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I’ve noted the aggressive PC virtue signalling present throughout the Mainstream Media. The eerie uniformity of the message being put out by a wide assortment of outlets has seemed very suspicious to me. I chalked it up to shady cash infusions from George Soros and pondered over the exact payment mechanism.

Last month, in what was called a “Digital Media bloodbath”, mass layoffs at many online publications were attributed to a kind of mini-Dotcom Bubble, where publishers had burnt through their venture capital money and were no longer able to pay their staff.

Despite BuzzFeed’s reported 15% growth in revenue in 2018, they laid off 15% of their writers. Founder, Jonah Peretti explained, “Unfortunately, revenue growth by itself isn’t enough to be successful in the long run.”

It seems the copious output of Millennial Outrage oozing out of every media outlet had required pallets of funny money that not even 15% of yearly growth could sustain. Clues about the origins of this lucre have emerged over the past 2 weeks and it now appears that much of this Trump-deranged propaganda is being paid for by your US Tax Dollars.

Many of us were already aware that the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 approved by Barack Obama gave government officials at the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) the power to produce and disseminate propaganda for domestic audiences at taxpayers’ expense, overturning the namesake 1948 law which had prohibited this.

Dr. David Janda is here to explain how on December 23rd 2016, Barack Obama signed off on the 2017 NDAA, authorizing that year’s US military budget. Once again, buried deep inside those provisions was the companion to the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act; the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act introduced by Adam King Kinzinger (R-IL) and Ted Lieu (D-CA), which has been funding this domestic propaganda.

In case you haven’t noticed, “Russian Propaganda” is the new “al-Qaeda”. All they have to do is to accuse someone of being a “Russian agent” who’s disseminating “Russian Propaganda”, like WikiLeaks, Alex Jones or the President of the United States and the entire machinery of the Military-Industrial-Banking-Media Complex will be mobilized to deprive you of an income, to imprison you or to end your life. A great way to get a bead on who they’re targeting is to check out Prop0rNot’s Twitter feed, as they were probably funded by these Acts.

It could very well be that all of those kindly pundits warning us about Russia over the past 2 years were subsidized by the budget associated with this Act – and that the mass de-platformings of Alex Jones and others were justified by them.

So, why now the mass-layoffs? Because, in fiscal year 2018, Trump cut the funding to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) by $63 million and in 2019, by another $24 million. That is why, as Dave Janda says, “The bought off lamestream fake media is melting.”

President Trump and his team have cut the budget which was hidden in the National Defense Authorization Act for the BBG, “And you’re not gonna hear a word of this from the bought-off lamestream fake media because they’ve been sucking in all your tax revenue to fund their propaganda!”

Alexandra Bruce

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  • I think you and me are on the same page. I hate propaganda.
    I could use the help of your platform to help get my crisis actor posters and Twitter postings to a wider audience. Please see my Twitter page @Chris92395980 and my website
    Thank you,

  • Now if The President could just write an E.O. forcing and end to “Direct to Customer Marketing” by Pharmaceutical Companies or forcing them to advertise pricing for their crap, that would end another major source of revenue from these Media Hacks!

  • Obama is NOT the problem…because all he was doing was EXACTLY as he was TOLD to do by the Bush Family during Both terms in office (They showed him the Kennedy assassination films to REMIND him of IT)
    The REAL problem is the SOON to be REMOVED FOREVER Luciferian/Satanist VATICAN, and Her Corporate children….By the Return of The SAMBO Beings!

  • Excellent, one feels able to trust Dave Janda.
    This spurred me to look into BBG…..:
    The emerging picture of the “war for hearts and minds” is reminiscent of the banking world; financial instruments so convoluted, so kaleidoscopic, shifting and boring, that the normal, sane investigator is repelled.
    One factoid: Trump’s cuts amount to 90 million. The BBG’s budget is reported at 760 million.
    Does Trump’s administration want to melt down the big bad bought media empire? Looks more like it just wants to streamline line it, as it is claiming. No government can afford to promote high values like truth, at the expense of concentrating power and wealth. Reducing the BBG’s budget by 12% will not make your digital television set 12% safer.

  • Somebody better browse through the new budget that is presently being negotiated and is now over 1000 pages. Sounds like buckets of pork, but may be the ministry of truth gets funds restored, if we are not careful

    • I don’t think so in the long run. These GoFundMe sites probably funnel a lot to DNC coffers. It’s sick, because Republicans’ gifts are helping the Communist-Left in their campaigns and elections.

  • Thanks for your interesting constant input.
    I live in Europe but EU and USA are under attack and at war. Sadly too many people think bombs need to be flying in order to have a war. Even sadder those nutcases want to add that to an already bad psychological war.

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