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Reformed climate alarmist, Tom Harris: Wind turbines “require a backup fossil fuel plant that continues burning 90% of the time, making the wind turbine largely unnecessary and, in essence, just for show.”

“This is a far cry from the environmentally friendly image that is presented to the public.”


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Here’s General Electric’s 2002 stated vision of what our world will look like
    employing superconductor technology :
    “Electric generators made with superconducting wire
    are far more efficient than conventional generators wound with copper wire.
    In fact, their efficiency is above 99%,
    and their size is half that of conventional generators.”
    Tiny diameter, superconductor wound motors can have COPs over 400.

  • wind powered AC generators are connected to the grid . so that the power it generates must be produced in sync with the AC line frequency and merged with the grid just like grid tied solar power inverters must be . the rest is like a wildlife IQ test . this might explain why the Corvids will inherit the earth they hang out around the wind turbines to feed off of the kills.

  • There have been numerous studies that show wind turbines are a zero gain, wind is an unreliable energy source, they have a short life span, noisy, hazardous to birds, their recycling seems to be nonexistent and they are an ugly eyesore.

    Yet the US plutocracy keeps on pushing them with the WEF because they are part of their destruction of the independent nation state agenda.

    Why do people think “it’s going to be different this time”? Look what the shameful House Republican majority did to us last week cavalierly granting more rights to a foreign nation’s political regime they favored by playing with word meanings to take away our right to speak critically of them and they did it with much pride and gusto!

    It looks like they are going to get away with it, the electorate is so dumbed down and pliable! Otherwise these scoundrels would not have dared!

  • Good Post….

    What can be added to Tom’s synopsis, is that Wind Turbines also Pulse frequencies that are calibrated to the Space Fence, yet that also includes oil drilling and other drilling activities, hydro applications, etc., all the energy gathering activities add to and maintain the ionized atmosphere for the planetary control by the scumbags for agenda 21.

    Funny thing is that free electric is all around us….a grounded connection and an aerial connection, produces electrity.

    Green energy, means green for money, for the stakeholders.

    Humans are electric, and the oxygen and other elements breathed in and out, are not so much about gases, but the rate of electric charge….go figure.

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