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    #CIAPete dropped out of the Democrat race yesterday and to the Schadenfreude of those not supporting him, it sure does sound like he tried to call Joe Biden to discuss his “plan” but that he accidentally called the wrong number and left this message, including his callback number on somebody else’s voicemail account!

    The unintended recipient appears to have been one @raheem.nett, who has since deleted his Twitter account, though his Instagram account is still active but is now set to private.

    The person who propagated this leak and got it out there was Waleed Shahid, a spokesman and strategist for the Soros-financed, hard-Left Justice Democrats, who are behind the rise of Squad members, AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley and others. He is also a professional Bernie supporter.

    People on both sides of the political spectrum are gloating that, “This guy [Pete] wanted to be President but failed to verify that he had the correct phone number before giving out his own private information!”

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