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Edge of Wonder is a new YouTube channel hosted by two Millennials who aren’t NPCs, who recently became aware of conspiracy classics, like John Coleman’s The Committee of 300 and Fritz Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati. I was shocked to learn through them is that these quintessential screeds were among others like them allegedly discovered in 2011, in the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound of Osama Bin Laden – and that the CIA posted PDFs of these books on their website!

Since I have a hard time buying the story that Seal Team 6 took out Bin Laden in 2011, I find it extra curious that conspiracy books that I read as soon as they were released are being perpetrated by the CIA to have been among the possessions of the greatest bogey man in US history!

This video is the 4th episode of their #DeepState series. The previous segments may be too elemental for the FKTV audience. This one focuses on the story of 1970s serial killer, Ted Bundy, because “Bundy” is listed by Springmeier as being one of the “13 Illuminati Bloodline” family names and because Ted Bundy’s psychopathic proclivities are emblematic of the Satanism espoused by these families and by the Deep State, which they control.

I learned many interesting and weird details about a lot of things in the Bundy case and in general through the fresh eyes of these two young men. I guess I was too little when the story broke to recall that Ted Bundy was involved in several political campaigns, including that of Nelson Rockefeller, as he intended to run for Governor of Washington State.

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  • Hello, From what I know, Ted Bundy was not a true bloodline Bundy..he was born before his mother married Mr. Bundy and was adopted by the man into the Bundy clan and given the name. If the Bundy name is associated with satanism, then Ted was not really a Bundy by blood and it is a moot point..he was just a very sick individual! Great article none the less..keep up the good work!

  • I wonder at times if the ‘real’ Ted Bundy bit the bullet, so to speak. I mean there were 6 or 7 Bin Ladens; some were only used for voice, others were for photos or TV. Apparently Bin Laden died long before a Seal Team was sent in to kill “him”!. It is an insane organization that conceives of these gruesome murders. The intricacies of starting at early ages, placing these “Deep State” brain controlled ‘zombies’ into families & given contacts that will further serve Satanic rituals & political purpose. This type of ‘fear control’ has been on-going for centuries…no doubt. Jack the Ripper travelled extensively & with I’m sure contacts & support from the ‘famous’ names given in this article. Not sure for what ends….but it is a very successful program. The decades are full of the ‘individuals’ that have petrified the public…. to what end? Fear is a powerful agent; it’s effects last for many years. Who knows how many peoples’ futures have been claimed by having these acts touch their families’ lives & were used as threats or persuasion to toe the line.

  • Psychopaths, like politicians have no moral ground to work from. It’s all about, I will do what I want and no one can stop me. Yeah, like the deep state.

  • WE, (Hu-Manity Only) will be FREED from these Psychopathic Luciferian/Satanist so-called World Leader’s VERY SOON…No wonder why we are seeing the crap we now…The Lunatic’s are running the Asylum…FOR NOW.

  • I know the former attorney general of UT who prosecuted Ted Bundy. I am going to run this by him. He is in his early 80’s now but a really great guy. I wonder what he will think of this.

    • Be careful. You don’t know who is in the “system”. Take note of his expression when you ask him.

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