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    Melissa Dykes of the Truthstream Media husband-and-wife team, creators of some the of the finest investigative journalism and commentary on YouTube knocks another one out of the park, here with a disquieting accidental discovery.

    While researching new Sesame Street videos that intend to normalize autism and which have the Muppets urging toddlers to go get vaccinated, she noticed in the sidebar a post about recent proceedings at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

    HHS had been discussing how to amend the Food and Drug Act to make exemptions on “informed consent” for vaccines, prescription drugs, chemotherapy treatment and other human experimentation, which the State has deemed poses ‘minimal harm’, in order to provide “Optimum freedom for scientific investigators…”

    Melissa went and tracked down the language of the “21st Century Cures Act”, which was one of the last laws passed during Obama’s presidency, late last December.

    She asks, “If there is no Informed Consent, how can we know that we’re not part of an experiment?”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • This is normalizing slavery in plain site. It’s exactly what the military-industrial scientists hid in the 50’s-60’s when they experimented on the negro populations in the South. They paid destitute men to test horrific cancer producing (not causing) drugs on them. The men were told it was safe, not to be worried about, etc. Today, the Deep State network is sticking it in our face. It’s a Nazi agenda driven by corporate interests and greed coupled with political corruption.

      Something has got to give and soon.

    • Using elderly hospital patients as human guinea pigs in research projects is commonplace and has been going on for nine years that I know of. End stage renal failure is a popular clinical trial run by medical residents with foreign medical degrees who want to qualify for an American MD license .

    • I was right, the Nazi’s did win the second world war. Next they will have us start checking out ovens from the inside.

    • “Each human subject”? It sounds like another notch down the degradation totem pole from “human resource” to me. Who are these “subjects” who presume to use other “subjects” in their “clinical testing” and just how are the “clinics” benefitting?

      Guess it’s of little concern to me because I am a “person”, right?

      This is what you get when you raise a generation of man-centered human subjects with no final accountability for what they do to other subjects. Only a remnant recognize the danger and sound the alarm.

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