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    There have so far been a quarter of a million people killed during the Syrian “Civil War”.

    This  interview with Bashar al-Assad was recently conducted by a reporter who visited him in Syria from the Czech Republic, so it’s safe to say that it has a more neutral representation of the Syrian President and of his positions than you’re likely to find anywhere in the mainstream Western  media.

    At a time when Prime Minister David Cameron is ordering air strikes in Syria (against the wishes of the people that *he’s* supposed to be representing) and after France and the US have recently intensified their own airstrike campaigns, I think it is important to get an unbiased point of view, straight from the horse’s mouth, from the leader of the country that’s now being bombed from the skies by several Western powers, while being attacked by foreign fighters on the ground, who hail from as many as 100 countries.
    (THIS is a “civil war”???)
    Assad says here that a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan already proved that airstrikes to create “peace” do not work.
    In another Reuters interview, Assad said point-blank of the planned British airstrikes: “They are going to fail again…This kind of operation is like cutting out part of the cancer. That will make it spread in the body faster.” In the same interview, he ridicules Cameron’s assertion that there are as many as 70,000 Western-backed opposition fighters in Syria, who would create a political solution to the “civil war” and who could retake territory from jihadists,
    weakened by the air strikes. Assad states, “This is a new episode in a long series of David Cameron’s classical farce … where are they? Where are the 70,000 moderates he is talking about? There is no 70,000. There is no 7,000.”
    When asked what it would take to end Syria’s four-year civil war, President Assad’s answer is as plain as day:
    “When…France, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other[s] stop supporting those terrorists.”
    “If you want to fight and defeat them [terrorists], you have to cut and suffocate their supplies, their armaments, money … coming mainly through Turkey and with the support of the Saudis and the Qataris.”
    “I think it [the downing of the warplane] has shown the real intention of Erdogan who, let’s say, lost his nerve just because the Russian intervention has changed the balance on the ground.”


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