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Donuts getting glazed, candy making, power washing, paint, sourdough, foam, smoke bubbles, clear gel, chocolate fudge, mechanical processes, sweeping symmetrical movements and a host of things I’m not sure I could accurately describe if my life depended on it, except to say that to watch these things is oddly satisfying.

These videos can garner millions of views in just a few days. They’re of a sub-genre of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos that trigger “low-grade euphoria” through the visual rather than the auditory senses and are meant to relax the viewer.

There are even sub-subgenres for slime, sand, soap, shredders, slicing, pastry, hair. It’s all very interesting, what this says about our weird, deep-seated urges. I’ve chosen this short one because it contains some elements from several categories.

Alexandra Bruce

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