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by John Bowne

In early 2023 Bloomberg reported that U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr.,described indoor air pollutants from gas stoves as “a hidden hazard” saying that “any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

As a former cook I can tell you the wait times on your cuisine from Restaurants handicapped by using electric stoves will be enormous. Of course, I can guarantee that the political elite will not be affected.

So as Joe Biden’s Energy Department is on the verge of murdering the culinary industry by eliminating gas stoves.

A genuine murder mystery surrounds the drowning death of former White House Chef and Barack Obama employee Tafari Campbell. Who was 6 feet tall and drowned in 8 feet of water.

Campbell’s death parallels with Clinton body count member Walter Scheib, an executive chef at the White House for 11 years under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Scheib drowned in June 2015 while hiking in the Mountains near Taos, in New Mexico.”

The details surrounding the Obama families involvement in Campbells drowning death have been inconsistent and silenced. Campbell was also a competent swimmer.

Initial reports detail that Marthas Vineyard Police Left a Call Log Detailing Obama’s Private Chef’s Drowning blank. The Call was Made Two Miles from Obama’s Residence Contradicting Initial Report. While the call log of the 911 distress call, received on the night of the accident, conspicuously omits the reason for the call.

The Daily Mail reports “A female staff member of Barack Obamahad been with chef Tafari Campbell when he tragically drowned while paddle-boarding in a pond beside the former president’s estate in Martha’s Vineyard, has learned.”

And now the story has changed as to the whereabouts of the Obamas. Placing them in the property at the time of the drowning.

Why all of the changes for an accidental drowning? And as Michelle becomes a prospective Presidential candidate. Did Obamas Personal Chef know too much?

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  • I blame climate change for this untimely death of Hussein ‘s hotdog chef plus most people know you should wait 2 hours or more after eating to engage in water sports also sudden changes in buoyancy after a spicy meal could give you a sinking feeling and his rescue buddy couldn’t reach past the combined sense of fear of water and likely contributed her own climate event possibly due to his cooking . Follow the science looks like axidental suicide.

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