QAnon had gone dark since January 9th but returned over the weekend and was very busy again on Monday, as you can see on one of the sites that collates the Q posts made anonymously to the 8Chan image board,

As longtime FKTV readers know, I have not been following Q all that closely but I’ve become increasingly intrigued by its persistence and by how the posts have become less cryptic and more like MAGA Twitter!

This latest flurry of posts asked why the Mainstream Media was so obsessed with attacking QAnon. “What are they afraid of? People coming together and thinking for themselves? Q”

This video, by Red Pill Book, strings together mainstream entertainment and news segments from as far away as Australia that either ridicule the Movement or decry its “dangers” by trotting out trusty authorities like Daily Beast reporter, Will Sommer and a former FBI Special Agent (natch), who warns, “People can…make conspiracy theories faster than the social media companies can identify them and swat them down. [Hilarious!]

“So, I’m not so much worried just about Russian disinformation, I’m worried about American disinformation, because it’s a public safety issue and if you look at this, this has got all the elements of what would maybe be an uprising.” [Oh, be very afraid!]

It’s priceless when The PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff asks VICE News producer, PJ Tobias if Q followers are doing anything illegal and he responds, “There’s nothing illegal about it, at all I mean they’re just talking on social media but as these people start appearing in the real world, I think we’re all going to be watching them much more closely.

“Look, the bottom line about this conspiracy theory is that it’s a conspiracy to protect Trump. So, things that, to the rest of us might seem like bad news for Trump, like the Mueller investigation, they look at as actually part of Trump’s grand strategy…he wanted to make it look like he was colluding with Russia on purpose, so that Robert Mueller would be hired and he could team up with Trump. Mueller and Trump teaming up together to investigate the Clintons and the rest of the Deep State and their global pedophile sex ring.”

Yes. That is exactly what Q is about.

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  • Trump is as phony as a Clinton $3 bill. Anyone who believes in government…is as lost as one can get…Q is another rabbit hole that leads nowhere!

  • Nothing new here! Entire world runs on ‘Who’s doing what to Who! Since the dollar was highjacked at Jekyll Island it’s been a free for all. What would you like to happen in our planned war this coming term? Should we cause a recession or maybe a holocaust. What about getting those fires started this summer? Don’t forget to use some tampering in the elections, you know just a little icing on top of the cake. And keep those fake news stories coming….can’t get enough of those. The truth stands behind these criminal acts like a wallflower at a dance….’in full sight’…..but so not doing anything. We’ve become spectators in the collapse of our civilization. Medical lies, murders to protect the lies….
    pedophiles, drugs, the theft of civil rights, 911…..I for one am ok with ‘Q’ … it’s a sort of safety valve for those that keep hoping & hoping for a good outcome to all of this insanity….it can’t be any worse than having nothing to hang onto….so ‘Q’ will do just nicely for now, until hopefully sanity can gain control of the helm again.

  • I just finished Studying the VERY Ancient “In-Stone” writings in the temple Amwar Sadat and was Stone-SHOCKED how “Accurate” those writings are about PAST-PRESENT-and FUTURE.
    Also about Who is WHO, and WHERE They are ALL Going VERY SOON.
    IF, You are PART of the “Original Creation or First-Born” You have NOTHING to worry about AT ALL!
    NOT THE SAME FOR “MANKIND” THOUGH…I actually Feel sorry for THEM.
    IF…You are a real lover of TRUTH…Look no further than HERE:
    If for some reason THIS Site has Blocked it…Rsearch SAMBO on

  • Expand your thinking. Use logic. Would the elite in control of an overburdened planet ever make plans to maintain their wealth and power? Or does shit just happen?

  • Goofy conspiracy theories are just that.

    9/11 Truth is not a goofy theory. It is the truth. The goofy conspiracy theory is the official explanation.

    Make sure you distinguish this.

    • Military Trubunals are the tool used to drain the swamp. Some have already met their maker from being found guilty at theirs.

      • You mean to tell us that there are ACTUAL trails &Executions going on about those so-called “Tribunals”??? LAUGH!!!
        Ask…WHY haven’t they been made PUBLIC…so that the Sheeple can LEARN Who their enemies are???


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