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    Human beings are shockingly adaptable. Some live in the Arctic, in the searing heat of the deserts, while other live in the suffocating humidity of the rainforest. Still others live in urban jungles or on mountaintops, as well as in the temperate zones. Some wear no clothes at all, while others are covered from head to toe in burqas.

    Yet all of us live with different degrees of violence and different styles of government control and oppression.

    Against the backdrop of a country flattened by the US War Machine (for no good reason, at all), leaving the country in tatters and subject to the depredations of the US-armed and -trained ISIS, we see a heartening glimpse of how life somehow manages to go on in the ancient city of Baghdad.

    Families still take their children to carnivals and to eat ice cream, young boys dive into irrigation canals to beat the 120ºF heat, while teenagers jump out of their cars in traffic jams, to dance in the streets with the sheer exuberance of youth.

    The locals don’t worry about the bombs. They don’t have that luxury. They say, “We don’t worry about the bombs. They’re just a fact of life. Your only hope is to be far enough away [to avoid injury] – or close enough, that you’re gone quickly.”

    Most videos from Iraq don’t make you smile. This one will, in a rare, surprising, humanizing look at the everyday lives of young Iraqis.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Crocodile tears repulse me.
      You, who pay taxes to destroy Iraq and fund ISIS? Dont cry.
      SCREAM. SCREAM at your leaders who did this and DEMAND reparations. Dont cry. ACT

    • I dont want to cry. I dont want others to cry.
      I want us all to SCREAM. To scream for justice for this victimized land. As taxpayers to the victimizers- should not our crocodile tears end and DEMANDS for prosecution of the ones who did this, begin?
      C’mon people. If you are really moved- and human- ACT.

    • The film was right on the buttom. The Muslims are like that. They say one thing and will stab you in the back when you are not looking.
      They built a new mosque here in the St. Louis Missouri are. They are planning on changing our religions to Islam. They got the money to do it from the petroleum they sell to America.

    • I am crying too, tears of joy for all humanity and for the human spirit to transcend
      all evil in this world!

    • i was crying, cry of hope. I am happy for the people of Baghdad. Your story serves a lesson to all of humanity. May there not be war anymore, may these people live in peace that they deserve like we have our peace.

    • I CRY to hear of war, any war. Our only hope is that those who created any type of fear, death, and destruction is brought to trial. War must stop everywhere. Bless them for their courage to live.

    • Bravo to you to have reported!!
      You filled me me with HOPE for tomorrow for all of us….GOOD LUCK!!!

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