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    Details about Bob Woodward’s new book, ‘Peril’ were reported by The Washington Post yesterday, nearly breaking Twitter, due to its account of phone calls made by Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to his counterpart in China, General Li Zuocheng behind President Trump’s back while he was still in office.

    According to the book, the first call took place on October 30, 2020, four days before the 2020 Election. The second call was on January 8, 2021, two days after the January 6th Capitol riot, which looks like bookends of the election theft op to me.

    In the calls, Milley reportedly promised Li that the US was “stable” and it would not attack China or else he would warn him, first. “If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

    In other words, “If we launch a nuclear attack, we’ll let you know, so you can nuke us back.”

    In addition, Milley called Admiral Philip Davidson of the US Indo-Pacific Command and recommended that he postpone upcoming military exercises.

    Milley also asked senior officers to swear an “oath” to go through him if Trump gave an order to launch nuclear weapons.

    The Washington Post headline wailed, “Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart, new book says.”

    Given Milley’s woke pronouncements and his numerous dubious deeds, including how he handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan and how he hand-delivered a military base and $85 billion worth of aircraft, weapons and materiel – the largest cache of weapons to an enemy in human history – one might assume that he gave those stories to Woodward, thinking he would be lionized by the Mainstream Media, which he was.

    However, someone who was lionized for attempting to overthrow Trump by launching the first of two fake impeachments, former Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman tweeted this, of all things:

    “If this is true GEN Milley must resign. He usurped civilian authority, broke Chain of Command, and violated the sacrosanct principle of civilian control over the military. It’s an extremely dangerous precedent. You can’t simply walk away from that.”

    For the most part, the same partisans who condemned Trump for an imaginary coup attempt (that was even debunked by the  FBI) and who cheered his impeachment over a legitimate phone call, now applauded the corrupt general for engaging in what amounts to an actual coup attempt.

    Outside the Liberal bubble, there were calls to court martial Milley and to try him for Treason if these reports were true, including from Trump, himself. Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul were the only active members of Congress to do so.

    Navy Intelligence veteran, Jack Posobiec on Tuesday afternoon tweeted:

    “Milley’s insane and reckless actions could have triggered a first strike by China on American cities…

    “Several Pentagon officers present in Milley’s secret meeting are willing to testify against him under oath, per WH official…

    “At least one of Milley’s calls to China was intercepted by a partner nation targeting PRC leadership and resulted in a FVEY rocket of “WTF” to Meade and Bolling, per IC official.”

    Posobiec also mentioned that Milley had violated the Logan Act but others reminded him that what Milley did is called Espionage, as a collaborator and spy for the US’ biggest rival.

    It appears Milley’s January 8th phone call to China was at the behest of Nancy Pelosi’s calls on the same day, both publicly and to him, personally to take the “nuclear football” away from Trump, causing many to claim that Pelosi is complicit in Milley’s Treason.

    I guess this means we’re smack dab in the middle of the inexorable Wooplosion predicted by Clif High 6 weeks ago.

    Alex Jones’ report with Owen Shroyer on this story is by far the best one I’ve seen yet.

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    • Why would America want to go to War with China??
      There is no evidence of China killing their own, you flash ground photo’s of what??
      This kind of garbage is how we got into Two World Wars!
      Everything is an illusion, Everything!
      Every War is a Trade/Currency War, Every War!

    • Arrest Milley, take him to Gitmo, try him by a Military Tribunal, put him in front of a firing squad.
      Go get Nancy and the rest of the scum and do the same for each one.

    • I’ve been waiting for this kind of news to come out. My newspaper in Toronto 1999-2017i suffered SIX terrorist attacks. I know what the New World Order is capable of. No police authority would charge the guilty parties even though I showed police the evidence, names, etc.

      — Victor Fletcher / 647-800-8782

    • I thought with Rick Wiles and Dr Raymond Burkart was the best on Tuesday September 14. Please go to their website and watch it. Miley is a treasonous man so is Biden. Both should be punished. Nancy also is apart of this and she should step down and be punished.

    • The criminal D.O.J. won’t do anything,Pelosi needs to be dealt with too..the people WILL go rouge at the appropriate time but let us not be provoked by deep State games👹

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