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    The infamous “Hear Attack Gun” was developed by the CIA in the early 1970s.

    Suspected by some as the possible weapon used in the suspicious heart attack death of Dr. Nick Gonzalez, the weapon releases a tiny frozen pellet of poison directly into any point of the body, rapidly inducing heart failure and quickly dissipating, such that it is undetectable in a toxicology exam, as described in this old clip of a CIA whistleblower.

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    • I remember on one of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy shows they were talking about this subject and someones brother who was one of the hosts on Coast to Coast Radio was on Venturas show spilling the beans on this subject and he died within days of a heart attack after this show. Is there a connection? I wouldn’t doubt it!!

    • I’m glad to see you changed from a neoliberal stance to a “Common Sense” understanding of what the Hell is going. Someone had to die and Scalia was the obstacle that had to be eliminated to continue the destruction of the American Constitution. It also forewarns anyone else not to challenge the White House Socialist Kenyan as he completes his daunting task of delivering what is left of America to his Puppet Masters.

      The War has finally been defined and Treason lives in the Federal Government with no opposition, especially from the cowardly Military or Obama’s Congress.

    • There is an African root poison which, if merely applied to the skin, will create a heart attack within 5 minutes and dissipate to an undetectable level within 2 hours. It is said that J. Edgar Hoover died fron this poison that was put into his toothpaste.

    • Apology not accepted, you should have done your own research and investigations first before giving your “opinion” based on what you were hearing and deciding to believe! Why bother even opening my mail if all I find is an opinion of what you choose as the best answer to the situation based on non factual, unknown, unreliable, and persuasive, dialog from another who was not even present at the scene?

      Asfixiation can be easily proven by autopsy, not much to prove if that was the case, bruises all over his body as some reported, could be analyzed easily also as to how fresh the marks were.
      Toxic ice bullets? With out an investigation worthy of the circumstances, no conclusion can be of any real use, seeing those who perpetrated the situation to begin with, are surely not going to allow any further investigations, to bring the truth of the matter to light!
      Like Kennedy, and all others since, who have died mysteriously or questionably, we may never have proof!

    • Kill em all, then somebody else can sort em out, ……
      Sounds like a government, almost any government. This one mainly, people don’t count, unless they are on paper.

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