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    Compilation of Dr Peter Breggin, Dr Naomi Wolf, Dr Sucharit Bakdi and Dr Reiner Fuellmich discussing evidence of personality change and the likely cause being the obstruction of the micro vasculature of the brain, particularly in the frontal cortex, effectively functioning like a lobotomy in some patients.

    As Dr Breggin says, “It reduces the ability of the soul to communicate through the brain.”

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    • … still waiting as Dr. Bakdi said something may happen with Thai loyal regarding on clot shot.
      Yet as I have guessed, no damned thing is happening.
      Same dumb sheep, which is large portion of the population, are still wearing diaper and telling others to wear it too just because one person just coughed, and most of them comply.
      And if you see somebody not wearing it here, that is just because he or she is lazy or forgot to bring one, yet nobody has knowledge of scam-demic/non-existent virus, excluding very few people that I personally gave a long lecture on this topic.
      Regretfully, I highly doubt that their stupidity comes from clot shot, but it has already been in their gene as they seem to have lack of ability to learn something.
      And where are the whistleblowers he talked about?

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