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As money starts to disappear, banks are starting to collapse. This is causing panic among the people, as they worry about what will happen to their money. Watch this video for more information on bank runs and how they could affect you.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra,
    Is there a problem with the response to JD that I have been posting? It seems to keep disappearing.

      • FYI, The timestamp on the original comment is 6:07 am of 3-14. I saved a copy of one of the first times I posted it that is dated March 13 . It wasn’t showing up at all when I posted the note to you at 1:18pm 3-14. I was reloading the page over and over on each of the 3 phones that I use. I’m assuming there’s a filter in the cloud suppressing any suggestions concerning the taxation of wealth of which I see very few mentions anywhere (the absence of which, to my mind, is crazy, as, when rich people are destroying the world cuz the have so much money “they just can”, where else would you start?).

  • Oh how forgetful are the minds of millions who’ve been deluded by the din and drone of visual entertainment news!

    A little history lesson here: The great central banking guru Alan Greenspan once admitted the Great Depression was caused by the central banks.

    In 1933 the US Congress passed the Glass-Steagal Act that barred commercial banking funds from being used in investment banking schemes. That abuse of trust was thought to be a major contributor to the 29 stock market collapse.

    After decades of lax enforcement that provision was repealed by the Grahamn-Leach-Bliley act in 1999 and signed into law by Clinton. Grahamn, a leading “conservative” Texas Republican gloated over his so called achievement. In less than a decade we witnessed another stock market crash in 2008 which everybody knew was the result of the Grahamn act of 1999.

    So how did our trusty representatives in the district of calamity resolve the issue? By passing the Dodd-Frank act of 2010 which was smoke and mirrors, because it didn’t restore purity of kind to the banking industry at all.

    The irony and the big joke on us Americans is that Dodd-Frank was signed into law by a central figure in the enforcement of Jimmy Carters well intentioned program to stop red lining in the home mortgage industry. I won’t review all of that here only to say that Obama was directly responsible as a social activist lawyer for the loading up of impossible to repay home mortgages, which eventually defaulted in mass, when cunning investment bankers began “bundling” these impossible mortgages and selling them to “sucker” investment bankers and the s____ hit the fan in 2008 during the Obama regime. The diabolical plan to demolish home mortgage lenders had come full circle.

    There is a pattern here that isn’t limited to the lack of adequate controls of the banking industries. It applies to all unjust corporate activities. Illegal in the Biblical sense, because mindless politicians have prostituted themselves for personal gain to corporate money!

    We have a wonderful constitution, but its failure has been to govern corporations according to natural law and divine law that declares that there is a higher law that commands that all mankind be treated with respect and charity.

    What is the specter now before our eyes 24/7? Both here and worldwide? What’s not to understand? Where are the true shepherds of the people? I’m not seeing more that a trickle of them. Where are the rest, if indeed there are any more of them?

    Where were they during the great corporate evacuation of American jobs begun under Clinton? Corporations having been given a political green light to pull the rug out from under the feet of millions of trusting American employees. Where were the great defenders of American families who’ve been devastated by a shocking loss of adequate employment?

    These same wolves in sheep’s clothing now tell us they don’t know what to do about the growing number of homeless, the growing number of single parent homes, the national debt and skyrocketing inflation. All their remedies are BS.

    There is a bloodless remedy, but are we willing to use it?

    • I don’t know as to which “bloodless remedy” you might be referring, but one was published in 2010 which involved converting all public and private debt to publicly-owned electronic credit money in order to capture wealth, then replacing income taxation with a 1% monthly “infrastructure maintenance fee” (NOT a tax, so that no “wealth repositories” get neglected), using the fee revenue to fund the various government services on an equal per capita basis and COMPENSATE (meaning it’s YOUR money to spend however you like without anyone sticking their nose in your bizniss) every adult legal resident ($500+/- in “eBucks” per week) for the government’s TAKING of everyone’s right to access land as necessary to support their right to life and for the government’s TAKING of whatever amount of privacy they feel the need to take every day. Usury would not be enforced on the new public money as that would be counterfeiting, and private money (like crypto or private bank currency) would be left to its own devices, no longer having the full faith and credit backing: you lose it, it’s gone.

      Our “wonderful” Constitution created a small, centralized government, easily controlled by money (especially the private kind), but it was adequate to the task of getting us to this point, where the Millennium is just a CONSENSUS PARTY away.

      If you can be bothered, here it is, saved by Providence, in the Archives of the Library of Congress:

      P.S. the guy in the clickbait video has too many things wrong to bother mentioning.

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