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    The apocalyptic fires of Northern California have killed 81, destroyed 13,000 homes and caused the evacuation of 50,000 people and counting. Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch joins Greg Hunter to weigh in on this holocaust and on the other sequela of high altitude aerosol spraying, including Alzheimer’s, which he says is from the bioaccumulation of aluminum by the populace.

    “Most people know aluminum is harmful, so they’re worried about aluminum in deodorants, in cooking utensils and so forth. Inhaled aluminum is exponentially more harmful and we are absolutely, all of us inhaling these particulates. Our lab tests prove it.”

    Wigington says that the population is becoming too cognitively impaired to even confront the issue, with average IQs having recently dropped by 6 to 9 points.

    He says that the official narrative, that the California fires are happening because the forests are not being managed properly is nonsense. “Let’s look at statistical facts. The forest of Siberia have been untouched for millions of years. In the last ten years, the burn rate has increased 1,000%…so that narrative is absolutely false.”

    He says “The single greatest causal factor that has set the stage for these epic wildfires all over the world is climate engineering. “This grid pattern spraying over…the Eastern Pacific, absolutely breaks up any storm formation and ensures no moisture will flow into the West.”

    In addition to the aerosol spraying, Wigington says that facilities similar to the now-shuttered HAARP experimental facility in Alaska are “transmitting massively powerful microwave signals into the ionosphere…[causing] an electrical chain reaction that creates a high pressure heat dome…that blocks all the rain over the West.”

    He says the environmental groups will not acknowledge the climate engineering issue for fear of losing their 501c(3) nonprofit status. Their fear ‘is so great that they won’t acknowledge the single greatest factor; single most environmentally-destructive factor…in regard to the wildfires…That denial is absolutely criminal.”

    He says that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is not releasing their Freedom of Information Act requests. “What do we know from the FOIAs we’ve already gotten is that the so-called forecasts all the way down to the local meteorological and meteorologist level is nothing more than a script and that script is being passed down from the very top; ultimately from…Raytheon, who is a geoengineering patents-holder involved in the geoengineering programs and they’re passing down the scheduled weather script and we know this again from our FOIAs they’ve stated they want the consistency and message over accuracy.”

    “There is an illegal federal gag order right now on all National Weather Service and NOAA employees…I want to state this on the record, so we don’t miss it…mathematically speaking, if all the consequences from climate engineering are considered, it is mathematically the single-greatest threat we collectively face, short of nuclear cataclysm.”

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    • I’ll say it again for the benefit of “Slow-Ones”…WHO else has the technology to alter planetary weather systems and HAARP/ DEW weapons???
      Does the SSP ring a bell or two (SECRET Space Program)…and Their so-called “Alliance” creatures???
      Isn’t It rather STRANGE, that the very SAME people that constantly complain and TALK about all the bad thing happening worldwide are the SAME people RESPONSIBLE for them happening, or CAUSE them to happen.
      THINK…Corrupt creatures control ALL the Governments…The SAME can be said of Most of the world’s Militaries, and Law enforcement.
      They ALL create ALL the “False-Flag” event they are constantly “Arranging” for…AWAKEN FOLKS!

    • So frustrating. Dane Wiggington is wrong about the state of the forest not being a factor in the fires. He wants to make climate related to anthropomorphic influences but not the forest. Ridiculous. Once the chemicals have been applied, I have found that the heavy metals cause the trees to become susceptible to disease/insects. Some tree species are most susceptible so you start to see a decline in those populations followed by a general decline in forest health. Beech trees in the Northeast were the first major trees to be influenced (Beech-Oak is a major association for a climax habitat). We lost most of our Beech in the early 1990’s in the Adirondacks.

      The environment means everything so when you try to make an “environmental assessment” and don’t include human influences, you aren’t making an assessment. Humans (like us) have been here for at least 40,000 years (I am going by Originals in Australia). While he might want to assume that a Siberian Forest has been a climax forest up until the recent fires there, i think that is a stretch if you haven’t actually done the regional studies to illustrate when major climatic influences, including fire, and humans might have altered the habitat.

      I respect Dane Wiggington for what his end goal is with regard to stopping geoengineering of the planet, but I am continually frustrated by his getting his facts half right. It is the half that he doesn’t get right that makes the doubters think he is simply (thank you, CIA) a Conspiracy Theorist.

    • You don’t believe in climate change caused accidentally by dumping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a side effect of using coal and petrol, but you do believe in climate change caused deliberately by dumping aluminium in the atmosphere????WTF!!???

      What is it about aluminium that sounds more appealing or likely than carbon dioxide? Or about the government changing the climate deliberately, rather than as a side effect? Do you really think it’s more likely that the US government seriously wants to screw up US agriculture, and president Trump isn’t doing a thing about it?

      Or is it that you feel smarter than everybody else because you can claim something none of your neighbors claim? Maybe none of your neighbors claim it because it’s just not true or likely or sensible. That doesn’t make you especially clever, it makes you especially stupid!

      • Dear Maria, please open your eyes and see what is happening all around you, or go back to watching CNN. Have a nice turkey day. Don’t be the turkey.

      • You can’t con-vince me that the very fuel that plant life turns into oxygen in the photosynthesis process is killing them, while promoting metals as more wholesome.
        This whole carbon tax scheme is the only way they can tax the air, the last item on their control agenda. And, MORONS like you are buying it!

    • Now we are all targeted individuals .

      Perhaps its more appropriate to say that American elites and their partners in military, Fed and state governments, together with private contractors, are targeting and harming all American citizenry.

    • Agenda 21. Rid the planet Earth of life, for the greater good. Sacrifices must be made, and we are among the offering. I still have hope, but a lot of good that’s gonna do us. Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone, we may not see many more.

      • 555 million elites will enjoy the paradise that mass death creates on planet earth. Where to put all those mass graves???

        War, what is it good for. I believe that they answered the question…

      • California is a very powerful state, wealthy, huge population, lots of people want to live there, etc. Even before this administration they were being targeted, though, so it is not just that 45 hates them, which is reported regularly on independent media. Maybe it is just me, but when people have too much freedom…

        • Catherine Austin Fitts who is a financial guru and HUD whistleblower (she was UnderSec’y for Bush 40) as studied this, economic trends, China’s evolution and suggests the reshoring of the U.S. or bringing production back to U.S. needs to happen so quickly, and so much real estate is needed to bridge Silicon Valley that this corridor (which, yes, in some respects does follow the proposed high-speed rail footprint) is the ideal place for this transformation. But in economic terms it needs to happen so quickly that they can’t wait for silly ol’ eminent domain and other legal processes…

          But these guys are always killing several birds with a few stones and some of these homeowners are targeted for various reasons. Can’t let a good travesty go to waste.

    • These crazy elites are scrubbing the planet of all life?? Is the earth just a piece of real estate to them? Maybe they’ve sold it to a new owner!

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