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I took extra time on my article about Amazing Polly yesterday, trying to get it right and trying to avoid getting dogpiled by these bots everybody was talking about.

No sooner had I posted it than somebody in the comment section shared the link to this excellent article by HopeGirl, (aka Naima Feagan), who owns a small manufacturing business in Morocco with her husband, Tivon.

Talk about getting hit from Left Field!

In this video, HopeGirl starts by saying that Amazing Polly (aka Sherri Nelson) has armies of sock puppet accounts and bots and trolls and followers who go out and attack people online.

Normal people don’t have bots and armies of trolls. Government operations have bots and armies of trolls.

She says even the Founder of The Wellness Company, Foster Coulson, the son of a billionaire – he doesn’t have bots and he doesn’t have trolls making videos “defending his honor” – but Polly does.

First, Polly had armies of people start attacking everyone. Then, she posted this video with all of these allegations about the Wellness Company. Hope says all of these allegations were pure speculation, when they weren’t made-up lies.

HopeGirl says that what this operation is all about is an attack on what’s left of small businesses.

Those thousands of Americans whose family businesses were permanently shut down by the COVID lockdowns and who had managed to make a living online are the ones now being targeted.

She explains they’re trying to take over the world, they’re trying to shut down all the small businesses, they’re trying to turn us into the New World Order and to eat the bugs and to have nothing and be happy.

Polly then played the victim and cried about being doxxed but it was actually by somebody who knows her personally and who’s very upset with her, who started posting her family information everywhere.

Hope noticed Polly wants to deprive people of making money, so she wants to know how Polly makes her money.

As I suspected, based on things she said that displayed total ignorance of the basics of business, Polly has never had to work.

Her husband has worked for 22 years at Calian, which is a Globalist 4th Industrial Revolution company that specializes in applications for AI, the WBAN and the bio-digital convergence. So the source of Polly’s income is Calian.

Hope tells us that at his job at Calian, Polly’s husband “does everything she preaches against in her videos.” While she was crying for the Truckers on camera, Calian’s technology was oppressing them on several fronts.

She continues, “So, it is personal, when you attack people who are our affiliates – not just The Wellness Company but our affiliates are being attacked and I’m going to stand up for what’s right. It is not right that you steal somebody’s livelihood from them. Communism is responsible for more murder and death than all the wars of the world combined.”

Hope says that, like me, she followed Polly for years and she shared her videos and thought she was cool, so she is just as shocked as we all are.

Hope suggests we go watch her friend, Jim, who has made THE definitive video, that goes down the line of every lie she told in that video, refuting each one with documentation and facts.


by HopeGirl

As a follow up to the last video I made “Not-So-Amazing Polly’s Attack on Small Business” I have included a full timeline of the facts behind this case. This is to provide clarity for anyone who wishes to actually investigate this for themselves. In my video I had mentioned that if anyone could send me any proof of anything that would stand up in some legal court somewhere to please send it to me. Well the reaction to my video as a pissed off small business owner who is trying to stand up for what’s right has yielded results, and its not what you think.

On March 7th, Amazing Polly Published a Video where she made several wild allegations against the Wellness Company.  As part of her video she created a targeting list of a large group of mostly conservative alternative media influencers and small businesses. Here is that targeting list:

Polly has an army of online trolls, sock puppet accounts and bots that started bombarding all the people on this target list with accusations and intimidations. Telling them they need to stop supporting the Wellness Company and basically cut off all affiliate programs they may have.  But it extended beyond just the wellness company. The attack was against independent media trying to sell products that they believe in. Sarah Westall did an excellent job describing what the experience was like on her interview here with Dave Hodges.

From Sarah Westall: (please watch the whole interview she says a lot more that is important info to have)

“Out of the blue, and this happened to a lot of people, we find out we are on this chart and we are being attacked for having any association with the Wellness company. What this chart did is it motivated this army of people, and there were also bots, that were commenting on our videos, sending us emails, telling us that we are bad people because we have an affiliation with the Wellness Company….

How do you know Polly has bots?

This is how it appears, we are looking and there are these accounts all over the place that have like 57 followers, and they are immediately replying and its constant. Everything she does they are immediately replying to her and to others. I’ll do a response to her and it will get very little views, she will get thousands of views, she’s not being suppressed anymore. It feels like a government op”

In response to Polly publishing her video, people who knew Polly from her past started posting link in the comments section exposing her identity and background. More information was submitted later on showing that Polly has a history of harassing others that led to a Cease and Desist order. The evidence of her harassment of others back in 2016 is posted below along with a pdf version of the Cease and Desist order that you can read through for yourself. You will also view a video of Polly that shows a person that appears to be mentally ill. The harassment was not only done by Polly, but according to the Cease and Desist order, Polly’s Husband was also in the video harassing the victim alongside Polly. It was Polly’s husband who was served the Cease and Desist.

Polly’s husband works as a military contractor for the last 22 years for a company named Calian Ltd. Amongst the many things this company does it also specializes in delivering disinformation components for military exercises. Polly won’t do any live interviews, she won’t be seen on camera unless she can edit it and she won’t even get on a call that is audio only to have a dialogue with anyone. Polly has blocked many people who question her in anyway.  Meanwhile those who have had the allegations thrown at them are more than willing to answer any and all questions honestly and openly.


Here is a timeline of highlights and links I have put together.

Where this started and who it came from. This is where Polly got all her information from for her latest video attacking TWC.

December 2023
This was written by Kristen Elizabeth who is a writer for Liam Sturgess, who works for The Kennedy Beacon, a Substack series covering Robert F. Kennedy Jrs 2024 Presidential Campaign with materials highlighted and republished by Jack Dorsey.
Liam Sturgess LinkedIn

In this smear article, (which was ridiculously long and appears to be written by AI) all the allegations against Foster Coulson and TWC were made.

Here is the jist of the allegations:

-TWC has ties to big pharma and intelligence agencies
-TWC is displacing poor and unfortunate people in Haiti to build a resort
-TWC is promoting the UN agenda
-TWC is putting mRNA tech in their vitamins
-TWC is controlling the alt news narrative (pay for play)
-TWC is linked to Blackwater and this makes it guilty of anything Blackwater might do (Blackwater being a major government contractor that thousands of military vets find employment in when they leave the military)
-Being a Military Vet or a Government Employee of any kind automatically makes you a bad person

February 2023:
Foster Coulson made himself available on a live Q&A call with a live chat where Polly, Elizabeth and Liam were all invited to. Foster answered all the allegations directly. Polly refused to get on the call, even refused to do audio only and insisted on staying in the chat where she and her troll Army hid like cowards spewing lies and accusations at Foster. Elizabeth and Liam didn’t show and then got on the call 5 minutes before the call ended and started spewing trash in the chat as well.  I think Mr. Coulson did a fantastic job of answering all allegations. 

March 2023
Polly did her video with the targeting list. All allegations in her video come from the original hit piece from Elizabeth and Liam.

Jim Followed up with a long line by line analysis of Polly’s video where he points out all the areas in Polly’s video where she lied and misled. Its 3 1/2 hours long.

The tactics used here can be referred to Yellow Journalism. It’s how they make up stuff to persuade people to go to war.

And finally if you really want to know the ins and outs of all the covert tactics that are being used here: including astroturfing, discrediting a target, bots, sock puppet accounts and much more. This all comes from training manuals used by the NSA, GCHQ and leaked by Edward Snowden in 2014 of how covert agents character assassinate people online. I and my husband did an extensive 2 hour presentation on this online in 2019. Go ahead and educate yourself on how they conduct 5th Generation Warfare, because that is what is being done here.


Her real name is Sherrie Nelson.

Her Husbands Name is Andrew Wills. He works for Calian Ltd for the last 22 years since 2002.

His company Calian is a huge government contractor implementing emerging technologies (AKA transhumanism) all over Canada. This includes Hospital and medical systems and censorship of information around Covid. They also deliver disinformation campaigns for military excercises.

Here is a wikipedia link that explains emerging tech and transhumanism: look at the right, what does it say? Look at the left, thats what Calian Ltd. does.

Here is one example of Calian’s involvement with censorship around Covid.

From the Calian Website:
“Calian develops and delivers large-scale, multi-agency exercises for miliary, public safety and utilities operators. We have delivered disinformation components for military exercises, for domestic major event security and for nuclear power generation exercises ranging from coordinated campaigns across all media channels to limited disinformation activities on key issues. Exercising the information domain provides a highly realistic simulation of the contemporary information space for exercise participants.”

Calian has huge ties to WEF, UN, all of them. Much more research can be done on Calian, I just don’t have the time. But here is a thread on twitter with a bunch of Calian Links to start HERE.

Polly’s Husband Andrew Wills needs Government Security Clearance in order to hold his Job. Gonz did some good digging on it HERE.

Here is an article published in their local paper where Sherrie and Her Husband complained about construction noise: Shows they are husband and wife and shows where they live:

• She is an artist that paints skeletons and demon faces on Christmas cards.

• Also see here for more of her artwork.

• Here is an article of her at a local craft fair with dark hair and her daughter showcasing her artwork.

As for the media matters connection all there is, is this link, I don’t think it proves that she worked for them though.

For those who are interested in symbolism,  lets take a look at a couple of Polly’s paintings.

Here are the links that have been posted about Polly on all of her videos for the background info:

Skeleton art in Skeleton Park

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wow! What a video. I’ve followed Polly on and off for years. This was really eye-opening. Tried to share to FB and it wouldn’t go. That’s interesting too. I believe you. I’ve never heard Polly say she was a follower of Christ and you are. May our Lord bless you and keep you. Stand firm!

  • AP’s great research and “flow chart” connection illustrations about Fauci, et al, early in the CV Pandemic timeline impressed me. I remember wondering what she did for a living to have such thorough ‘muck-raking’ skills. Little did I know, Hubby was “connected”. Now I have to question how much of her ‘work’ was a limited hangout, and how much was/is legit. Oh, well . . .

  • Sherri’s ART is not my “thing” but I wont condemn her for it.

    Maybe she is a troubled individual . I like much of her Political activism(Polly) but now I know why she tends toward the NEGATIVE side of Politics and NEVER offers Positive solutions.

    Her actions are what are important and if she acts out her art, then I would be very concerned

  • I listened to you in this video. I do not know who you are. You do not provide any facts about your activities. You refer to God and that you are a good Christian. These are your arguments to believe what you say. I trust Amazing Polly more than you. I’ve been listening to Amazing Polly on and off for years. Polly gives facts and connects them into a logical whole.
    You have no arguments against Polly’s allegations. You’re giving the real name of Polly and her husband. Well, so what? You are not reliable for me.

    • Everybody loved and promoted the great work of Amazing Polly (née Sherri Nelson) until they were dogpiled by a bot/troll army, the likes of which they’d never seen in their entire lives. These bots were all “defending” Polly. Bots were supposed to have been removed from X, right? So, who is/was behind those bots? That is the question, because that was the main trigger for all of this.

      I have been perma-banned from Twitter/X and I’m only allowed to navigate briefly each day, before I’m told that I’ve reached my quota and it won’t load anymore, so I have a very limited view of what’s happening on there.

      I saw Mel K at a small event a couple weeks ago and I saw Sarah Westall last week in a private Substack post both describing the most harrowing bot/troll army attack on X threads associated with Polly/TWC that they had ever seen, when they simply asked questions. Both are very seasoned online professionals and both were *very* traumatized. Sarah said over and over that she’d never experienced anything like it. So, that was the emotional space that they were thrown into by this bot/troll army attack.

      This was only aggravated by Sherri being a sadistic piece of garbage toward Sarah – which is why I stepped in.

      Sherri is a great researcher and presenter but she is also a cyberbully, now documented in two cases separated by nearly a decade. She has mental illness, exhibiting many of the Cluster B Personality Disorder behaviors. This doesn’t make her a bad person, as long as she’s aware of it and working on it but the problem is that Cluster B has no self-awareness. I know, because my beloved mother had pretty severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I believe this cluster arises from an organic brain issue. People suffering from this have been found to have stunted amygdalas.

      But what of this bot/troll army that is out there “defending” her and scaring the sh*t out of people? Is it such a leap to think that these obnoxious bots are connected to her and to her defense contractor husband, whose company is on the cutting edge of combating online “disinformation”?

      HopeGirl is rightfully pissed, because Sherri’s source of income for the past 22 years is the massively WEF-connected, Canadian defense contracting company, Calian. This, while she seeks to smear our best health freedom advocates, along with the small businesses in the alt media space with whatever she can dig up about Foster Coulson.

      While Sherri cried about the Canadian Truckers, Calian’s tech was surveilling and oppressing them from every angle!

      The point is, wherever there is big money, there is evil. Think Elon Musk. Think Vivek Ramaswamy. Think Foster Coulson. Think Calian. It’s often way more nuanced than than simply “good” or “evil”.

      Sherri should do one of her magnificent deep dives into Calian – or will she self-censor, because that is where her bread is buttered – which is what she is accusing everybody else of doing with regards to TWC?

      Nobody I know is making lots of $$$ from TWC. Maybe some people are but none that I know. As of this week, I’ve been paid $800 commission on sales since last October, which is not exactly going to make or break me – or cause me to censor my speech.

      I’ve supported TWC because of the wonderful work of Dr Peter McCullough and because I think their emergency medical kits are good to have on hand and because it’s good to have access to doctors who will prescribe ivermectin, etc.

      If TWC turns out to really be evil, I’ll get rid of them but I have not seen that in what they’re doing and in my interactions with them.

      I say this as someone who is NOT part of the “New Narrative Network” that she’s been talking about. I’ve been de-platformed and perma-banned everywhere (except here), including from Mike Flynn’s PatriotTV.

    • Oh, please. Are you that petty???

      The only action which matters is doing DELIBERATE HARM to others. Does she do that??? If so, tell me what.

      Compare her to WHAT your GOVERNMENTS are doing to you !!!

      • But that’s it. Sherri IS a cyberbully – or potentially much, much worse, if that bot/troll army out there “defending” her is controlled by her or her husband.

  • This blurb under the article with the photo of her and her daughter pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?
    “Nelson says her art is inspired by death.”
    Satanic POS hiding in plain sight all these years.
    Good riddance to you.
    Polly wanna cry? 🤣

  • amazing dark polly paints a complicated picture of herself educated , resourceful and maybe she connected too many dots and got tangled up in her own web . clearly she needs to have the humility to know when to back up and punt when the game turns into ” get polly ” the poser consorting poster child known for pimping out the dead .

  • LOL @ “Troll away!”. I’ve never heard of this woman…..but I like her; and I’ll be subing to her channel. That is correct…..NORMAL PEOPLE do NOT have an army of bots & trolls; that makes ‘Amazing Polly’ one of ‘them’……’on the globalists payroll’! Armies of bots & trolls is LibTard behavior. I’ve watched a few of her vids, here and there, over the years (via Forbidden Knowledge), and I JUST sub-ed to her Rumble channel…..which I will now UN-SUB to. I guess that ‘Amazing Polly’ got too big (and SMUG) for her britches and really went head first into a hot, steaming pile of SCHITT……she’s DONE! lol

    People! Take what has happened as a GOOD thing! It’s a GOOD thing when a Globalist MINION exposes themselves for wtf they REALLY ARE. This IS a BLESSING! Now, WE KNOW.

  • The problem with the wellness company is their top management, which “appeared” to be CIA contractors? It is totally possible that these evil type people are simply opportunists who are capitalizing on nationalists type audience who cares about their health? Nevertheless, once these leaders becomes ENFORCERS of who’s free speech is allowed, and who’s is hate speech, then, they are another arm of wock gangsters..just like Google and Facebook, NBC, YouTube….

    Stew Peter is just like Tucker asks questions that are hard because they have been made taboo by the rulers of the culture.

    To be the devil’s advocate, a merchant who sells products cannot afford to display it in an an unpopular place? Having said so, Stew Peter or Alex Jones are very popular place for the nationalists type people, and the fock can tell millions of us that our opinion or questions are unpopular?

  • its interesting what an amazing pile of horse poop this article is. pathetic. so obvious.
    what have you actually done that compares to what polly has contributed????
    hope she sues that horse poop out of you.

    • ;))
      Not only that, grasping it slowly, THIS IS ALL ABOUT POLITICS!!! Look at the adds here, all about the biggest CRIMINAL ON THIS PLANET Warp Speed made by TRUMP!!!
      Every single face on Polly’s poster never ever mentions CONSISTENTLY GENE THERAPY word for covid injections slurry.
      People, WAKE UP, Biden and TRUMP That’s all THE SAME DEEP state, never drained, on the contrary, EXPANDING like like the chinese balloons!

  • Very nice job vetting all this, Miss B.

    Wow, Polly’s list of “bad” people are basically all of the people you can trust will give you good info. Everyone is susceptible to missing the mark at times, but most of this collage is a bunch of diligent folks.

    I have only seen Polly’s vids a few times, but I know that right off the bat my gut feeling noted a weird look in her eyes, and I felt uncomfortable with her presentations.

  • I stopped watching “Polly” about a year and a half ago once she jumped upon the Trump/Q train.
    Now for many people Trump is a savior…there are no saviors, you save yourself! Stay away from TV politics, stay away from TV period! If it’s on TV it’s dross, no matter what it is! Then we have the internet always proceed with caution…use your brain or what’s left of it, don’t become part of the herd!
    Good Luck and Hunker Down
    It’s just around the corner…
    Great Post!
    Ya! for small business!

    • I noticed that as well. Even our local health agencies have the back door power to de-amplify social media posts especially for what she was talking about at the time. With bill-63 & the tick tock bill we’re going to have digital ID! It’s time to revolt massively against all this.

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