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by Greg Reese

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Okay – I am really surprised Greg as ignored history.
    1) Yes, HAMAS was “enabled” by Israel circa 1988, to counter Yasser Arafat’s Fatah party – the core of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). They promoted a paraplegic cleric who was setting up schools, clinics, etc. in Gaza. They hoped he would become the leader of Palestine over Arafat. That backfired. So, yeah – Israel f’ed up. IN 1988! But, the way Greg (not just him, everyone) relays it as if Israel STILL has control of HAMAS. Not even close.

    2) LAND GRAB?? In 1948, there were TWO (2) territories created from the British Mandate of Palestine. One was Palestine, the other was Israel. Bear in mind, before that, there was NO actual nation called “Palestine”. It was a territory controlled by the Turks for the previous 400 years (Ottoman Empire). Nomadic Arab and Jewish tribes lived there. The British gained that land after the Ottoman Empire lost in WWI.
    Everyone knows when Israel declared itself a nation, the surrounding four Arab nations declared war on Israel. The Arabs were outraged that the land was split between Palestine and the Jews. The battle cry was “Push the Jews to the sea.” (Mediterranean) In other words, wipe them out. Genocide. Of course, Israel won. After that war, Israel “occupied” the land that the Arabs attacked from. Not all the way to into the four countries, which they could have. Remember, they won. The Israeli forces pushed all of its enemies well past their borders. No. They occupied surrounding land that was originally designated by the Mandate as Palestine. Enough for a buffer of their original border. LAND GRAB. Right. Read some history, Greg.
    There were two more wars that resulted in an expansion of “occupied” land. Both wars were initiated by the Arab countries on Israel’s borders.

    3) The deaths of civilians in Gaza are NOT intentional. Nor are the number of deaths reported accurate. HAMAS is reporting those numbers. HOW SOON everyone forgets! Remember the hospital that Israel supposedly blew up? “Hundreds of deaths”, they said. “The building was destroyed”, they said. Turned out to be an errant rocket launched by HAMAS that hit the parking lot. The hospital is STILL STANDING.

    It is interesting that there is no mention of the initial attack by HAMAS on a concert attended by young adults. Nor that they were raped, chopped up, shot and kidnapped.

    A cease fire should only happen when HAMAS is no longer in control of Gaza.

    • Thought it’s fair to mention on your #2 point, that while it is true on your opening statement “the British gained the land after WW1” but was not just from the Ottoman losses, but also a large territory was lost by the Germans who built major infrastructure & agriculture there, a costal Mountain range called Mount Carmel, stretching the Mediterranean Sea, where Israel’s largest city is called Haifa.

  • Alexandra, thank you for that Cover Photo of this Reese Report. Somehow, ever since Vietnam, that is exactly how I have pictured Uncle Sam. He hasn’t aged a bit.

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