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    Last Tuesday, an important conversation illustrating the great American reality-bubble divide occurred on Joe Rogan’s podcast between him, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Twitter Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead, Vijaya Gadde and independent journalist, Tim Pool.

    Many on the Right have tended to view these tech lords as villainous enforcers of a dread Globalist ideology. Meanwhile, the two Twitter execs made it sound like their personal and local prejudices may have led to some misunderstandings, in their attempts to shield certain users from harassment.

    What may be closer to the truth is that with hundreds of millions of users, the platform has entered unchartered territory of Big Data and human behavior and that Twitter is basically a massive online laboratory being used to feed the development of the Deep Mind machine learning program to police social media content in real time.

    Rogan knew he was in over his head regarding the issue of online censorship and he invited Pool to enter the fray with him, in order to ask the questions he didn’t quite know how to formulate. We can question whether the tech execs could truly have been as unaware as they represent themselves to be but no other leaders have been willing to subject themselves to such scrutiny and we can at least appreciate that they were willing to open up this unprecedented dialogue.

    With the Washington Post having been sued last week for $250 million by “MAGA Teen” Nick Sandmann for its slanderous misrepresentation of him a story that unfolded on the Twitter platform, this gesture could either be a good idea or a disaster!

    This is an 8-minute snippet from the 2-hour podcast.

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    • This ‘problem’ with Twitter feed is (to me) what can and will always be a communication battlefield. Thousands and thousands of comments chirp in, some without any back ground forum of even what’s going on (ie) the Covington Kids…who were placed in harms way by ‘tweeters’ off-the-cuff remarks that have done substantial damage. This is the way most people exchange their views now. Just wing it until ‘something’ sticks….WOW! I really don’t think that Jack Dorsey & co. are in any position to be put in charge of that kind of power trip. Is anyone? But hey, we’ll just pop off a tweet to be able to say we put our 2 cents in and maybe we’ll be back later to see what the bottom line is! I don’t know what would be able to replace todays ‘drive-thru’ justice but I think we’d all be the better for it if we wait out any and all comments for at least a day to let some of the dust settle first. We need these CEO’s to be out in front of their businesses more and take on some of the responsibilities for the service they provide. This “quick-before-you think” word party has to get a grip on itself. No one suffers for having a bit of common sense.

    • The Twitter situation gives me the impression that there will never be a perfectly fair and unified platform for all.
      Tim Pool has the assessment of Twitter which I agree with most often.
      Unless you just want to post pictures of cute cats you are going to face a social laceration on
      social media platforms.

      • Since they intercept all internet traffic on the root level, changing an ip address means literally nothing to deep state surveillance (social media platforms) sites. Same with encryption.

        Best thing to do based on my own personal history.

        1) dig for the truth
        2) change your own self, your behavior and get yourself on a higher dimension while still standing among the dirt and negativity.
        3) care much less about posting your free speech on the negativity boards and fine tune your spirit.

        That way when you expire, you are free.

        Freedom in this life is inside of you or it is an illusion. ip addresses included.

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