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YouTuber Mr. Reagan explains that with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC, the people of New York did not elect a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. They actually elected an Indian guy from Texas, Saikat Chakrabarti, a white guy from Tennessee, Corbin Trent.

In 2016, AOC was working as a bartender in New York City. She’d never dreamed of running for Congress. It was her brother who entered her into a contest being held by a group called the Justice Democrats, headed by the above-named people. It was quite literally a casting call. Out of 10,000 entries, AOC won the role to play the Congresswoman from New York’s 14th District. They make no secret of this.

AOC indisputably has star power. The film featuring her at the Sundance Film Festival was such a hit, that the producers were immediately able to sell the non-theatrical distribution rights to Netflix for a lofty $10 million, which is almost unheard-of for an independent documentary film in today’s market.

From the Justice Democrats’ own promotional film, it appears that at least going in, AOC doesn’t plan on being the Bronx’ Representative for very long. As she says, in the promo, “If you’re a one-term Congressmember, so what? You can make ten years’ worth of change in one term.” Disposable candidates actually appears to be part of the Justice Democrats’ business model.

The Justice Democrats have created a very data-driven, organized, Silicon Valley approach to politics and the Democrat Party. They have a business plan and a platform, which includes the Green New Deal, which they admit was written over the course of a weekend last December (obvious to anyone who’s read it). Their lack of qualifications notwithstanding, they want nothing less than to 1. replace the Democrat Party with the young Social Democrats who they control, 2. take control of Congress and then 3. take over the United States. It’s all about control.

They identify vulnerable districts they think they can win and they “primary them”. They have a very effective social media marketing plan for collecting new candidates who will run on their platform. They audition, groom and train their candidates in their talking points, they raise the campaign funds and expertly do their intensive social media.

AOC’s Chief-of-Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, a 33-year-old self-made millionaire tech entrepreneur came under fire last week when it was discovered that he’d diverted over $1 million of AOC’s campaign funds into a series of shell corporations that appear to have been deliberately set up to obscure the destination of the funds, in a total contradiction to AOC’s pledges to increase transparency and to reduce the influence of “dark money” in politics. Both he and AOC have been named in a complaint filed with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) to investigate their shady PACs. If convicted, they could technically do a few years in prison.

It’s been determined that the mastermind behind Chakrabarti is Zack Exley, a Saul Alinksy-ite, Radical Leftist who’s been a political operative for some time, working on campaigns for John Kerry, the UK’s Labour Party, Bernie Sanders, as the Chief Revenue Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation and an associate of George Soros’ Open Borders Foundation.

Don’t miss this scary, excellent report from Mr. Reagan.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sir…you gota go national with this! . Great delivery,…great job on back up. Your destiny is in this work. Superb Mr. Reagan. You have a new supporter/ fan in North Idaho. (We’re a state now!) Bless you and yours …. WB.

  • They all do the same thing, what party they are in makes no difference & they all represent the same thing behind the scene, always has been this way and always will be unless they clean house & change some laws which is something they are not going to do, it keeps them in power. Old saying ” Never bite the hand that feeds you”, the current system feeds them ALL, while the rest of us just struggle along,putting up with the same garbage year in and year out.

  • And Ronald Reagan wasn’t like this?? Even when he was governor, same crap. He was picked to run for president in 1955! That was a LONG time to fine-tune this actor who flubbed a hell of a LOT.

    • That’s a fair comparison, except that Ronald Reagan loved America and the Constitution and AOC hates both and wants to destroy America, to bring in Global Socialism.

      So, while I hated Reagan when I was a kid because I was the product of a very Left Wing environment, today I would take RR over AOC every day of the week.

      • As an Australian living in the Philippines, this last three years has seen me transit from that side of politics. There are both right and left centrists, but the left has gone too far now. I hope Trump gets four more years. Good luck America, we are praying for you. We have politicians in both Australia and the Philippines who are cherry picking from hard right and hard left policies all centred around personal greed and control. We can’t let that happen and need to fight against it.

      • Yeah, Reagan took the C out of capitalism. His desegration has lead to extreme fleecing of the slaves, corruption and no accountability by municipalities.

        The system sucks. But you cheer on these actors. They are all actors. And the fleecing continues. Prepare yourself for Bolshevism 2.0


    • How do you know he was chosen to be gtoomed as a presidential candidate? He was Definitely a puppet and did Tons of damage.

  • God … you guys can just twist anything into a globalist takeover can’t you …? You have no real substance to what you say and its just a whole string of of what you call evidence that your readers believe to be some big discovery. Not a conspiracy theory you won’t believe in. Would be incredible if you put all of this energy and into useful and beneficial efforts to your communities and fellow citizens.

  • WOW!!! And here I thought the people of New York were just plain stupid in electing AOC! Thank you for this eye opening expose of this elaborate plan to hijack our country!! I’m so sharing this info!!!

    • It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
      Joseph Stalin.

  • As a 3rd party neutral observer from Canada; the reason for AOC’s semi-coherent rants now make sense; she’s being spoon fed talking points by a bunch of 20-something year-old’s behind the scenes.

    I initially thought AOC was a person of her own making; but this video connects the dots and provides the clarity/reason behind her semi-coherent rants.

  • As a professor of political behavior, I can see only improbability in the results of the political race between Joseph Crowley and AOC and the election results, showing an incumbent who has won with over 130,000 votes in congressional elections from 1999 to 2009 losing to a 29 year old upstart with a showing of 110,000 votes to Crowley’s 19,000 votes. The demographics don’t make sense however you look at them. Something was done during the campaign process that resulted in a flawed demographic that resulted in the election of an idiot.

  • All of her comments, speeches, tweets are obviously put into her head by someone else. I never believed she had any original thoughts And I am glad to see a commentary that confirms my beliefs.

    • I have believed from the get-go that she would be “ the puppet” for the Democrat Party! Yes, I was right‼️ She hasnt an original thought in her head… she ONLY Carries the idiotic voices of others testing the waters through her mushy brain and brazen words! SHES THE PERFECT PUPPET‼️

  • Since day one, when she hit the news, I was positive she was a puppet. It was just a matter of time before how she came to be was revealed.
    She is completely ignorant
    on all issues.

  • What will happen? The actual Socialist party of America will hold a conference, AOC and her handlers will be feted and honored. The following morning AOC, Chakribarti, and Exly will all commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head twice.

  • Hahahah!
    So after reporting this, what will happen? Will the government research this and formally charge these people with sedition? Yea, right. Once again charges will NOT be brought. this tells me two things, one: This is a total false accusation (fake news) to satisfy the anti-AOC’s out there.
    two: Once again the liberal government will not prosecute and will let this go without
    any action.
    All remains to be determined.

  • This entire revelation put me in mind of a science fiction short story called “The People’s Choice,” by William Jon Watkins, first published in 1974. If you can find a copy, you’ll be struck by the author’s foresight. I found copy on my own bookshelf tonight and re-read it, and all I can say is, life imitates art.

  • I read a fairly interesting article recently about a group of college professors who set out to get the most insane idiotic papers they could think of published. Things like calling a solar eclipse racist, and other insane things along these lines. The only common theme was progressing a provictim status, and advancing feminism. The absolutely insane thing is it worked flawlessly. 7 well respected scientific journals and highly respected magazines published them all with out the slightest investigation and or even asking for a single piece of evidence to support their claims or findings. When the professors let everyone in on the experiment they were chastised as trolls, and conservatives. The funny part is they weren’t trolls and were in fact fairly liberal but were trying to call attention to a issue that is plaguing acedemics.

    With this knowledge and the knowledge of the video I see 2 distinct possibility’s. First these candidates are weak to debates. Probably why they won’t let fox host the democrats debates in the primaries anymore. We know who’s in charge and we know their stances and talking points. Study them and then defeat them in the debates. You will force the actors off script and destroy them on national TV and social media.

    Second run our own versions in primaries against them. Go over the top insane with the rhetoric and beat them at their own game. Then if and or when they win bring the whole damn thing down on their heads.

  • She has come from no where just like Obama did. It worked once with “Bath-House Barry” so using that same technique it might work again with “Crazy-Eyes”.

  • Interesting. Of course, politics on the right side are no less fabricated. Anybody who thinks democracy is still about people rising to Congress because of their own efforts is simply ignorant. All the candidates are fabricated to appeal to their particular audience, and carefully coached to tell the correct lies convincingly.

    The only difference with Donald Trump is that he needed no coaching. He knew how to be a conman all along, and he had good ideas on how to appeal to vast numbers of American people. But like all the rest, he never had any real interest in helping the common people. He just said he did, in order to put vast amounts of money in his pockets. Like all the rest. And those who think he didn’t need the money, don’t have any idea how much debt he was in during the campaign times.

    • Maria,
      I really dislike irresponsible comments that are patently false. Usually, it just a person repeating something they heard, and through confirmation bias, they take it as fact.
      I am referring to your claim that President Trump is only interested in putting, “vast amounts of money in his pockets”.
      And this bit, ” And those who think he didn’t need the money, don’t have any idea how much debt he was in during the campaign times.
      This is the Financial Disclosure Report from Donald Trump dated July 2015. Every person running for, and currently holding the Office of the President is required by law to submit this annual disclosure.
      Did you know he had to provide this? Probably not.
      Well, I also heard he owed more than he was worth. So, I read this report. You can, too.
      Turns out, he has an annual net income of over $1.1 billion dollars. Net means after the bills are paid.
      It would appear that you have no idea how much debt he had, or I should say, how much he was NOT in debt at all.
      This next bit is the boring part; showing the numbers and where they are so you can find them as well. I do this as proof of my claim that I really DID read it.

      This all covers a 12 month period. One fiscal year.
      The sum of Part 2, Assets and Income (Pages 13 – 31) and Part 6 (pages 35 – 45) which is investments (Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc) represents his fiscal income and worth. These are proven with the included schedules, (forms the IRS uses to verify financials). Part 8 is Liabilities. What he owes. Of course, the difference between them represents the net fiscal income (or loss). I’m just using income from part 2 and 6 because he wouldn’t liquidate his assets to pay the bills. They are what provide his income.
      Just adding up the income from the 18 pages of part 2 alone is $3.1 billion. The liabilities from part 8 is about $2 billion. That is a net income of $1.1 billion.
      Tell me again, how much debt he was in during the campaign?
      You’ve been conned, alright. But, it wasn’t by President Trump.

      • Thanks for doing the digging..I for one love TRUMP..I could care less about the crap, they keep trying to force down our throat..conserning TRUMP..
        This man does not even take a pay check..if he is as greedy as his haters say..why wouldn’t he take the pay coming to him.
        Nobody is perfect..I ACCEPT TRUMPS IMPERFECTIONS!
        TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • Totally agree! He could have lived out his senior years in the lap of luxury, but instead took on this thankless job to save our Republic!

    • Maria, speaking of people calling the proverbial kettle black, you go to the top of the list. Why? Because of your truly ignorant comment in which you refer to America as a “democracy”. Yes, we know the traitors in the DNC would love to do away with the electoral college since their self-annointed president, HRC, really DID lose the election though to this day she is still waddling around the country blaming everyone but her own evil self.

      As for you, your ignorance may only be exceeded by your thinly veiled hatred for President Trump which is not surprising given your level of ignorance of the fact that America was established as a Republic which any elementary school child knew prior to the introduction of the “progressive” garbage known as common core which has produced ignorant people such as you.

    • You do know he only takes $1.00 per quarter of his salary. That is because he’s not allowed to do it for free. JFK did it also.
      With the shit he takes from the mainstream media, congress and people like you, I can’t even imagine why he’s stayed. Maybe it’s because he loves his country. You should try it sometime, it’s an awesome feeling!

  • Give it up. This country will not be socialist or communist. Except for your useful idiots in coastal regions, the rest of the country sees right through this crap. We know about Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro, Mao, Maduro, and Un. We know that after all your spouting about social justice, the only people who get the spoils are those in charge. You won’t win. Her “election” was not ordinary. Stop trying to pretend that it was.

      • 98.7 % correct . There has been multi validated methodologies of voter fraud and the lefty’s Oligarch
        support of the implementation os said fraud , is more powerful & eviler ; the fraud squad will prevail . Lefties needed nary the full force of implementation in 2016 as they thought Hitlery would be victorious by 86.8% . Next time around , they’ll be loaded for bear .

  • Political grooming is something that has existed from time immemorial. The Justice Democrats have streamlined, digitized and scaled it up with the Big Data Silicon Valley insights of Zack Exley, a Saul Alinksy-ite, Radical Leftist who has worked on the campaigns of many international Socialist-Globalists, like John Kerry, Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders. He was the Chief Revenue Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation and an associate of George Soros’ Open Borders Foundation.

    Exley is Soros’ action man and the adult behind the Justice Democrats.

    AOC on the other hand, has never been married, had a child, run a business, bought a home, managed people, had a professional job, never served on a local committee. No real life experience but she wants to tell the government what to do with the economy! It’s lunacy.

    Obama was essentially the same. Helicoptered in.

    • Yeah, old George Soros is single handedly running the world. ….as if there are not other
      billionares pulling strings – many of which are more powerful and have more money than Soros. But I suppose ole Soros tend to fund Librul causes. Ever heard of the Koch brothers, or the Waltons, or organizations like ALEC?
      And Donald Trump not being a globalist? Don’t be naive! The powers that be are fully
      aware that people are getting fed up with the status quo, and want someone “independent”, and not part of the NWO. If you’re familiar with football or basketball,
      they pulled a “double reverse”, and use a little “misdirection”.
      They’re been doing that since Jimmy Carter. The Sheeple wanted an “outsider”.
      Remember it was the so called Moral Majority who supported Carter before they
      switched to Reagan and the Republicans ever since.
      Obama was supposed to have been “change”.
      Trump is worse than a globalist [which I’m not convinced he’s not]; he is the biggest Zionists ever, and is owned by Sheldon Adelson who is every bit as bad as Soros!
      Lots of people have figured out that Trump is no different form the rest. Keep hoping,
      Alexandra! Clue: Look at the people in his cabinet, who bankrolls him and the things he’s
      done. How much more proof do you need?

      • Yes, I’m only talking about the Justice Democrats here, not writing an encyclopedia about billionaires who influence the entire spectrum of politicians.

        The Koch brothers have actually been funding Democrats lately and anyone that will go against Trump. They hate him.

        Carter pretended to be an outsider and he was the first truly Liberal president but he was a total Globalist 🤡

        Trump is the only US president who has ever vocally and repeatedly decried Globalism, hence the distinction.

        The real question is will he get rid of the global Central Banking System? Not likely. Probably not even feasible. And if you’re not getting rid of [them] then I guess that makes you a Globalist.

        • If we can’t maintain our sovereignty, central banking concerns are n/a. Successfully overhaul our immigration system to maintain our sovereignty, encourage and help more nations to pull out of the EU, end our foreign wars (while still investing in the military) and nail down “fair trade” agreements…then possibly it becomes an issue to be tackled. Take out the feet and legs first and see what happens late in his 2nd term.

        • Agreed . Mr T called out Globalists on the TPP , overkill regulations , unjust middle American taxation , UN freeloaders , the fake Sky-is-Falling Climate (taxation) Change hoax , 911 official bunk , unnecessary Foreign Policies that fill body bags & the pockets of the war mongering Industrial Complex Zionists . His ideals of Globalism are an extreme distinction from the perpetual activity of The Satanist Hitlery & her ilk of Alinsky proponents inclusive of corrupt Intel & Oligarchical Deep State lagoon swampers intent of culling the herds ( the useless cattle per the CFR membered Globalist Hank Kissinger ) . The Deep State Globalists desire to make Mr. T go away so in their play pens , they may play .

          A.B. , you da woman , man

        • Alexandra, thank you for exposing the Koch brothers as never Trump-ers. Many so-called “conservatives” refuse to accept that fact along with the fact that the rinos in congress hate Trump too which is why they only gave lip service to his efforts during the first two years of his presidency. Now that the traitors in the dnc took the House, McConnell and his merry band of co-traitors have shown their true colors (again) by stabbing Trump in the back at the first opportunity they had. It remains to be seen whether Trump will turn out to be a real hero or just another politician, though for the sake of America I pray he will do what he promised. If not, his successor will simply return to the ways of Mordor on the Potomac which will put us on the path towards the destruction of America the NWO globalists have long desired.

  • Mr. Reagan likes to bandy about buzz words such as socialism and fascism as well as foreign sounding names to prejudice the audience. It is a time honored tactic. But the facts are, in this highly mechanized and efficient society, production workers are not much in demand. This is a surplus economy. Social programs make a lot more sense than the endless wasteful wars favored by the incumbants.

    • I really feel like you are looking backward and not at what’s in front of you. If you were talking about Dubya or Obama, I’d agree that the US President lords over a war economy. Indeed, that’s the only kind of economy I’ve ever known with the US’ Military Indutrial Complex. Trump, however, has been shutting down US involvement in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

      Obama, on the other hand expanded on the wars he inherited and dropped more bombs in 2016 than any president has ever bombed in a single year in US history. Trump detests the wastefulness of war. Yes, he has funded the military more than I prefer but after 20 years of nonstop war, it’s been argued that the military was depleted. I can’t comment knowledgeably on that.

      • Alexandra, what Ovomit did was not just deplete stockpiles but actually shrank the size of our military while simultaneously and intentionally hampering its ability to defend America should a real need arise. The Navy took a big hit as the fleet is the same size as pre-WWII.
        According to, “He’s done more damage to American military power than his successor can repair”. Again from NR, in terms of readiness, NR says the military “when not deployed, are only about 60 percent ready or less”. I can confirm this as our Son is in the fleet and attests to the poor state of readiness, both of equipment and of personnel.

        Besides social programs are not an enumerated power granted to congress so Mr. Hughes needs to study his Constitution and leave his personal bias out of the discussion, especially when criticizing someone as it shows just who is really ignorant.

  • A good polemicist chooses his facts carefully and discards those that do not fit the polemic. Here are some of the discarded facts: AOC is actually well educated and only temporarily working in the restaurant as a bartender. Her being groomed is part of a long history that includes Nixon and even JFK. Most politicians use ‘Angels’, speechwriters and all of the things attributed to Cortez. The bitch about staff payment just imputes an evil motive for a good thing. Most politicians actually do not have a lot of savvy or political acumen and rely on staff for position papers and policy etc. So this piece is just one more political polemic and of no particular importance. My how we can make the ordinary seem so sinister!

    • I’m not doing a feather dance with the facts about AOC.

      The “bartender” narrative and the whole idea that she is from extremely humble means (i.e., from the Bronx), rather than from Westchester is one that has been scrupulously cultivated by the Justice Democrats, as you will see from their own promo:

      She’s not “Sandy from the Bronx”. AOC does not have a Bronx accent and her brain is suffused with the Cultural Marxism she was taught at Boston University (and possibly from Champagne Socialist parents).

      The element that is sinister, in case you missed it is that her organizers are Soros Foundation people, who have streamlined and digitized and weaponized the political grooming process and are mass-producing candidates (i.e., puppets), with the purpose of dominating and transforming the Democrat Party – and the world. They are Socialist Globalists who want to take down the USA and I oppose them.

      This is to say nothing about her campaign’s embezzlement of $1 million, either! She’s looking at maybe 5 years in the slam. But the Justice Democrats’ combine will roll on without her. She was never supposed to be there for more than a single term.

      She has apparently lied about receiving a degree from BU in Economics, which is in evidence from her on-camera statements about the Queens Amazon deal and gloating about how that now that she had succeeded in putting the kibosh on the deal, that the State would be able to allocate those tax subsidies to her own pet projects. She apparently thought that this $3B was just kicking around in the coffers and that they weren’t going to be *coming* from the money generated by Amazon! She is a dangerous ignoramus. She is deceitful and quite possibly a thief. This is to say nothing about her demonstrable ignorance of everything,as is on display in “The Green New Deal”.

  • Nice to have a look behind what is propping up AOC. I mean it was pretty evident (after the Green New Deal”)….that she or her backers had SH_T for brains or were just seeing if Americans were asleep. I think if anything it gave everyone a huge ‘wake-up call!’ I hope….please!
    This whole plan is hugely evil & very dangerous. It is creepy to the 9th.
    I mean AOC could be our 1st A.I. …..she certainly has all the traits..if not
    there could be more of her ilk lurking to ascend the $$$$ train and take the USA for the ride of their lives. Justine Trudeau very nicely fits into this mould along with the tidy French President. This smells of a NWO deal to be sure. They are known by how interchangeable they are.

  • When our Constitution is ENFORCED in the courts and through written administrative processes, this is and will be the only way the People can rid this disease and plague of Socialism and communism from being part of our Country. Then, these people will no longer exist and be accepted as part of a mentally ill culture.

  • This is by far the most important video that this site has run to date. Mr. Reagan’s analysis is excellent!

    I do not find this “right wing” whatsoever and I invite Mr. Reagan to contact me to produce a video on the strategic intervention resetting out government with what I call the Original 13th Amendment Reset!

    • /resetting our government

      restoring our Constitution which is the only way to make America great again.

      • The only way to restore our Republic is for the People in this nation to get off their butts and get active and put their names to administrative writing and file criminal complaints against those in office who are perjuring their oath and committing treason, sedition and insurrection against America and her People. But, over the last 100 years this seems to be NOT the norm. Our national Constitution is a divine document to help the People, however, it seems they have not awoken to this as of yet.

      • Absolutely! I fear many can say the Phrase “The Constitution Of the United States” ,But does not know its content and the importance to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”(for you who want to correct I know this is the “Declaration of Independence”)

  • Most countries in this world are more or less shaped in the same way. It has nothing to do with the well-intended masses, but with some psychopaths who frighten the masses, who do not yet know how to arrest them and bring them to justice.

  • Forbidden Knowledge, I have been noticing more and more you are becoming a right wing shill.
    The minute I opened the this video and this dude with a reagan mug I know it wasn’t sh**!
    He trying to accuse AOC of being an actor and a puppet?? Honestly, I don’t know that much about her, but I would not trust some flake with a Reagan mug. Reagan was one of the biggest puppet/actors in recent history who shilled the big corporations and billionaires.

    Want to know what’s wrong with this country today? We’re still suffering from reaganomics.
    Want to know how bad Reagan f***ed up this country for the the middle in his attempt to dismantle the New Deal, you have to read Feudalism aka American capitalism.

    The reason the average American is so ignorant is because of this kind of brainwashing which
    makes them vote against their own interest supporting the very people who put the screws o them.

    Forbidden Knowledge you are straying further into Fox News and Rush Limbaugh territory.

    • Before talking about RIGHT WING SHILLS…
      did you AT LEAST find research if this thing MR. REAGAN is talking about REAL?
      Did he say anything that is inherently false?
      Are you letting your political stance blinding you?
      He’s wrong… He’s wrong par for the course EVIL REPUBLICANS.
      But what if HE’S right and the SOCIALISTS have taken over the DEMOCRATS.
      And NANCY PELOSI and all other DEMOCRATS YOU GUYS LOVE are on the ROPES?
      Will you allow yourselves be LED BY THE NOSE by these PUPPET MASTERS of AOC because you’d rather shoot the MESSENGER (MR. REAGAN) and run headlong into disaster?

      • Did he say something false? Dam* near everything he said was false or a distortion of facts. I didn’t listen to the whole thing. One lie he was famous for telling, “Government is the problem”. It’s a problem when it benefit the other
        guy. Government is suppose to be “by the people”. Today government for the
        wealth and the big Corps. who insists on privatizing the profits and socializing
        ‘the cost. Believe I know a lot about this man. People who think he was a great
        president either wasn’t paying attention or are woefully brainwashed.
        As far as your disdain for socialism, you don’t even know what socialism is.
        All you’ve ever heard is that is bad and never really bothered to research.
        There are different kinds/levels of socialism – the fact is all governments are
        socialist by nature. Rich people only want the government to work for them.
        ‘That last financial bailout was a good example.
        The banks [who caused the problem in the first place] got bailed out [by the
        tax payers] while the homeowners got evicted. This is the kind of socialism the rich people like. They have amassed so much wealth they can afford to buy
        off politicians to change the rules which enable them to get even more wealth.

        • If you never listened to the entire vid then you missed Reagan dude repeat the words from the yap of Head master Urgur . So if anything said was false in that segment , it came from Yapman , slightly older than young , Turk .

    • What a response! I could not disagree more!

      Mr. Reagan has an incredible sense of humor. Only a male of lesser IQ could mistake it for pathology!

    • Quite wrong.

      Mr. Reagan gave the videos proving his point. AOC is a room temperature IQ’d buffoon who does not think for herself. AOC is merely a front woman, a pretty face for this group. And THEY ARE DANGEROUS.

    • I was “Left Wing” my whole life. I hated Reagan, Bush I and Dubya with every fiber of my being. With the election of Trump, the Neocons have since relocated to the DNC. After the despicable antics of the Democrat Party over the past 3 years, I believe that the Left has become the greater of two evils in the US. I’m now a registered Libertarian. I am not a shill and I’m not voting against my own interests. I don’t want Globalism.

      Stop looking backwards. You’re barking at ghosts.

      • Hear, hear Alexandra!
        Globalism is the true enemy of the people. They want us to be managed. Controlled, corralled and docile like trained pets. With our ideals and loyalties divided by race, gender, political association … etc. If we can ever get past all that petty bull doo-doo they mire us in … if just ten percent of the world’s population awoke at once and realized what the powers that (shouldn’t) be are pushing us towards, we’d have a fighting chance at reaching our collective human potential for peace and a fulfilling life.
        I believe we are coming up on that opportunity. At least, it appears there may be a tear in the fabric of the global agenda.

        • Mark, I agree that globalization is a serious problem. Think about
          this: If some is hitting you up side the head or trying to do harm to
          you, would not a rational person try to find out who is doing it before striking back? Globalization is a policy. Who made that
          policy? Deregulation was a policy. Who was behind it? Busting unions and changing labor law? Getting rid of the Glass Steigal Act,
          who was behind that? Did you check to see who voted for NAFTA
          and GAAT, and PNTR? Who changed the laws which allowed Kenneth Lay to do what he did? Who voted for AUMF which gave
          Bush a blank check to attack Iraq?
          You see, these are the kinds of things most voter don’t even consider. They just run out and vote for someone base on party or some other superficial criteria.
          Most of the time these policy decisions don’t bite us in the but til
          years after they’ve been made? Remember Sen Phil Graham [I could
          not strand him] My fellow Texans just kept reelecting him.
          This Dude had his bloody hands is the S&L scandals [1980’s], Enron
          scandal [p1990’s] and the Financial scandal in 2007.

          • Globalism in its current form is a push (or a Putsch) from the Central Bankers (headquartered in Basel, Switzerland), who control the right to issue a medium of exchange throughout the world. Money is the ultimate chokepoint.

            They financed the Communist revolutions have been successfully centralizing and consolidating their absolute control over everything for centuries but starting in earnest in the US with the founding in 1913 of the Federal Reserve Bank.

            The Bushes, the Clintons and Obama are all Globalists. Trump is not.

      • Ms Bruce, I am neither left nor right. I am liberal or rather progressive in some
        ways, but not like the way the media frame it. I am conservative in some ways – not the way the media frame it.
        I know a whole lot about Reagan. His best acting was acting president and using dog whistle language just like Trump is doing. This old fossil did everything he could to dismantle the New Deal and make the Big corporations and super wealthy “great again”, ie. at the expense of everyone else.
        The link I listed is a great chronology of what happen during Reagan Era – Deregulation, union busting, globalization, shifting the tax burden, junk bonds,
        LBO’s – too much to list.
        As far Neocons, they did not defect to the DNC. [there might be some there]
        but what happen to Elliot Abrams and John Bolton, etc.? Most of the are still in the Republican Party. Trumps is owned by these kinds of people. Conservatives love to beat ups on Soros, but they never mention Sheldon Adelson who BTW owns Trump. We’re still living under Reaganomics!
        Why? Because none of these sorry DNC presidents had the spine to repudiate
        it. They’re all owned by big Corp.

        • Seriously? Did you actually do anything productive during the ’80s, or are you just another indoctrinated loser that hates America and falsely believes that we are the source of the world’s problems? America was founded on Freedom, free enterprise and capitalism. America works best when the government gets out of the way, does the least and lets Americans do what we do best. America works for those that innovate, take risks and work their butts off. Before Reagan, we were blessed with Jimmy Carter, whose socialist policies led us to 20% interest rates, economic stagnation and basically disaster. Reagan helped do his best to get the government out of the way that allowed me to put myself through school and basically go from homeless to building a business that employed 100’s. Did I do well as a result. Of course I did. You have never gotten a job from a poor person. But lazy, worthless socialists want to vilify people like me and say, “Pay your fair share”. Guess what? The top 1% of earners foot 30% of the federal taxes. The top 10% are paying 70% and the bottom 50% pay<2%. I think we are already paying more than our fair share. Since the bottom 50% suck most of the public resources, THEY should be paying their fair share…… like they do in places like Denmark. When I hear drivel like you write, I almost feel sorry for you, because you are misinformed. Instead of sitting at home, feeling sorry for yourself and envy of those that have done something, dreaming of a socialist utopia, remember…… socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. Marx said it best that socialism is just a stepping stone to communism. Everywhere this has been tried, it always ends in death and poverty. There is a reason people flee those dumps for the US. It's for a chance to be the best they can be. Try living the American dream. Get off your ass, dream big, take some risks and work your butt off, and maybe, just maybe you will succeed in life. We are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are not guaranteed equal results. Socialism will forever take that opportunity away.

      • Most librarians are dems :). Just a lil humor since this is all very unsettling.

        We must thrive in the global economy it’s not going away, but American citizens come first so like get involved would ya all! Help the Donald. I don’t mean you Ms. Bruce. But you other people, do you serve in your town or county? Go to those meetings cause the progressives are already there. Don’t roll over and watch TV, get involved! Know this, “they” want to “improve” the U.S. Constitution. Don’t let ’em. Learn it. The first 10 amendments are the Bill of Rights. TPTB want a concon or a convention of states to improve it, hah! They want to end the electoral college and decrease voting age. Get on the horn and tell your Rep what she/he swore to Uphold. Apathy is a huge problem in our country, Socrates or Plato said that’d be our downfall. 🙂

    • Joel, you are obviously a socialist. and, that online book you reference? You know, the one that blames Reagan for every economic woe the US has suffered?
      I read most of it. Much of it is accurate in reference to the elite, the top 1%, etc. How we got to where we are. However, some of the timeline is jumbled. As is the representation of America at it’s core.
      And, the author’s solution? SOCIALISM!
      Here’s a quote, “SINCE 1979, Reagan’s pro-elite administration increased the inequities dramatically. ”
      Funny, that. Since Reagan started his term on Jan 20, 1981.
      He speaks of the indoctrination of Americans, when, he himself has been victim of it. Public schools never adequately explain how our government is a Constitutional Republic with democratically elected representation. Yes, we still are to this day. There has not been an Amendment passed to change that. Yet, the author insists that America is a democracy. To the point of titling a chapter, “The Hoax of Democracy”.
      Capitalism is NOT the economic blueprint America was founded upon. Free market is. Where the fair price of a product or service is settled by the consumers in an open market.
      It is true that America has strayed from the original intent of the Founders. Greed and power has taken it’s toll.
      The answer, however, is NOT to become socialist. The answer is to restart the Republic. To go back to where we came from.
      Another quote from that link, “Socialism is still in the developmental stage, but its potential as a framework from which to develop mankind’s symbiotic potential is undeniable.”
      REALLY?? Developmental stage? This guy obviously has not read history. Either he is ignorant, or he is deliberately omitting the horror that socialism does to any country who adopts it.
      And, with the following list of failures submitted into evidence; I rest my case, your Honor.
      Here are SOME, but not all of the Socialist countries that failed.
      Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (April 27, 1978 – April 18, 1992)
      * People’s Socialist Republic of Albania (“Republika Popullore Socialiste e Shqipërisë”) (January 1, 1946 – April 30, 1991)
      * People’s Republic of Angola (“República Popular de Angola”) (November 11, 1975 – August 27, 1992)
      * People’s Republic of Benin (“République Populaire du Bénin”) (November 30, 1975 – March 1, 1990)
      * People’s Republic of Bulgaria (“Narodna Republika Balgariya”) (September 15, 1946 – December 7, 1990)
      * People’s Republic of the Congo (“République Populaire du Congo”) (January 3, 1970 – March 15, 1992)
      * Republic of Czechoslovakia (“Československá republika”) (May 9, 1948 – July 11, 1960)
      * Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (“Československá socialistická republika”) (July 11, 1960 – March 29, 1990)
      * People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (September 10, 1987 – May 27, 1991)
      * )
      * German Democratic Republic (“Deutsche Demokratische Republik”) (October 7, 1949 – October 3, 1990)
      * Political Committee of National Liberation (Greece) (December 24, 1947 – August 28, 1949)
      * People’s Revolutionary Government of Grenada (March 13, 1979 – October 25, 1983)
      *flagicon|HUN People’s Republic of Hungary (“Magyar Népköztársaság”) (August 20, 1949 – October 23, 1989)
      * Hungarian Soviet Republic (“Magyar Tanácsköztársaság”) (March 21 – August 6, 1919)
      * Democratic Kampuchea (April 17, 1975 – January 7, 1979)
      * People’s Republic of Kampuchea (January 10, 1979 – September 24, 1993)
      * Mongolian People’s Republic (November 24, 1924 – February 12, 1992)
      * People’s Republic of Mozambique (“República Popular de Moçambique”) (June 25, 1975 – December 1, 1990)
      * People’s Republic of Poland (“Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa”) (June 28, 1945 – July 19, 1989)
      * )
      * Socialist Republic of Romania (“Republica Socialistă România”) (August 21, 1965 – December 22, 1989)
      * Somali Democratic Republic (“Jamhuuriyadda Dimoqraadiga Soomaaliya”) (October 20, 1970 – January 26, 1991)
      * Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (“Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik”) (December 30, 1922 – December 26, 1991)
      * Tuvinian People’s Republic (“Tuva Arat Respublik”) (August 14, 1921 – October 11, 1944)
      * Democratic Republic of Vietnam (“Việt Nam Dân chủ Cộng hòa”) (September 2, 1945 – July 2, 1976)
      * People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (“Jumhūrīyah al-Yaman ad-Dīmuqrāţīyah ash-Sha’bīyah”)(November 30, 1967 – May 22, 1990)
      * Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (“Socijalistička Federativna Republika Jugoslavija”, “Социјалистичка Федеративна Република Југославија”,”Socialistična federativna republika Jugoslavija) (November 29, 1943 – April 27, 1992)
      * People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (“Al-Jumhūrīyah al-Jazā’irīyah ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyah ash-Sha’bīyah”)
      * Republic of Bolivia (“República de Bolivia”)
      * Burkina Faso
      * Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma
      * Republic of Cape Verde (“República de Cabo Verde”)
      * Republic of Ghana
      * Republic of Guinea (“République de Guinée”)
      * Republic of Guinea-Bissau (“República da Guiné-Bissau”)
      * Republic of Indonesia (“Republik Indonesia”)
      * Republic of Iraq (“Al-Jumhūrīyah al-ʿĪrāqiyah”)
      * Democratic Republic of Madagascar (“Repoblika Demokratika Malagasy”)
      * Republic of Mali (“République du Mali”)
      * Republic of Nicaragua (“República de Nicaragua”)
      * Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe (“República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe”)
      * Republic of Senegal (“République du Sénégal”)
      * Republic of Seychelles (“Repiblik Sesel”)
      * Democratic Republic of Sudan (“Jumhūriyyat as-Sūdān ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyah”)
      * Republic of Suriname (“Republiek Suriname”)
      * Tunisian Republic (“Al-Jumhūriyyah at-Tūnisiyyah”)
      * Republic of Uganda

      • Mark thank you for reading the online book. I don’t know exactly who David F.
        is, I did correspond with him several years ago. I was very familiar with many of the things he wrote about.
        The word socialism is a touchy word. And before you can have an honest discussion about it, it is necessary to peel back a few layer of bias and misinformation.
        I grew up during the Cold War Era and I recall hearing all kinds of negative references to socialism and communism. I knew it was bad just by the way the
        media talked about but I didn’t quite know what it really was…something to do
        with not being able to own private property, everyone being on the same economic level, and even something about atheism and lack of freedom.
        The Soviet Union was the boogie man who was trying to spread this scourge
        through out the world and America was the vanguard to stop it. Even if it was
        necessary to blow up the world is the process.
        I was sent to Vietnam to help stop the spread of socialism/communism.
        That was when I realized that what we were trying to impose on them would not work.
        ‘I went to college to study economics which I like at first, getting more into some the intermediate courses I took issues with some of the stuff they were
        trying to teach me. Some years later I figured out why. Economics, the way it
        is taught is no more than an apology for capitalism. The Cold War was really
        about making sure that no other economic system would challenge the one
        we have.
        You listed a number of failed socialist countries. Good. There are a number of
        successful ones: Japan and Sweden are a couple .
        As I said there are varying degrees of socialism. America has overthrown several democracies which had a socialist bent.
        Why was that? I don’t know if Libya was a democracy but here old Kadaffi was
        in process building modern socialist nation with its own gold backed currency.
        But good ole USA made damn sure he didn’t succeed???
        So if you want to call me a socialist that’s fine. Because I know what socialism
        really is and it is not like our controlled media, politicians, schools say it is.
        The kind of socialism I’m talking is a fair and equitable one and there is still
        private property – but not everything should be privatized like the airways, road, schools, and anything paid for by taxpayers.
        I still say that there is something better than what we got! The Powers that Be
        don’t want that to happen, because they like it the way it is. As George Carlin
        used to say, they want more for themselves and less for you!

        • Joel,
          I also grew up in the cold war era. I still remember “duck and cover” drills our grade school did every week.
          If there is a contemporary form of socialism that allows privately owned property and businesses I am unaware of it’s existence.
          As to Sweden being a successful socialist example, they are not.
          Here’s a guy who lives there and understands the difference. Johan Norberg is a Swedish author and historian. He’ll set you straight in 1 minute & 28 seconds.

          The Swedish government knew socialism was not the answer. They allow big businesses to operate as private entities. Socialism, by definition, has the government operate all major business enterprises – “for the benefit of the people”. LOL Sorry, that phrase always makes me laugh.
          Japan is a mixed economy. Free market and State run businesses. That isn’t socialism either. Since you were an economics major, I’ll presume you are aware of Japan’s on and off bout with recession from around ’85 continuing to this day. The Japan Times refers to it as a ‘shrinking’ economy. Semantics.
          If those are your best examples … well, maybe you do not adhere to the explicit definition of Socialism.

          I know the history of the US government’s role in military intervention and overthrowing governments in other countries. Every one was unconstitutional and should have been stopped before they started. It is never to promote Democracy, as the “party line” tells us. It is for the benefit of, and on behalf of corporations and the Military Industrial Complex. read, “War is a Racket” – by Major General Smedley Butler. But, primarily the US Military goes to war for the World Central Banking industry. Look up, “All Wars are Bankers Wars” by Michael Rivero. Libya is a case in point. Qaddafi was going to start a gold backed currency with the resurrection of the the gold Dinar. And, trade crude oil without using the US (Fed reserve note) dollar. The Fed couldn’t allow that to happen. First thing they did upon the removal of Qaddafi was steal the gold. The second was to open a central bank.
          Socialism would not have prevented any of that.
          If you mean varying degrees of socialism, as in US government run anything, you haven’t been paying attention to our history. Every time the US gov either runs or subsidizes anything, the cost always increases, (which includes the expensive bureaucracy needed to manage it) and the quality always decreases. There is no way to get around that basic truth.
          Health Care. Perfect example.
          Ask the Canadian Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio. He developed a cancerous growth. By the time their socialist medical program would have been ready to perform the surgery, ( as I recall, the waiting time was months) it would have killed him. He came down to the US and paid for his surgery. He is still alive to tell the tale.
          The UK, same thing. Ask Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet fame about his throat infection last year. It took nearly two months just to see an ear, nose and throat specialist – specialists being the only doctors permitted to prescribe antibiotics to address infection illnesses.
          No thanks, Brother. I’m still waiting for Obama (doesn’t) Care to go away so I really CAN keep my old doctor.
          A return to being a Republic, and forcing the 3 branches to actually abide by the limits our Constitution enumerates would be a better way to address our rogue government.

  • Never have I SEEN, so Much worry about ONE Person, as with This woman…WHY???
    There is MUCH more about this “Scenario” than being told, and again WHY???
    She is just another PART of the “Luciferian system” of Government attempting to rule over this planet.

    • Because the last two generations have been dumbed down and brainwashed by that same system; told that the only solution is socialism. They are looking for someone who is in your face aggressive, controllable and who would go as far as to take your 401k money and mine, when they run out of billionaire money.

      Nobody’s coming to save you ken. no golden ones. nobody. It’s about knowing the truth and preparing yourself in an attempt to ascend to another world. These people are destroying this planet.

      It’s not her, it’s what she represents. You asked why. There ya go.

    • The concern is that she made it into office. She has already perjured her oath and that seems to be ok to the American People. They want to cry and complain and not take lawful and constitutional action to remove this crazy Wh*** from office.

  • “The goal of socialism is (((communism))).” ~ Vladimir LENIN. (Actually, the goal is .001% Western (“Anglo”-JUDAIC) “elite” (((FASCISM))): AKA, “Jew” World Order!

    NOTE: THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO (1848 AD) was written by (((Rothschild)))-cousin, (((Karl Marx))) whose mentor was (((ZION-ist))) Moses Hess whom Karl Marx called “my communist rabbi”. (((ZION-ist)))(((Rothschild)))-agent ON WALL STREET!, (((Jacob Schiff))) FINANCED (((communist))) (((Lev Bron-stein))) (aka “Leon Trotsky”) & the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” to the tune of $20 MILLION (USD) in 1917. AL GORE’S daughter married the great-grandson of (((Jacob Schiff))) ~ the very SAME (((Jacob Schiff))) noted (above). Now THAT is an ACTUAL VERY INCONVENIENT TRUTH! According to Nobel Laureate, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, some 66 MILLION, mainly White, Orthodox CHRISTIAN Russians were SLAUGHTERED, by the (((Communist))) government of Russia between 1917 and 1953.

    In 1917, (((Paul Warburg))), and (((Jacob Schiff))), both (((Rothschild)))-agents, on Wall St.!, handed (((Lev Bronstein))) (aka Leon Trotsky) $20 Million (USD) in gold, when (((Bronstein/Trotsky))) boarded a ship, in New York Harbor!, bound for Russia, and the Rothschild-financed overthrow (really massacre) of the 300-year-old (1613-1917) ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Romanov Family Dynasty. Meanwhile, in Germany, (((Max Warburg))) (Paul’s brother) handed (1/4 “Jew”) Lenin $6 Million (USD), and provided Lenin safe passage, from Switzerland through Germany by train, on his way to Sweden & Finland, before arriving in Russia. “Out of 388 members of the new Russian government, only 16 happened to be Russians. One was an American Black. And all the rest, all the rest, 371, were Jews. Of these 371 Jewish Bolshevik leaders, no less than 265 of them were from the Lower East Side of New York City [Manhattan]. So you see, the Russian Revolution wasn’t Russian at all.”

    Source: “All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us”,_kevin/kevin_strom_works/Kevin_Strom_1991-1994/Kevin_A._Strom_19930814-ADV_All_America_Must_Know_the_Terror_That_Is_Upon_Us.html

    AOC, (((Bernie Sanders))), HITLAR-Y Clinton, AL GORE, Joe Biden, FAUX-CAHONTAS ~ THEY ALL KNOW from (((whom))) they receive their paychecks!

    “If my sons didn’t want wars, there would be none.” ~ Gutle Schnaper Rothschild


  • This has been done before, Soros & stooges ran a similar scam with Obama through the Senate and into the Presidency.

  • And if you look who is behind Saikat Chakrabarti you find Soros and if you look behind Soros you reach the top of the pyramid and come to rest at the doorstep of Jacob D’ Rothschild.

  • Perhaps we can send them to a meteorite that they can rule instead. One with a large elliptical orbit far away from here.

  • It seems naive to me the think politics is anything but this. It’s all pagentry designed by those who happen o be in power to maintain their power. I’m reminded of the goverment’s spokemans explanation for the rise in terrorism in the Terry Gilliam film, BRAZIL, “Poor sportsmanship,” by a “ruthless minority of people who just can’t stand seeing the other fellow win,” instead of addressing the corruct and self-serving practices of the status quo. Reagan remains the ultimate example of someone acting the office, so there’s tons of irony here. We’re just dealing with what has ever been thus. Power is the goal of everyone seeking it. Plausible deniability about it is the norm. I see no difference between the sides here except the challengers may have a new and more effective plan. I wrote this poem about conservatives and progressives last year.

    Birds and Crocodiles

    It can be so annoying when the little dinosaurs
    start chirping outside our bedroom window at 4:00 am.
    If we think about it, we might even forgive them a little
    for snatching us from a less than idyllic dream.

    Maybe they don’t realize old Helios will ever return… again.
    Maybe they just want to let everyone know they are okay.
    Or maybe their unbridled chatter is pure ecstatic, exuberance.
    In truth, the cacophony of birds lies beyond our comprehension.

    You probably heard that scientists now think that birds.
    like crocodiles, once ruled the earth, as dinosaurs.
    Both got mostly smaller, but one gained the ability to soar.
    The former chose to evolve, but the latter, alas, did not.

    Crocodiles remain denizens in the swamp, their natural habitat.
    Birds fly anywhere they can imagine and adapt to every location.
    I know which one I’d rather be if given a choice between the two,
    wings over scales with music rather than muck in my mouth.

    The Greek historian, Herodotus, told a story about these two.
    While in ancient Egypt he learned about the trochilus bird
    which would fly safely into the open jaws of crocodiles and feast
    symbiotically on their last victim’s remnants stuck between their teeth.

    According to science, there is no evidence that supports such a bird ever existed.
    Any bird that wanders close to those massive jaws is sure to make them snap.
    Of course, with wings, most birds have the exact means they need to escape.
    The idea of such dramatic biological dental floss seems a bit silly to us today.

    Were the Egyptians pulling Herodotus’ leg?
    What else did the Classical Greeks get wrong?
    Should we question logic, the scientific method, even democracy?
    All that is left to us… birds and crocodiles remind us we have the choice.

    Charlie Lemay

  • I don’t see the difference between her and every other elected official in North America. The hole system is messed up. The Neo Liberals train their candidates the same way.

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