Alexandra Bruce
May 6, 2013

It’s true. Mercury is a terrible poison. I don’t think there’s too much ignorance of this fact – but maybe there is ignorance about the sources of mercury in our environment. We injest it, slowly every day. The main source for most people, is in the fillings of your teeth. The mercury leeches out and lodges in your liver, kidneys, brain and bones and can cause problems in your central nervous system.

Most of us have “silver” tooth fillings. As a patient, your dentist should inform you of the availability of the white composite fillings. Today, if you have had amalgam fillings placed in your mouth without being offered the option of having white fillings instead, the dentist has not performed his or her legal duty.

But this option is a fairly recent one and most people over the age of 40 have a mouthful of toxic fillings.

The Danish creator of this unusual animation probably didn’t understand that many Americans don’t want to see cartoons of their president, let alone to contemplate him in any way shape or form.

Henrik E. Kock was suffering from many debilitating symptoms before he discovered that he had chronic mercury poisoning, which, similarly to mainstream dentistry in America is not taken very seriously by the socialized medical culture of Denmark, so the public health insurance won’t have anything to do with pulling out and replacing “silver” amalgam fillings which is ultimately what is being proposed here. Likewise, in America, you’ll have a very hard time getting your health insurance to cover this procedure. Like so many things that are wrong in this world, the legal liability involved in coming “clean” about this issue is what keeps it under wraps.

It is not very fun and not cheap, either to have all of your fillings removed and replaced – I went through this during summer vacation after my first year of college. To keep me out of trouble (I thought, at the time), my mother insisted that I have all but one of my many fillings replaced with gold. The one toxic filling is very tiny and I’ve been advised to leave it alone unless it acts up – because the process of removing the fillings also exposes not just you but your dentist to toxic mercury fumes.

Outside of silver amalgam fillings, people acquire cumulative amounts of this heavy metal through vaccinations, industrial pollution and foodstuffs – especially fish from polluted lakes and rivers and the larger sea fish. Generally, the smaller the fish, the safer to eat and less likely to contain toxic quantities of mercury, over the years. Sardines and anchovies give you lots of the good omega oils with less risk of mercury toxicity.

Henrik notes also that one may also be allergic to or have side effects from composite fillings. There are different grades/qualities of composites and glues on the market, so here too it is important to gather information in advance and if you suspect that the composite fillings or glues already in your teeth/mouth are making you ill to take an LTT (a.k.a. MELISA) test

The test is conducted on the basis of a blood sample to be submitted the same day to the laboratory and not to be allowed to cool down or be refrigerated.


April 30, 2013

Watch Steve Jobs and Barack Obama team up fighting against the worldwide mercury pollution of man and nature plus fighting for a global ban of man-made mercury products and sources together with the ‘Nobody Needs Mercury!’ info health project and other active anti-mercury NGOs!

Check out the “Nobody needs mercury!” info site (English, German and Danish):

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