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On October 19, 2020, fifty-one former intelligence officials signed a letter entitled “Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails,” which claimed Hunter Biden’s emails were part of a “Russian disinformation operation.” Following 17 months of censorship by Big Tech and the dinosaur legacy media, The New York Times confirmed the legitimacy of the emails on March 17, 2022.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is seen here grilling the FBI’s Assistant Director of Cyber Security Bryan Vorndran about Hunter Biden’s laptop during a hearing on oversight of the FBI’s Cyber Division on Tuesday.

Vordran testified that he didn’t “have any information about the Hunter Biden laptop,” which the FBI seized from a Delaware repair shop in December 2019.

After Vordran’s repeated squirming and denials, Gaetz asked him, “Will you commit to give us a briefing as the Assistant Director of FBI Cyber as to where the laptop is, whether or not it’s a point of vulnerability, whether or not the American people should wonder whether or not the first family is compromised?” Vorndran replied, “Sir, I’d be happy to take your requests back to our office.”

In response, Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs tweeted: “FBI Director Christopher Wray wouldn’t show up to an FBI Cyber Security hearing today. Director Wray has not answered any of the 3 letters we’ve sent his way in the past 3 weeks. Director Wray’s replacement could not provide me with any answers.”

All of this was a perfect set-up for Gaetz to introduce the ‘Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution’ to indefinitely bar the security clearances of 51 intelligence officials who publicly signed a letter decrying the contents of Hunter Biden’s computer as “Russian disinformation”. The Resolution is co-sponsored by Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Dan Bishop (R-NC), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and Thomas Massie (R-KY).

The infamous Laptop from Hell, a copy of which Gaetz had in his possession on a small external hard drive is now an official matter of record, entered into the congressional record, despite initial attempts to block the request by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Gaetz celebrated by tweeting this video clip of the exchange, where he wrote, “SUBPOENA HUNTER BIDEN!”

Joe Kent, who is campaigning to represent Washington State in Congress, touted the Resolution, saying, “This is an essential 1st step to stop intelligence officers from using their access to classified information to interfere in our political process. We must hold those who abused their power accountable to restore the American Peoples’ faith in our intel community.”

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  • Tore is absolutely correct and its beyond me why all special forces and the patriots have not stormed all offices counting the Pentagon and relieved of duties placed under arrest charged with every crime known to the civilized people of the world. We are in grave danger of losing this opportunity to gain some sort of control at least of our nation !

  • OMFG! These Deep State stooges are blatantly hiding information which is bound to bring their misdeeds and the corruption of the whole Washington elites, the Democrats, and many complicit Republicans! This is an outrage! Chairman Butthole needs to be censured and removed for his blatant disregard of all decency and rule of law!

  • And I read Congress was sent home, end of job, end of political career for:
    a) US Inc. is bankrupt and does not exists anymore
    b) the salaries of congress’s boys and girls cannot be paid anymore while the Shop does not have the monies to pay their salaries.

    in the meantime a tempy ” new Congress” had been prepared and will be acting till fresh Elections, which have to take place within 120 days from the startdate of NESARA.

  • God Almighty..what a big fat criminal liar, I hope these professional traitors go down hard but I think they have a plan JUSTIN CASE and I hope we survive this deep state psyop👹(surrounded by demons)

  • Wow, corruption is widespread, blatant & the FBI needs to be thoroughly sanitized from the top down.

  • Welcome to the Grand illusion
    Come on in & see whats happening.
    Pay the Price, get your ticket for the show.
    The Stage is set, the band starts playing…
    But don’t be fooled by Radio, the T.V. or Magazines…
    They show you Photographs…
    Just remember that its a Grand illusion…
    America spells Competition,
    join us in our Blind Ambition…
    Some day soon we’ll stop to ponder, what on Earth this Spell were under…
    Styx, July 1977

  • “Am I next? Am I next?” Some robotic drone whining about being next and sounding like she didn’t listen to a word, too caught up in her own self-important hubris. Again, you’ll be more apt to steal meat from a hammerhead shark than getting something of substance out of these people. Corner this guy and he’ll tell you his “company” is so compartmentalized that who the hell knows what anyone else knows. The buck stops with no one. I wonder if some of these people actually bleed some kind of cog lubricant.

    • And who is the gesticulating, manic moron behind Adler? “Help, Adla, he’s killin’ us. Do sumthin’! Quick!”

    • Haywood –

      I heard that “Am I next? Am I next?” as:

      ” If I interrupt, run interference for Nadler, and shut Goetz down, there will be lots of extra gray and pork for ME from the Party!”

  • Wow, they’re hanging on to deny deny deny hoping everyone looking into this will give up through exhaustion.

  • Excuse me….this is irresponsible reporting. They did NOT enter the. LAPTOP. They only were able to enter the RECEIPT from the repair shop.

    • Sue –

      We like to see what we want to see,
      myself included.

      That said…

      Link to story:

      Rep. Matt Gaetz enters Hunter Biden’s hard drive into Congressional Record by Victor Morton


      “Rep. Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat and the panel chairman, objected but later dropped the objection.
      “After consultation with majority staff, I seek unanimous consent to enter into the record of this committee, content from, files from, and copies from the Hunter Biden laptop,” Mr. Gaetz said in the video clip he posted on Twitter.
      “Without objection,” Mr. Nadler replied.

      …The laptop has been repeatedly confirmed since as authentic, most recently in the middle of a New York Times story.”

      Note this part:

      ” I seek unanimous consent to enter into the record of this committee, *content from*, *files from*, and *copies from* the Hunter Biden laptop,” Mr. Gaetz said.”

      “Without objection,” Mr. Nadler replied.

      So, more than simply a repair-shop receipt was entered.

    • Sounds like you are cluching at straws to defend the narrative coming out of that assistant director ” I wont tell you anything even if I knew it because I am protecting the cabal puppet”, Either you agree with his diversion and feel the nation is not worth protecting OR your on the doggy payroll!!

  • For perspective, the general dodge by this assistant Fibbin’ Boyz Inc preppy, has been their m/o since the JFK daze and has not lightened since, to which I will bear personal witness.

    The moment is showing us all just how morallessly our money deluded multi-million strong bureaucratic sludge pit of a government comports itself. Far too many ‘good’ people in those hallowed halls playing the ‘it’s the other guy’ dodge of responsibility.

    I’m tired of continually being forced to ignore these torrents of in our faces smirking hypocrisy. The trust of the purse which we place in their hands has become their kids in a candy shop pig out.

  • the deep state does what it wants and seems like no one can get through this wall.. It is already widely known what connections Bidens had with Ukraine, and having now to put entire world peace, economy in question, is just another crime

  • I don’t know about Matt Gaetz. I once thought he was brilliant but I know he knows where to get the contents of one of many copies of the lap top(s). Tired of these celebrity politicians mind pfucking the everyday Janes and Joes.



        • What are you🤸like maybe 12 years old.. avatar,my big azz!You’ve got problem because you go back in forth,I believe you just like to argue a pointless point!

    • A trach bin gets emptied and sometime not by the regular mechanism!! THATS HOW THINGS GO ARRAR FOR THE DEEP SHIT STATE!!

    • IMO, the case if “before the Tribunal” or Courts at the moment, they say.
      Others say Sleepy Joe & Family have been “transferred” to another planet.

      I am sure the truth will come out soon and we all will be shocked.
      Even after thinking, we have everything under control and nothing can surprise us anymore.
      Be aware, I tell’ye!

      Peace & Happiness for Everybody on this planet.
      God always wins.

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