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First of all, I must retract my previous suggestion to use Hola as a VPN

(Virtual Private Network). I’ve used Hola before to browse the BBC’s

archives, as if I were in the UK, which was fun but a subscriber clued me

into the nefariousness of Hola, about which I posted a video, which can

be viewed here. A subscriber from Great Britain told me he uses an

excellent service called “My Private Network” for £5/mo. There are many

others out there and the use of VPN services might unfortunately become

increasingly necessary, as censorship laws take effect.

Secondly, I wanted to thank all who wrote in to report on the status of

my site in Europe – and all over the world. I even got a report from Japan

that everything looked good. Where would I be without all of you?


My friend, Jeff Berwick from the Dollar Vigilante has been saying for a while that the EU is hanging by a thread and certainly, there is sentiment among
many in the EU that they no longer want to have their countries’ budgets pay for the wars that they don’t believe in – or to have to deal with their  aftermath; the displaced victims of these wars, as well as with the economic refugee opportunists, posing as victims. This clip gets to the deepest heart of the matter, from the point of view of many.

On October 7th, 2015 , the European Parliament welcomed François Hollande and Angela Merkel.

This was good opportunity for Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party to unload on both, regarding the European Union, saying that nobody could argue that it was “a sensible thing to do,” to have both France and Germany to make a trade deal together in the 1950s, in the aftermath of WWII, as two Democratic, sovereign nations, “working together for peace. All of that was absolutely right and high-minded.”

This trade pact would become the nucleus of the European Union several decades later, of which Farage says, “Sadly, the whole thing has become corrupted.”

He says that 25 years ago, when Kohl and Mitterrand met, it was “a meeting of equals” but that the power has since shifted, with the role of France severely diminished, “trapped inside a currency from which it can’t recover”…and that “the voice of France in this relationship is a little more now, frankly, than a pipsqueak.”

He notes the irony, in “…a project, that was designed to contain German power has now given us a totally German-dominated Europe.”

The expressions on the faces of Merkel and Hollande are priceless, as Farage continue to weigh in, citing how when Greece wanted to exit and this was not to Germany’s liking that they were forced to stay. Similarly, when Hungary or another country has had an opinion dissenting from that of Germany’s, it’s views have been shouted down.

Farage says that now, being that neither Germany nor France will allow Britain the control “of our own borders, that a ‘Brexit’ looks more likely than at any point in modern times – and I hope and pray that that Britain voting to leave the European Union will be the beginning of the end of a project, however noble the original intention – has gone wrong,” to a rousing applause.

We are certainly living in interesting times…

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