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    Long before its association with the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project, the date of August 12th has been embedded in the mind of man as a sacred period of time.

    Recognized as the birthday of Isis and is the High Holy Days of Egypt, Cleopatra chose August 12th as the day of her death, while Napoleon chose it to enter the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

    Besides Napoleon, different occult factions have tried to harness the mysterious properties of this time period and this includes the notorious Aleister Crowley, who shows this day upon which to marry his bride, Rose Kelly.

    Like the Egyptians, Crowley’s successors consider this time period as their High Holy Days.

    While the Mayans designated this time period as representing the beginning of time, itself, it is perhaps easiest to understand this phenomenon in the context of what is termed a biorhythm, which is to say a repeating cycle that appears in nature.

    Well, the term biorhythm is sometimes broken down into emotional, physical or mental components, the August 12th fire rhythm is sometimes or often associated with both the beginning and ending of time.

    In other words, it suggests a sympathetic resonance with a term in physics that is known as a “closed time light curve”.

    Although this term has long challenged and confused the physics community, you can now learn the basics of this simple concept, which is crucial to understanding time, itself.

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    • 12th of August is also the opening day of Grouse Shooting season in Britain. ( Red Grouse )

      It’s when the tofs get out on to the high moors in their 4x4s and line up to pop the grouse as the peasants ‘beat’ the grouse forward towards them for a massacre.

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