team, connected to decades long crimes. The name of the team: industrial-military-complex, whereby the industrial part covers all weapons, including biological weapons in the form of drugs !

    • Amazing revelation from Karen about the stable genius Trump’s plan as CEO of USA Inc. and commander in chief of DOD to kill off most of the world population. What’s that you say he didn’t know nuttin he just was played as the patsy by the criminal elite . The plan to bring Trump up from the minor league happened years ago along with the plan to wash away the unneeded humans clogging up the money pipeline to the elites. The astounding audacity of the power elite to leave contract paper trails of the crime will be a lot harder to blame on the russians this time around. The american farmers should get busy growing hemp we gonna need a bumper crop before this shit is settled.

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