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Dr Jane Ruby is back with some jaw-dropping video footage taken by South African Dr Xandre Botha and by Kiwi Dr Matt Shelton of the self-assembling circuits in the Pfizer jab.

With full chain of custody, both doctors obtained sealed, undiluted vials of the Pfizer product. In the video, the solution almost appears to be “alive” with swarming particles.

Dr Shelton heated the solution up that of human body temperature (98.6ºF/37ºC) and these crazy branch-like structures began to form. “How horrific is that?” says Dr Ruby.

Both doctors filmed similar scenes of these particles forming into what look like small circuit boards over the course of several hours. These rectangular structures have been seen emanating from the round, shiny “dots”, as Dr Ruby calls them.

My favorite part is when Dr Ruby breaks the third wall and begins addressing the audience as a human being, rather than a presenter:

“It looks like a circuit board, right? How damaging is this to your blood? How damaging is this to your organs? And what is it growing?…

“Who the Hell are these people? Who the Hell do they think they are? No informed consent. Technology way before its time. These arrogant bastards!…

“You have the right to know if someone is changing your God-given DNA, you have the right to know if they’re putting in some electronic, electromagnetic-related circuitry.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There are many of us fighting like hell to stop all of this. I myself am one of them. I have been threatened, harrassed, cyberstalked, etc. My life is being ruined right before my eyes. There’s a major problem in this country when a parent’s elected position is used against them because they were the only one to speak up about these astrocities. They are relentless, heartless bastards that will stop at nothing to destroy you. Those who continue to remain silent because they’re scared….ENOUGH! It’s time to step up to the plate, these fighter’s need to rest a bit. For goodness sake, people are so spineless they won’t even public support you for efforts. They tell you behind closed doors they support you and they thank you, but that does nothing when you’re being torn apart by these bastards. They will push you until something bad happens to you. They don’t care about you and they don’t care about you’re children.

  • Dear Alexandra,
    One of the qualities that sets your presentations apart is your excellent explanatory narrative.
    Often, I will not bother to watch the video itself.
    This video is one of those occasions, when I should not have bothered, sadly!
    I can see from the number of comments that my views are unique, it would seem?
    I thought Dr Ruby made an awful presentation of the data that; was, in any event, available early last year via other sources!
    We barely had a chance to look at the video clips. Instead, the good doctor repeatedly blustered how awful the evidence was!
    It is clear that; your readers do not follow either Dr Tenpenny or Kimberly Goguen.
    I can but urge them to do so?
    From their comments, many would seem to be at least a year out of date?

    • Oh yes, Kimberly Gougan, the Guru of the one who holds the Keys to the Financial System around the world but cannot take Human Trafficking thugs out of the IRA….

  • I can’t even post this to my Facebook page beings I have too many friends that fell for this f’n plandemic. They wouldn’t believe it anyway. So damn sad

  • it is time to contact the scientists in the 6 biggest nanolabs in USA, participants of the s.c. ‘National Nanotechnology Initiative’, with QUESTIONS. These places are listed on:
    and they are:
    Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque+ Los Alamos National Laboratory

    • all labs that are known to be a product of the Military Industrial Complex. and curiosly involved or mentioned at 1 time or another in the subject involving the military and their interactions and involvement with E.T. entities or their recovered crafts

  • This nano self-replicating circuitry, can’t it be disrupted using an EMP (electromagnetic pulse)?

    • That’s a great question. The way an EMP works is basically wires pick up/interact with magnetic pulse, of high magnitude, when it is put through electronic circuitry creates a spike of high-current. This can lead to also high voltage. In any case, there’s an unusually high-flow of energy through the system. Certain components like capacitators designed to store-energy can literately explode and take the device with it.

      If it is low/within the standard range, not much will happen except odd-functioning (ex a radio might give static/odd output/randomly flip stations (if digital) b/c it might activate the circuit for station-change even if the button wasn’t pressed).

      If it is a very low pulse, there might be literately zero-effect. Nothing tangible to the human eye or in malfunctioning of the device. In fact, all devices are exposed to a tiny-magnetic field 24/7. The earth’s magnetic field. This EMP doesn’t result in an explosion though (obviously) or harm to electronics (obviously).

      If this current/voltage is well over the standard-operating range, it will fry the circuitry and a device can even explode. The metal/circuit will temporarily become extremely hot/heated. If you run too much current through a home-electronics project, the metal wire will melt and it can cause a fire. Likewise for too much load through a cheap extension cord. Hence why to never use a power-tool with a low amperage cord.

      So if we hypothetically assume you have this nano-machine in your body has some kind of circuitry…and a very-large emp surge hits it, it is likely the nano particles may stop functioning but they will also become extremely hot in the process. The more energy, the greater the heat. It is unlikely it would ever become hot-enough to melt since most metals have a high-melting point. However, it could become hot enough to damage nearby cells potentially. If it did melt, would you want liquid-metal in your body to be moving around and later resolidify or? This doesn’t sound great to me. Would it result in internal burning or searing of cells within the body near wherever the particles are located? Would that result in internal-cell-death of cells nearby the nanoparticles? which cells would those be? where? heart cells? brains cells? cells of the vascular system?

      You could try building a strong EMP device and setting it off near vaccinated people to see the effect, but that would be potentially murderous and paramount to terrorism.

    • The last thing I feel I should add is, the reason EMPs effects electronics is the metal is conductor or allows electrons to flow-pretty-freely. So copper, for example, is a conductor so it is effected by an EMP. Rubber, is not a conductor, so an EMP can be set of next to rubber a thousand times and nothing is likely to happen. Are these nano-machines conductors or non conductive?

      Further, the longer the wire/longer the interaction with the electro magnetic field, the greater the induced voltage/current. Nanomachines are so tiny, the EMF would pass through very-very-quickly and likely just induce maybe 0.05 to 0.1V. There are VERY VERY few semiconductor diodes that cannot withstand 0.2V. So 0.05v to 0.1V will likely destroy exactly 0 semiconductor diodes. Most diodes generally are rated for 2v-5V….

      How about a nanomachine? Can it survive 0.05v to 0.1V? Who knows. Depends on how it is designed and what its regular operating range is. If it was a laptop-component, you could go to the manufacturer’s website, look up the specs and find the voltage. I doubt ‘secret nanobot manufacturer website’ exists to find out.

  • They are not therapies. It is an experimental drug. It is not working to heal or bring health.

  • Why are we not pulling it down give me a bomb and I would blow the whole labs up then mainstream media I believe Government’s are being accountable for thanks to the off worlders the control of our God Given Rights with our Anatomy Is unbelievable these innocent human beings coerced and lied to weather we are jabbed or unjabbed are all effected by this evil.

    • Possibly because it’s an illusion. Nuclear vessels/bombs are, that’s why there has never been nuclear war. Quote from a Nuclear Strategist in 1946 after Hiroshima and Nagasaki: “The usefulness of the Atomic Bomb was not in its deployment, but in the threat of its deployment.” Bernard Brodie 1946 is credited for creating a fear mongering tactic that stills lives on today.
      As an American Military Strategist, Bernard Brodie became Senior Member for Rand Corporation 1951-1966.
      Rand Corporation: Think Tank created in 1948 financed by the United States Government and Private endowment, University’s and Corporations.

  • Genetic theory is a technical hoax, like nuclear theory, viral theory, evolutionary theory, cosmic theory, relativity theory or quantum theory. They all make up a hermetic knowledge to generate a monolithic principle of authority. Understanding their language is within the reach of a few who are indoctrinated to think, say and confirm only what is authorized and never doubt it under threat of ostracism, and all thanks to a masterful recipe for deception built with 33% truth, 33 % fiction, 33% simulacrum and 1% uncertainty or mystery, four fields that are constantly fed by the media. The only factual thing is the damage they do to all of us.
    If we don’t stop the state machinery, and we still to believe in the genetic theory, the new act of the chaos show will begin, to distinguish between intoxicated and non-intoxicated, an issue that must be regulated politically to include them within a right that protects the inoculated from all discrimination, thus certifying the power of the genetic hoax to identify its inoculated, breathed or ingested brand, and consequently, provide a solution that is a legal point of control like the farce of the PCR. With his logic, everyone’s blood must be examined to certify it, and especially for blood donations (another factor of intoxication), an issue that would cause serious problems in countries where there are 90% deceived. This is hard, but it is still a distraction, because their only objective is to install at any cost a totalitarian system of slavery and they are going to use all their agents and theories to achieve it, because we are also slaves to what we know or think we know, and most people continue to believe in the State, politics and democracy to elect a tyrant at the service of the bankers.
    They are the masters of deception and their monsters appear larger than they really are.



  • The Covid hoax has been used by the IMF [read Wall Street] to extend credit to 86 nations within hours of the March 2021 pandemic announcement. They have been conditioned with stipulations including lockdowns that virtually guarantee default and foreclosure. That action is offered as evidence of globalist Great Reset action. The glorification of Ukraine by the MSM, to justify concealed illegal bio weapon development, even to the point of global nuclear annihilation, also has the appearance of endless global domination.

    Funding for these and additional projects is submitted, after developing my graduate professor’s revelations, to involve the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They are accused of covertly diverting >$4 billion daily from auctions of Treasury securities, which appear to legally belong to the government, to accounts of shareholders of the closely held Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Inc. Details are given in the FR FOR DUMMIES writing. Ref.

    It is personally concluded these purloined funds are the primary source behind Great Reset.

    The GAO has standing authority to audit any such handling of government funds without additional legislation. However, considerable wealth for federal legislators and government entities, including the CDC, FDA, U.S. military, etc., generated from bankers dampens any disturbing actions.

    The 2010 Second Circuit Bloomberg v. FR case declared any official record of any FR bank is subject to FOIA. Utilization of this option would require vast legal and accounting resources. Reflecting on the successful mutiny of King John’s appointed territorial governors of 1215, the Barons, would suggest forces of the states, such as various Attorney Generals, could expose the nefarious course of action. Structured as a Whistleblower action would enhance results. If judgment can be received payable in gold at $20 an ounce so much the better.

    Is this a reasonable course of action ? If so, by what method could it be activated ?


  • Hard to believe that they have gotten away with this crime against humanity so far. I’m sure the truth will come out and many of those who have promoted this violation of not only rights but of human bodies will face extreme consequences. God have mercy on their souls.

  • Dr Ruby, your work is So Important. Thank You . please note we can not share your video: FB is blocking it.
    Also Please look at this Amazing Good News:
    he is the lineage holder of Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching
    Information Healing System is what he shares with the world throught Tao Calligraphy.
    also check Dr Rulin Xiu: Tao Science. She explains how it works and why. she is a Quantum Physics PhD.
    and Dr Peter Udoba: Shen Medecine. Prof of Neurosurgery. we all have amazing abilities to heal ourselves. this is the Cherry on the Pie of All Healing Modalities. the faster the world knows about the results those people are obtaining, the faster we can stop this mess. Frequencies, Vibrations, Electromagnetic fields are what govern our Lives. Science without Wisdom is Dangerous and Destructive. we Can STOP that. this is how.

    • You should get off of lame Facebook and get on a real social media site like Gab. No censorship, no making money off of you, the product. Cheers!

      • FB is sh*t and the worst, Gab is too right winged though yes, slightly might be better.
        All social medias aren’t good, actually.
        You can just browse around different platforms, but never give them real identity.

  • I will try again and see if this passes the censor!

    God gave us amazing bodies, with wonderful immune systems.
    And all we had to do was eat healthily, look after our bodies, and allow the order of the universe to protect us.

  • Thank her for her bravery and all her work.

    We may or may not be able to change other disbelieving people, but we can at least let our fire keep going.

  • does the circuitry (symbols) look familiar to anyone who is an electrical engineer, electronics, or an electrician?

  • The biological dangers of mRNA experiments are clear , all the tragic deaths and injuries are merely …side effects to the demonic creators. The real agenda is largely unknown.
    Two clear indicators of human biogical treason are the hidden secret implimentation and the microbio electronics included.
    Back to basic radio frequency and physics ,the zig zag constructions seem clearly to be Ariel’s for the circuit board constructions. By having a zig zag construction the Ariel can catch more energy. Firstly Ariel’s and wavelength. If you listened to your radio station on say…100 MHZ which means the frequency is oscillating up and down 100 million times a second then the wavelength……the physical size of the electromagnetic wave would be @ 100 MHz. Three metres. To transmit or receive on that frequency you could have an Ariel three,one and a half or three quarters of a metre….a transistor radio commonly used a 75 cm Ariel….this is called a quarter wave…..anyway.
    What makes this all work is compatible reasonances.
    When the frequency gets higher the wavelength gets smaller . The zig zags could be bio power for the circuit board . An Ariel is mostly used to transmit and receive. Combined with the hydra and other mettalics it’s obviously a bio computer. It’s as though a nano biolab of different technologies has been injected. Solutions , obviously identifying the elements and compositions will help us disable and eradicate this genocide tech. Wormers,vitamins etc and at the same time electromagnetic isolation from high frequencies. Elons satellites are something else running at frequencies that crunch oxygen atoms. While we are busy with multi spectrum warfare from these evil people few have ever wondered why Musk was allowed to throw up thousands of satellites and ruin most earthbound astronomy ! Incredible. The poison Vax ,Elon s
    sattelites and the loss of control of the elites in the west are all the same game.
    Aluminium foam board and tin foil wallpaper work. Oh how I laughed for thirty years at the tinfoil hat brigade and the crystal healing merchants…..,only to apply basic electrical theory and physics and realise they were right all along. Godbless us all. Stand back from the horror and work in real world solutions,vaxed and unvaxed together. Obviously if I wake up and find the neighbours turning cyborg I will inevitably have to put them out their misery with a shovel……but until then Stand Together.One world under God.

  • Hi Dr. Ruby. What is the link to your site. I would like to become a premium member but when I do a search the closest I come up with is and there is no place to become a premium member.

  • I have my suspicions as to what these things might actually do (electronic control grid/people as receivers-transmitters/control grid/5G, etc) but I would like to know what they do do?
    It all looks like electronic circuitry related to the above suspicions, but I want to know exactly what the function of these diabolical things is.
    It looks like the Russian Hacker video Alexandra put up was telling the real truth.
    Profound thanks, Dr Jane.

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