Melissa Dykes from TruthStreamMedia has been doing such extraordinary work on the transhumanism beat. It’s such a joy to watch the ideas she works unfold.

Today’s piece ties into one I recently wrote about the subject of immortality and how, in a mechanistic worldview, immortality is equated with transhumanism and entails uploading one’s brain into a computer.

It seems to me that if a fancy robot which recreates one’s mannerisms is supposed to represent “immortality” then clearly, scientistic materialists don’t believe in life. They think that life and sentience are outgrowths of chemical processes, rather than the other way around.

Or am I missing something? Is there is something that the technocrats know about what mind uploading would entail?

Their answer is in this video. It’s called the “connectome”.

Princeton professor Sebastian Seung is shown at a TEDtalk asserting that the way each one of our hundred billion neurons are wired is what shapes or “encodes” our identity and our personality. He leads the audience in the dystopic chant, “I am my connectome”. On his website, he even proclaims that “Information is the new soul”.

A lot of this work in brain mapping is being funded by the White House BRAIN Initiative announced by Barack Obama in 2013 and co-planned by Rockefeller University,  where “BRAIN” is an acronym for “Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies”.

Melissa Dykes very aptly cites the late great science fiction author, Phillip K Dick, “Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and then sell to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themselves.”

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  • Just thinking about immortality is depressing.!… Where are the all “happy pills’? and the ” dial a smiles”? What insanity….and guess who is at the controls? Yes, our hard working, soul-less psychopaths. I wonder what with all they have to do these days if they get ‘depressed’ and invent (as they don’t dream) yet another plan to control “humanity’….that part of our being that gives us the ability to enjoy, create, laugh, dream, and so many other wonderful ‘ethereal ‘ abilities. Priceless! I wonder if they desperately crave what the so called ‘average person’ already has to take care of each other and make a planet that thrives and exists for everyone to find their true spirit. It must be a horrible existence for the ‘elite inventors’…..not being able to connect to what makes this world so special. They could use a ‘dial-a-life’ machine big time!

  • Only “Creatures” that have NO Souls would come up with BS like this…Prime Source Creator hads DIFFERENT Plans once these “Creatures” are removed…You know…the same ones hiding behind a SECRET Space Program…The so-called “Alliance” group that tells us DAILY Lies about what’s coming up….Like “Operation Disclosure”…””…2012 group…The Millennium Report…InfoWars…Even HERE.

  • Your link from the blade runner video at the bottom of you email does not go to the video link but a thumbnail picture. Thought you might like to know so that if your watch numbers are a bit low, you may have an answer.

  • The 100 million dollar investment approved by Obama in 2014, was dubbed the “Brain Mapping Project”. It was sold to the public as research to cure such diseases as alzheimers and parkinsons. In truth it was massive funding to research artificial intelligence. Of course by now, people of higher intelligence realize that psychopathy is largely genetic. For a long time, the woefully funded research in the field of psychopathy was held back by those whom insisted psychopathy was largely due to environmental causation. Brain scan studies on suspected genetic psychopaths have demonstrated their amygdalas do not function. The amydala has been identified as the center for human conscience. I have often pondered on how our world could be positively affected, if the psychopathic gene(s) were clearly mapped and identified, and an accurate and effective test for psychopathy was created. I support Joe Atwill in asserting that a DNA profile needs to be established over the “elite”. If one reads the work of Miles Mathis, one soon discovers most, if not all of these psychopaths controlling our world are biologically related. This does not mean the top of the pyramid does not identify and then vet non-related psychopathic minions, positioned lower in the pyramid, to carry out their plans of action. I imagine the DNA results would show a high correlation of relation between these families who rule. and most of the people we observe holding powerful positions of power and influence are all related. The genetic genes of psychopathy therefore, have been strengthened over the millennium.

  • Just think, you too could become alien to the human race, and become a gray. No more need for sleep, no more need to procreate, or way to. Real population control. No real emotions, you too could become a politician. But to rule over what? Or whom. And you would not need money, or food. Never get sick again, aside from a short circuit, or needing a new chip, or battery or power source. Never have to deal with humans again, except to examine them, and plant ideas, etc. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Not if they don’t have a need for sleep. You could just restart yourself, and be ready to go,…. and be….. a……….! Just think, the Rockefeller Institute funded this idea, and if it works, there is no way to make a profit, lol. No thanks, I’ll settle for my short time here. Hope you had a great turkey day, with friends and family!


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