I was just on the new NemosNewsNetwork’s show, the News Behind the News, hosted by John Michael Chambers, where we talked about Big Tech censorship; the recent revelations by Ukrainian authorities detailing how Joe Biden, the US Embassy and the FBI worked with President Petro Poroshenko to launder and redistribute the stolen assets of the previous corrupt Yanukovych regime, blocking their return to the Ukrainian state; the current Big Pharma planetary coup d’état – and how all of this is connected to the central banks aka the Deep State.

I really enjoyed speaking with John, he is a total sweetheart!

PS: And yes, they found a picture of me that is from 2005 and I don’t look like that anymore!

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  • I Believe in Miracles, You Sexy Thing! Silly old songs that run through my head, LOL
    Thank You, Alexandra, for doing what you do, better than anyone else does.
    Been connected to your site since 2012, and have shared more and more of late to try to show people just how corrupt our government, and it’s agencies have become! I want the protections removed from big pharma, they can pay for all the damage, and wrongful death they have caused!

  • Alexandra, I’ve been a subscriber of FKTV going back to almost when you started it. That’s the first thing. Secondly, none of us look the same as we did back in 2005. With that I want to say, you are still a desirable woman. Blessings.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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