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    The big story of the weekend is of course, that arch Conservative Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia was found dead during a weekend of quail hunting, while visiting a luxury resort ranch owned by John Poindexter.

    After viewing over 10 clips and being thoroughly disgusted by the hullabaloo being raised about this story by most Alternative Media sources, I chose this report by Bill Still, a filmmaker best known for ‘The Money Masters (1996), ‘The Secrets of Oz’ (2013) ‘The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve’ (2013). 

    Given Scalia’s political hard right affiliations and friendships and that former Vice President, Dick Cheney’s accidental shooting of attorney, Harry Whittington, also while quail hunting occurred ten years ago – almost to the day – at another Texas ranch, many sloppy reporters assumed that the John Poindexter in question was the former National Security Advisor appointed by Ronald Reagan, who was convicted on 5 counts of lying to Congress during the Iran-Contra Affair – but who was somehow able to resurrect his career, to help establish the first publicly-acknowledged dragnet surveillance operation on the American People in 2003, the Total Information Awareness Office (TIA). The TIA has undergone a couple of name changes, due to adverse pubic reaction to its existence. Yet, it remains in existence and is now simply called the Information Awareness Office. However, the John Poindexter who owns the historic Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia was found dead is NOT the same John Poindexter.

    John B. Poindexter is the self-made millionaire, owner of JB Poindexter & Co. Inc., manufacturer of trucks, including those used by UPS and FedEx. John B Poindexter is a “committed Independent” who has occasionally donated to Democratic Party causes. (Definitely not the same guy!)

    Due to the remoteness of the location of the ranch, Scalia’s death was ruled to be of natural causes over the phone, by the Presidio County judge, Cinderela Guevara. This was after she had consulted law enforcement officials at the scene, as well as with Scalia’s physician, who confirmed that he had a heart condition and had recently been deemed “too weak” to undergo rotator cuff surgery. In accordance with the wishes of the family of Justice Scalia, no autopsy was performed and his body was flown home to Virginia.

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    • Nicolai: Even if Scalia’s death was proven to be premeditated murder, what can anyone of “us” do about that? Quite obviously, we can do nothing about those outrages except gripe and complain!
      The “Middle Class” is victimized 24/7 by a maniacal government elite who order murders and assassinations whenever they want to!

    • Another murder, another… COVER-UP!!! How long we have to endure this? American politics are doomed…

    • If the pillow was OVER his head, as in above his head, why was the pillow mentioned at all? What’s so unusual about a pillow OVER the head?

    • This is clearly a medico-legal case in which an autopsy is mandatory. Given Scalia’s prominence, the fact that he died alone and unattended with no forewarning, was apparently pronounced dead by an officer with no qualifications to do so, and the fact that the possibility of foul play has been broached by the media, the family has no jurisdiction for or against autopsy. It’s in the hands of a medical examiner alone. Prominent people seem to be above the law in cases like this. And this will be a political football forever if not cleared up by a thorough forensic examination.

    • I watched the video Leslie and it proved zero. I don’t care where the pillow was or what the bed looked like. The questions we should be asking are the whys and the why nots. I think if we ask those questions, it’s hard not to conclude that something is very wrong here.

    • It sounds to me like this guy, Bill Still, is covering some botched errors. Everything is too well timed. The excuses that it takes a while to get there, the “I meant to say” bit, ‘the family requested no autopsy’ all sounds like there may of been some threats toward anyone who dared to speak different than the narrative of ‘natural causes’. This is way too timely to ignore. I guess the big O wants to get some Sharia Law supporters into the Supreme Court before he leaves office so his mess can continue and that things will be set for the next round of deception and tyranny.

    • It seems as though people here did not bother to actually watch the video, or check any other news sources. The pillow was OVER his head, as in above his head, not over his face as it would be in a smothering scenario. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions before you know / understand what the facts are.

    • Dianne and Clydean: I agree 100% with both of you! What happened to Scalia WAS way too convenient “given the circumstances!” Thank God for the few Americans who are “awake” now and able to “read the signs” of premeditated murder of a pro-Constitutionalist. Scalia isn’t the last to be “eliminated” by the stealth government!

      “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its GOVERNMENT.”~Thomas Paine, Founding Father and Revolutionist.

    • What else would you expect from FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGEtv. Its forbidden for you to know the details surrounding Scalia’s death!

    • WTF again, who the hell is Bill Still? I think this guy glossed over the facts and believes what he is being told. Who can believe anything in the land of piss and shit anymore. He seems to go on the theory that because it is a different Poindexter, a guy who he claims is a good guy, this could not have happened on his ranch. What a naive dumbass. If they want you dead, you’re going to be dead no matter where you are. Way too much motive here. And no autopsy, give me a break. I don’t care what they say, there should have been an autopsy for a supreme court justice. Go to and read Jon Rapport’s article on this. I think this Bill is a shill.

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! When my father died at home, the police came to investigate, and he was a nobody compared to a sitting Supreme Court judge. Jon Rapport has listed numerous anomalies around this event. Are you really of the opinion that Judge Scalia, thinking he might be having a heart attack, folded his hands on his chest, after placing a pillow on his face? And an instant embalming?! with almost instant cremation to follow???

    • The ramification’s of Scalia’s death are way too important for any quick decisions on cause of death. Especially without a senior medical examiner Performing an autopsy. Sounds just like JFK all over again.

    • Did you sell out? WTF?
      Think you will regret this one, or I will apologize if I’m wrong. But I think it “was” murder.

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