Students at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Stanford University have developed a program which can seamlessly and completely alter the facial expressions of on-air subjects in live-streaming television.

This must-see footage is utterly flabbergasting and likely just a tip of what has been evolving lately, in the realm of CGI.

Let this clip be a lesson to anyone, as to whether they want to believe any big-budget programming they may ever see again!

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  • This is what people all over the world were shown about South Africa in the 70s and they believed it and we had sanctions and everyone was against South Africans who had built a very beautiful country with opportunities for people who wanted to work and have a better life black and white. Look at South Africa and Zimbabwe now!! Murder, rape, starving, the leaders becoming wealthy and everyone else suffering..

  • Yep manipulation of tv coverage has been around a long time. Yikes!!! I saw a documentary on Stanley Kubrick, the most brilliant movie director-producer in film history, faked tv footage to show the first astronaut landing on the moon? Subsequent missions, too.

    The Four Aces and song writer probably didn’t know back in the 1950’s that they predicted future technology when they sang…”Life is but a dream, sha-boom, sha-boom, to take you up to paradise and above, sha-boom…” The question is: whose paradise?

    Verify this info on You Tube:
    If you watch other short videos on Kubrick, know there is at least one interview with an actor who is portraying Kubrick to make a confession. It is not Kubrick. And, other short videos about his work is absolutely fascinating to explain the influence of the dark side in that era.

    Today, 2016, 2015, 2014, we see it’s progressed more and more into TV mass media news. Triple Yikes!!!

  • You mentioned in the video about holographic images being projected into the sky, this is what happened at 911 then, there really wasn’t any planes at all hitting the WTC buildings. It was all just projected images. I had heard this before but wasn’t sure the technology was there yet at that time.

  • I just wish they would address and prove that they did not just lip-sync the videos and edit out the sound, copying the facial expressions of the figures on tv and not the other way around.

  • If the powers that be can invent and unleash the A bomb and H bomb on humanity do you think they would stop with this technology? We have mentally ill people ,disguised as normal ruling us ..If they can experiment with a hundred diseases on us ,this would be added to the pile.No surprise here’

  • in my thoughts : Any one involved in shit like this should be put in front of a firing squad ! but they can do this over and over because NO one has the Balls to take on the media, we should just shut down all the news severs and start cleaning house then and only then can we rely on true news. it makes you wonder just how far back all this started. and how much the media whores sold there souls for? just a thought.

  • I’d like to see this technology used on the butts of politicians. Since they usually sound like they’re talking out of their a** anyway, I’d rather see a picture of their butts lip syncing their speeches. It wouldn’t sound any more honest but it would feel a lot more real, seeing where the words are coming from. BTW, if you’re a politician and you’re offended by my idea, I apologize and please send me your picture to put beside my selfie with a unicorn and other pics of mythical creatures.

  • Wish we had some clips as examples of this, full screen. Without that, it’s impossible to make any kind of judgment on the matter.

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