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    Because some human beings care about their children, VAERS was established in 1990 as an early-warning system to identify negative reactions and side effects of vaccination – which makes sense.

    But there a major problems. It is managed by the FDA and the CDC, which explains why the VAERS database requires a class to learn how to find anything.

    Taking the time to actually file a report is voluntary and out of fear of losing their jobs or being considered an “anti-vaxxer”, nobody wants to speak ill of the all-holy vaxxine, let alone make an official report.

    It is estimated that only 1% of vaccine injuries ever get reported to VAERS. So that means when VAERS reports over 44,000 adverse reactions and 90 deaths, one can expect it to be as much as 4.4 million adverse reactions and 9,000 deaths. And these numbers are only from the age 5-17 group.

    Conservative numbers put it at 10%, which is half a million children that have been wounded and killed from an unneeded, unwanted experimental gene therapy shot that we were lied to about, every step of the way.

    Thanks to the OpenVAERS project, which is built upon the VAERS data, the public can easily search these reports and see for themselves: people are reporting adverse reactions such as chronic pain, loss of hearing and taste, talking gibberish and acting-out aggressively. And these are the mild cases.

    There is a tsunami of major brain damage, major heart disease and fatalities. Edward Dowd has analyzed the data and has reported an 84% increase in deaths among ages 25-44, which is the same amount of lives lost to the Vietnam war.

    Toby Rogers estimates that Big Pharma kills twice as many people that died in World War II – every single year.

    The press ignores this because it’s not enough. They want your newborn babies, as well. Pfizer is pushing to get children as young as six months old given a shot that we know is potentially fatal, even though children were never at risk and are still not at risk.

    The United States has been force-injecting infants and children with experimental vaccines for years and now, they want to this infamous clotshot.

    Thanks to virtue-signalling mothers, some children have already been getting it in the womb, which is resulting in miscarriages, stillbirths and deaths from breastfeeding on toxic, genetically-modified mother’s milk.

    Pfizer is planning on submitting another application for Emergency Use Authorization in early April. That’s about 18 million children under 5 who could be sacrificed to the altar of Big Pharma and political correctness.

    If Pfizer can achieve permanent liability protection from the FDA, who they control, then they can add the mRNA gene therapy shot to the childhood vaccine schedule, where it will enjoy permanent liability protection, under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

    These same crooks are putting a judge on the Supreme Court who openly defends leniency towards crimes that involve child rape.

    They’re coming for your children and they will not stop.

    If you still care about the human race and are looking for something you can do right now, you can go to and read his “Urgent Call to Action” for more info.

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    • Can you please explain what “Explode” means in the context of the article ? Do you mean that it “explodes in growth”, or what. Your use of the term is misleading.

      • I think she was referring to the frenetic activity of the particles/objects in the vaxx under a microscope, after being heated to human body temperature.

    • These people are evil ,they have shown that life to them does’nt matter , these shots should be stopped asap, w if this had been going when they were little shame it did’nt happen to them ,then we’d have no problem now,this is one thing that we should really stand up and protest,

    • The black judge in the picture is sheer ‘Evil’!

      Unless the clot shot for these young babies is mandatory, the real question is, can our doctors be trusted any longer?

      Any doctor whom, advises a mother to have her baby injected; should hang by his or; her neck!

      Furthermore, as Dr David Martin has eloquently illustrated, the so-called vaxxine manufacturers will not remain free from prosecution. Their documentation demonstrates that the basis for the emergency use authorisation is fraudulent, destroying the basis of their immunity.

      I have repeatedly moaned to ACIO, that; until we control the psyops propaganda of the MSM, especially the BBC in the UK, that broadcasts its ‘Evil’ doctrine worldwide, we will never overcome the Cabal!

      The problem, of course, is like every other institution, ACIO is controlled, by sheer ‘Evil’, as it has been since its inception after the Roswell Crash.

      I was advised by ACIO, at the beginning of 2020, the Pharmaceutical industry will have destroyed itself by the end of the year!

      I recognise that Ground Commander Kimberly Goguen and the Interplanetary Enforcement Team are doing a superb job. It nevertheless worries me she believes controlling the money supply will be enough to bring ‘Evil’ to its knees?

      • The real question is: could doctors ever be trusted? and: What is medicine really all about? According to the Bible, medicine is a form of alchemy, which changes mankind into the image of the beast. Daniel 2.43

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