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I never expected Clif High to become a bearer of hopium but he’s beginning to sound like some of the White Hat military-type of messages we were hearing just before the lockdowns began in February and March of 2020.

I mean that in a good way. He’s preparing us for imminent chaos and telling us to stay out of trouble and he’s wanting us to know that everything is going to be OK.

Clif gives us an overview of what he thinks is about to happen, based on 24 years of his Web Bots scraping the internet for regions rich in posted language and processing these words through his Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) program to arrive at his predictive linguistics.

The premise is that humans are unconsciously psychic and they unknowingly speak in the present tense about future events which do come to pass, usually about 8-10 weeks later, although some trends are longterm and can be seen decades in advance.

And for those wondering what he means by “Woo”, I’d say, it’s a humorous nod to the term woo-woo, crossed with the unknown unknowns of the Universe (or “Wooniverse”, as he sometimes calls it).

Often, it sounds like he uses “Woo” in a way that could be interchangeable with “the Tao”:

Laozi in the Tao Te Ching explains that the Tao is not a “name” for a “thing” but the underlying natural order of the Universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe due to it being non-conceptual yet evident in one’s being of aliveness. The Tao is “eternally nameless” (Tao Te Ching-32. Laozi) and to be distinguished from the countless “named” things which are considered to be its manifestations, the reality of life before its descriptions of it.


Clif says the Commies are terrified of the dual beach head that’s forming, with the audits on the one hand and the vaccine lawsuits and the collapse of the pandemic narrative on the other.

He predicts that around August 14-15th, the Biden regime will make an announcement – such as mandatory vaccinations – that will cause people to go out into the streets in protest, which is the true purpose of the announcement, as he says the Bidenistas are planning a nationwide January 6th-type of event, using a large cast of federal agents and -assets, posing as “Trump supporters” (aka “White Supremacists”) to create a violent false flag that would ultimately give them the narrative they need to confiscate all legally-registered guns.

The initial purpose of this draconian announcement will be to drive the news cycle, because the results of the Arizona Audit are expected around that time and these will have the effect of delegitimizing the Biden regime, so they want to keep those findings out of the news. This, of course, points to how weak the Biden regime actually is and it’s a perfect example of Sun Tzu’s axiom to “Look strong when you are weak.”

Clif is convinced, after seeing enough evidence that Biden is not living in the White House and that he doesn’t actually control the entire government. He also believes that Trump saved hundreds of millions of lives by enacting Operation Warp Speed, because the original Globalist plot was to institute a lockdown throughout 2020-2025, while the vaccine was developed through the normal FDA approval process.

This siege warfare of a five-year lockdown would have resulted in tens of millions of deaths, in the US, alone. He says the Johns Hopkins SPARS document had predicted 450 million dead, worldwide during this period.

The growing mass of anti-Biden, anti-Communists in America will soon be treated to a “Dynamic burst of information – a Wooplosion – that’s going to rock the Mainstream Media, just at the same time that the Biden people are going to make a whole bunch of moves that won’t necessarily do them any good.”

Clif says the imminent false flag may even be made to look like a “Kumbaya moment”, where the Right and the Left join forces against the tyrannical regime. They will try to entice people out into the street but Clif recommends that we not get involved with protests, as the scariest thing the Powers That Be could face is to issue an authoritarian decree that, “YOU MUST BE FULLY-VACCINATED BY OCTOBER 1ST!” – and nobody reacts.

“That would scare the absolute piss outta them,” he says. “They’re going to look awful foolish if there aren’t millions of outraged citizens doing sh*t on the streets and it’s only their guys doing sh*t on the street…

“If nobody attends their party this time, because we’ve all wised-up, then it’s going to be them with their smoke grenades and flash bangs, all by themselves, fighting amongst their own fake Trumpers.

“Anybody nearby will be able to photograph them and wait and see WTF is going on. I suspect that there will be those who don’t get the message and who will go out and participate and so it will be very chaotic for a while.”


He says this is an information war and we win by having the hearts and minds of the people. This is how you win a counterinsurgency, such as what we are now in.

He says, “This mass war is going to be won by obtaining minds based on facts, because they’ll stick with that, based on facts, not on the delusions and illusions that are being sold on the other side.”

So, we’re moving out of the skirmish phase, which is where we’ve been for the past year and a half and “Now, we’re at the point where the battles are are actually going to start. The infowars are going to start. The Wooplosion, the Overwoo has risen up to the point where there’s equal mass to the Mainstream Media – perhaps more than equal mass, the Mainstream Media now being on the defensive.

As the audit results come out, the rest of the world will see that America, whose branding for generations has been about “free and fair elections,” is found to have a totally corrupt election process. The rest of the world, much of which is also using Dominion and Smartmatic machines will then begin to look at their own elections and find that they are just as heavily-manipulated. The whole world will change for the better.

Clif refers to Trump’s coded tweets about Dominion going as far back as 2012 and he believes that Trump was recruited into a Special Operations mission that’s about to go more dynamic.

He says, “‘Warp Speed’ is a coded message. They knew it already existed. They put these guys into a position where they had to roll it out as rapidly as possible…

“468 million people didn’t die because they rolled these things out in 2021 and they didn’t have their lockdown and they couldn’t make them mandatory, because all of that happened; because they used Emergency Use Authorization and forced them to roll out.

“And now, we’re at the point where the breakdown of that death cult narrative is back on the Bidenistas, as they’re attempting to push it forward and they’re trying to demonize the unvaxxed and get everybody vaccinated, to kill them all off.


“It’s wicked to say it but these guys are really racist. The enemy class: the Council on Foreign Relations, Tavistock, all of these people are primarily Caucasians…and probably because they are Caucasian, they want to kill off all the white guys. They want to kill off all the white guys because we’re uncooperative, because we’re a royal pain in the f***ing ass, because we can’t be enslaved as easily as all the other races and they like some of the…phenotypes of the Han Chinese…

“It’s very clear the Council on Foreign Relations and Tavistock fellows have selected certain racial groups to be enslaved and to survive in that 500 million – and the white guys are not among them.

“And so, the Pfizer vaccine is being given primarily to white guys and it’s interesting to note that we’re seeing a lot more people that are Caucasian have the immediate reactions than darker-skinned people…

“Black people in America are very anti- anything coming from the medical industry, because of things like Tuskegee; because of all the medical experiments done on Black people without their knowledge and so on. So they’re very hesitant and…they understand conspiracy. And so, they’ve prepared vaccines for them that get them later…


“They’re trying to do their mind control and they’re trying to sync this up with the news cycle, because that’s all they’ve got. If they lose the news cycle, they are basically toast and I think we’re getting very close to that now.

“I don’t think they’ll have control of the news cycle insofar as the end of September, really…It’ll depend on what happens in August and how the response to it all develops in Normieland.

“It’s going t be a very interesting month. Change is upon us. You can tell by the amount of censorship ratcheting up and the other despotic moves coming out of ‘I-needed-my-butt-wiped’ Biden…

“I’m actually very optimistic. I’m not particularly worried. I live way out. I don’t live in a city, where I have to depend on any particular grocery stores or any of that.

“If it ever got down to that point, if they were able to ratchet it down that quickly – which is not feasible…I’d just get sh*t delivered, anyway.


“So, I’m not particularly worried about interacting with people on a gotta-be-vaxxed basis and I will not have their toxin put into me. It’s literally one of those things where I will choose to die in the struggle, killing them, as opposed to die slowly from that sh*t that they want to put in you, in that very nasty way.

“I have died before and being dead is no big f***ing deal but the manner of your death is really a key thing. It’s something that if you have the opportunity to choose that, that is something you should never surrender…

“I think it is a death shot. I think they’ve been working on this for maybe generations, if you want to look at it a particular way. That’s the Woo Way. The Woo Way is to see the Universe within the paranoia that it deserves [lol 🤣].

“I don’t think it’s going to be the way that they want. It’ll to come out entirely different and we only have 10 days left for the legions to be put in their appropriate positions, before things start pumping off…I’m talking about an information war.

“Be advised, it’s still going to get very wonky and strange; going to be a lot of weird sh*t going on and your emotions are going to be trashed. You may lose power, electricity, information feed, your phone system may go down. Any number of things can happen during this period of time.


“And this is what I was saying last month: During this period of time and you’re out there in the Fog of Woo and the Woo is getting really thick, make sure you’re seeing what you actually think you’re seeing. Don’t rely on anything other than what you can actually perceive at that moment, because everything will be in this Veil of Woo and you won’t be able to know what’s factual and what’s not, for some time, so be very careful about your reactions to sh*t.

“They’re centralized by nature and that centralization will fail, because we’re now in an age of decentralization. Centralization was the Age of Aries and Pisces…We’re now in the Age of Aquarius. In the Age of Aquarius, decentralization rules…

“Look at the rising of decentralized everything. Decentralized cryptos, and so on and so on. We’re moving into this age of decentralization where they will lose control and that’s why they’re freaking and that’s why this war is going on at this moment. They’re fighting desperately to maintain their power structure and they are losing. Every day, they lose more.


“You can contribute to their loss by sharing information…sooner or later, the people will come around. They’ll see something you sent them, at the same time that they see message that Biden said he’d never mandate it – and then, ‘Oh! He’s mandating it’…some of this stuff will get through to them, at some point.

“That’s how we win. We get all the people over on our side and just a few people on their side. Then, they totally collapse and then things happen extremely rapidly, because everybody’s on our side and we can just do things, without these restrictions and we’re coming very close to that point. But we’ve to get through this very scary Woo period.

“You float with the Woo, you let the Woo bubble all around you, you can even interact with the Woo – but you don’t take the Woo personally. You don’t allow it to control you. Woo is a very useful tool, but you don’t want it to be your master. You simply want to exist within the Woo, find your place within the Woo and watch it Overwoo the mainstream paradigm.

“And then, we’ll all sort out all the stuff in the Woo and decide where to go, once the mainstream paradigm is overwhelmed and the fascists and the dictators have been put in their place. Then, we’ll clean everything up and set about moving into Sci-Fi World.

“We’re in this very brief period of time…Literally, we are at the moment where we know that D-Day is about to be launched. If it was 1944, we would be 10 days away from June the 4th…We can see the troops marching now.

“So, you’ll see reports of soldiers being moved around. I mean, factual reports that will come on out and so you’ll know that what I’m telling you is factual, that we’re at that point of the Overwoo busting out and things becoming dynamic.

“In periods of chaos, there’s opportunity, but in period of chaos, there’s vast quantities of danger to the unwary. So, you need to get to your base and secure your base and stay the f*** out of it while it’s becoming dynamic, because if you don’t know what your part is in the dynamic activity, you have no part in it.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This guy’s whole scenario is unrealistic. His excuse for warp speed is weak. There was no way any 5-year lockdown was ever going to hold. Ever.
    His attempt to dissuade us from going into the streets is equally weak. People are out in the streets around the world. We should be joining them. We are smart enough to look out for the provocateurs. Demonstrations in public places soon will be our only mode of communication. The person who would dissuade us from this is actually trying to deny us communication and solidarity.

    I told people, stop listening to self-proclaimed “white hats.” I was telling people to get off their”Anon” Fascination, even before “Q clearance Patriot” appeared and then morphed into “QAnon” aka Operation Trust 2.0.

  • Clif is er a nutter? Disinfo agent? The guy has like zero credibility from what I’ve read as to him. Why do you pimp this guy who has said so many nutty things that do not come out…? — You really lose all credibility as a site doin this — you know that don’t you?

  • I can’t believe even Biden is dumb enough to think “lightin’ it off” is a good idea.

    Once the shooting starts there’s no telling how many fellows are gonna come out to play.

  • If you go back for years Cliff has been predicting things and they did not happen. He kinda disappeared for a while and now if making a resurgence. Would not believe what he is saying.

  • Woo, ? What kinda woo are you smoking, you’re so full of woo yer eyes done turnt brown, you got woo fer brains, this woo is gitten deep I’m glad I’m wherein my boots. Fuckin woo, go smoke some more crack buddy, I wasted 4 fucken minutes reading this wooshit.

  • I don’t believe Clif is being honest. He sounds like a jew projecting blame on the Han Chinese and deflecting it away from his tribe. I have watched all of his videos and no longer trust what is being said.

    • Clif is not being racist. Regarding “some of the Han Chinese”, I’m one; but I’m not of the borg-mindset. Unfortunately, many Chinese are. From Star Trek – The Borg was a collection of drones connected to a single mind. It grew at the rate it could assimilate the minds of other beings into “the collective,” and as it alluded, “resistance was futile.” Assimilation – the extraction of one’s own individuality. Borg-mindset could not think for themselves; could not operate independently.

  • Love the Wooo Wooo! Have been learning so much about the world we really live in and this is just one more validation that what I have been learning…..and now what I believe, perceive and acknowledge…….is what is going to advance us forward. It only seems like woo because everything we have been taught and have learned our whole lives have been lies! Keep up the communication Cliff! Can never get too much truth! P.S. There are several schills/trolls on the comments. Just ignore them people! They get paid to discount the truth! If you respond to their negativity, they get paid for it…….literally, physically and mentally. Have a great day everyone! NCSWIC! Better days are ahead and people will be shocked what’s coming!!!

  • WTF? This makes absolutely no sense:

    “…all of these people are primarily Caucasians…and probably because they are Caucasian, they want to kill off all the white guys.”

    1) Please define ‘Caucasian’.
    2) I thought Caucasians are white. Please explain why Caucasians want to kill off their own guys.

    • And for those wondering what he means by “Woo”, I’d say, it’s a humorous nod to the term woo-woo, crossed with the unknown unknowns of the Universe (or “Wooniverse”, as he sometimes calls it).

      Often, it sounds like he uses “Woo” in a way that could be interchangeable with “the Tao”:

      Laozi in the Tao Te Ching explains that the Tao is not a “name” for a “thing” but the underlying natural order of the Universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe due to it being non-conceptual yet evident in one’s being of aliveness. The Tao is “eternally nameless” (Tao Te Ching-32. Laozi) and to be distinguished from the countless “named” things which are considered to be its manifestations, the reality of life before its descriptions of it.

      • Yeah thanks. That makes everything clear. When I hear such clear, lucid and coherent e explanations, I know we have reached the heights of human mental achievement.

        By the way, your clothes are the finest refinements in dress ever to have been displayed. There grace and beauty can only be compared to yourself……..





    AUGUST 2021.




      • Because the Bible has been infiltrated and re-written to serve the CABAL.
        So many lies mixed in with truths in the Bible. And books/chapters hidden. All will come to light soon!

      • I always assumed that meant Jesus the Nazarene, the main character in the New Testament.

        There is also Joshua (Yehoshua) who led the Jews into the Promised Land after Moses died.

        Who do you think it is, and is this Yeshua a NT or OT character? Or where is this character described?

    • Wasn’t this shown to be fake?

      Besides, adrenochrome can be synthesized in a lab. Better living through chemistry! It would avoid the very dirty business of killing children, and whatever elites I’ve known have wanted safe and regulatorily correct ways of getting things done. They have too much to lose. Someone with money can buy all the lab-synthesized adrenochrome they would want, without committing a crime.

      • Nice somewhere iver the rainbow 🌈 but their father satan wants human blood sacrifice so there goes your gentler kinder narrative because most are satanist/murdering liars like their demonic leader

  • The Infowars started long ago Cliffy.

    “Now, we’re at the point where the battles are are actually going to start. The infowars are going to start. The Wooplosion, the Overwoo has risen up to the point where there’s equal mass to the Mainstream Media – perhaps more than equal mass, the Mainstream Media now being on the defensive.”

  • Good point on the homeless population not dropping dead all over the place. I never thought of that with the plandemic. My theory on pushing the shots on younger and younger kids: If their parents had the jab and they die who will take care of the left over kids? The evil NWO can only use so many in their pedo rings, so they want the entire family to drop dead from the kill shot, kids included. This is why I think they are starting to push dropping the age on these jabs. Just get rid of entire families that way no need to worry about orphans. Very sick evil people.

  • It seems lots of folks don’t like the woo talk, but you have to realize that he is using the” woo” as a replacement for some very complex and profound metaphysical concepts. If you understand these concepts you understand the significance of the use of the term woo. If you don’t understand these concepts you are missing a large portion of what’s going on.

  • Thank you Cliff, you are helping all of us move forward through this huge transformation of reality. Some are kicking and screaming. Poor dears. Keep doing what you are doing! It’s more fun with you sharing what you know! With love and light, and a bit of humor!

  • The dark parts of Clif’s vision are really dark–they (the evil ones) are going to get FDA approval for the kill shot and then come after us all with corrupt doctors and the military. Maybe what we have in our favor is the glacial pace of the bureaucracy. Right now at least a fair number of the unvaxxed in blue cities are getting fake vaccine passports. To combat that the CDC wants to get a vaccine tracking system but that goes against the other part of the HHS like HIPPA (the part that is responsible for keeping medical info private). The FDA will be committing suicide as an agency if it gives approval without any of the regular protocols–like the animal studies. If they do approve Pfizer or Maderna then everything in the studies will have to be published including the fact the vaccines don’t prevent COVID. Unless the agencies totally lie about that too. But then there are the thousands of lawsuits where the lies come out. So, get rid of everything in the bureaucracy including all the bureaucrats who aren’t vaxxed–the quitters could slow down the process. . Find corrupt judges for all the lawsuits. That’s going to take some time, and so maybe time is in our favor too. Maybe in the end dissipation will take over as the whole thing unravels.

    • It’s going to be just fine! The White Hats and President Trump are in control and the war has already been won!

  • I want proof that a virus exists. Computer generated simulations do not cut it.
    It can’t be done, it does not exist!

  • I haven’t watched the video yet, but as always appreciate the transcript digest, thanks. That said, I seriously question two of Clif’s conclusions: 1) I don’t accept that Operation Warp Speed was an effort by “Trump” (whomever that really was at the time) to avoid a 5 year lockdown while vaccines were developed. Personally, I think that the early “deployment” of the shots was a necessary part of “the globalists’ (whomever they are) plan” due to the need to get people injected ASAP to attain the levels of uptake they clearly desire. 2) I am skeptical that if people don’t react to the draconian announcements from “the government” in the U.S. that will shock and dismay “Them.” Silence = Consent in the administrative systems of the world. It seems clear that in the UK where they’ve succeeded in mounting very large demonstrations revoking consent for the Public Health Agendas, public spirit and morale have increased.

  • I can see the things he states happening, but he shoots himself in the foot with the WOO.

    If we lose Dr Mercola and turn to the WOO man. We are done as a people.

  • Interesting to me that they picked their psy-op “Insurrection” om Inauguration Day 1/6.

    Symbols are so important to the wizards of dark ops and secret societies running the ops.

    The Golden Ratio is literally 1.618.

    Sometimes called the divine proportion due to its common use in the stars, on earth in nature, etc. You can see it on a sea shell, a pine cone, etc.

    It is also called the mathematical nature of the universe or sacred geometry.

    If one wants to take a bit of energy and make it into something in “matter” he needs atoms, quarks, etc contained in some kind of agitation like a vortex.

    Therefore, if one wants to make “something” from “nothing” in this false material universe, the math to do that would be found in the DNA, from the golden ratio and sequential “fibonacci” numbers.

    The point is that this was a created event, likely to be repeated by another and the first one has a date that could be spiritual.

    There’s some woo for ya.

  • Hello there Alexandra,
    Do you recall when, last year, DJT contracted (allegedly) “covid”? First let me say that Clif High, for all his intellect, is evidently unaware that “covid” does not exist. He’s not an MD but Dr. Andy Kaufman is, and he proves that covid does not exist. But getting back to my point, when High claims that Trump saved millions of lives in fast-tracking the Trump Vaxx, which is loaded with graphine oxide, pure poison, High needs to learn how to eat his words. These Trumpers (and I used to be one) have tunnel vision! “Trump is the equivalent of Jesus reincarnated,” seems to be the starry-eyed Trumpers theme and they don’t vary. So back to Trump contracting covid, which doesn’t exist, and if you’ll recall he was whisked away to that Naval hospital, where he was given “Remdesevir” that miraculously cured him, overnight no less. Wow! Except we’ve learned that Remdesevir causes renal failure, and when your kidneys crap out this can kill you almost as fast as a bullet. So Trump goes on TV and claims that Remdesevir saved him from that horrible “covid” and that we should all look forward to being treated by it if we contract the dread “covid”. Couple that with how he urges the masses to “take the vaccine!” which he is well aware is a suicide jab. And Clif Hight doesn’t smell a rat? And what about you, Alexandra? I mean, the rabbit hole goes deep & is so convoluted it would make Alice commit suicide out of frustration. So the code word here is: THINK and think hard. Clif High has Trumpitis aka tunnel vision, which is something I’d never normally suspect him of having. But people seldom do what you expect them to do. Trump is pretending to be something he no longer is, and that is a man of the people. He has plainly jumped ship and he’s giving it his best shot in committing genocide. He changed horses midstream last year when he went along with the bullshit of having “covid”. MG

      • God bless you, Alexandra. That’s when he lost me, as well. Because I didn’t know what he was up to when he pretended to have “covid” last year. I didn’t know that Remdesevir was the equivalent of a kill shot.

        • Marten apparently supports the 70ad decree of Roman Cesear TITUS who burned the second temple thereby creating Rabbinical status and the diaspora prohibiting a Jewish State per se until after WW2 the Jabotinski Jewish fighters with Ben Gurian reapplied to the UN for recognition of their stable administration that was accepted by the UN Gen Assembly. DJT accepts that establishment.

      • Here’s another theory worth considering about T’s motive with vaxx. Instinctively, I still believe he had sound reason to promote it. I highly recommend considering some of what is said in this theory such as disrupting cabal anticipated plans or enabling pharm companies to become wealthier by subjecting us to years of their treatments.

      • I was becoming very concerned about you UNTIL read this.

        I have been an ACTIVIST since ………wait for it……..the late 1960s’, the days when we had to handwrite, type and mail our comments, & on some newspapser which did have comment sections and or talk on Radio etc. Yes I am that “young” 🙂 My point? In 2015 in the comment section of of a site called “Personal Liberty” I stated that TRUMP, if he were to become President would one of, if not the Worst President ever. Believe it or not the Host/Creator of that site, Bob Livingstone, agreed with me, contrary to most of his commenters, who hated me for saying such.

        Why was I able to make that conclusion? I come from the days when we were taught, to JUDGE PEOPLE by their ACTIONS, NOT their Words.

        Trumps main actions were the Criminals/Gangsters he “hung” with. I don’t believe I need to elaborate ;-(

        Good to see you are “On Board” with TRUTH


  • The video is over 50 minutes and the WOO garbage does make it unshareable. Speak english and give it to us straight. The uphill battle to get passed this is difficult enough. They have already labeled us as crazy conspiracy theorists and we make it easier for them to quickly disregard any alternative information we present without a glance.

    Come on people, they are beginning to rollout vaccine passports and we are talking about a “WOOplosion”. Coining silly terms is not going to serve our cause.

    They have already tricked many into believing the gene therapy jabs are real vaccines. They have manipulated language to their benefit but we continue to use their same language by calling the jabs vaccines and lose people who are in need of awakening by speaking of the mysterious Woo that means jack shit.

    Shit is getting real, time to get real for real.

    • FYI, Maximus :

      All you need to know is found in
      this DEEP State report, aired on
      all major networks, some months

      “The flu is down 98% from 2019!”
      (( colds, too?—which drove tens-of
      thousands of terrified moms to
      rush their babies to hospital; and
      how many deaths from being treated
      for mere CORONA-colds, head and/or
      chest infections ? ! ))

      The normal year-to-year flu has
      been WEAPONIZED into “Covid-
      19,” using a global PROPAGANDA
      operation—in order to stop
      President Trump and his Christian,
      LOGIC-driven supporters.

      Keep in mind, the original computer
      modeling out of GB had been grossly
      wrong!!, and that W.H.O. had admitted
      the actual number of infections did
      NOT meet its own definition of what
      constitutes a “PANDEMIC.”

      No, this is an EPIDEMIC!—and C-19
      deaths have been compiled by adding
      ALL-causes of deaths to the numbers
      (( and, yes, actual life-saving
      treatments have been withheld, such
      as HCQ, to RAISE that death-tally )).


  • I’m Ric Flair! The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!

    To be the man, you gotta beat the man!


  • This guy has mostly good info. If he’d leave all the woo stuff out, and stick to practical reality, it would be more effective.

  • This story isn’t much different than the one posted 2 days ago. Are you running out of content?

    We are entering or right now in the “Pandemonium in the White House” phase of a very accurate prophecy made during the Obama era. The prophet Kim Clement’s prediction is highly accurate and becoming more accurate as time passes.

    If you haven’t yet, you owe it to yourself to watch “Prophecy of the Two Presidents | Kim Clement” by Trey Smith. It is on Youtube and re-uploaded in other places like Rumble.

    There is panic at this point. The desperation is just oozing out of their slimeball faces. Out of that desperation they will pull another false flag, they have to, they need to distract. Cuomo sexual harassment allegations being brought up with Vaccine Passports is pure distraction. It is all orchestrated. This is all fake. Like the news, all fake.

    Things will get messy but the truth will shine brighter than ever before and many more will awaken. The fall of the tyrants will be a glorious one.

    • Ty Jimbo, much how I view things as well but always nice to read someone else saying the same.

      I always remind people that it seems dire because evil controls the media and therefore the messaging but I tell them to view it this way, they are panicking big time and lurching from one insanity to the next in hopes of I don’t know what.

      I love to see Cuomo being thrown under the bus though lmao

  • Jeremiah 51:19-32 God will use His people Israel, born again Christians, to break in pieces many wicked people. In Isaiah 10 we learn that the Assyrian, Satan, has it in his heart to destroy nations, not a few. The Assyrian/Satan and evil angels are used by God, for they are God’s indignation. Satan’s Princes are the evil angels who have taken controls of the kings (leaders of high level offices in governments) of the earth. We have been living in the NWO since its founding in the 40’s. That last sea (of people) beast kingdom is the U.N. which received its deadly wound as the League of Nations. Those of the physical Land of Israel have been using the USA to pour out the cup of fornication unto ALL other nations which has now caused ALL nations to become spiritual Babylon. 1 cor 15:46 First that which is natural – Last that which is spiritual. (Natural Babylon, Shinar Iraq) (spiritual Babylon = ALL nations Jer 51:7 Rev 14:8 18:3). The earth will see a time of peace after all of this is over, but it will not last. No, we will see the MAN of sin who will be possessed by GOG/Satan which is why they are called ‘two horns (powers) of a Lamb (wolves in sheep’s clothing) revealed on all black mirrors as they are known in the occult world because spirit(s) can inhabit them and move freely through them. Black mirrors are the image of the beast (kingdom) for they both speak and live which are TVs, computers and smartphone. Now, you know why ‘they’ want even the poorest of nations to all own smartphones so when the MAN of Sin is revealed, every eye will see him. Satan mimics all that Jesus does but turns it upside down (Ps 146:9 and Isa 29:16). The MAN of Sin will be extremely handsome and charismatic; almost supernatural in appearance, pulling people to him. In Isa 53 We learn that Jesus was not comely nor did He have any beauty of body or face; He was reviled and rejected. This is NOT over by a long shot. I am a watchman for the Lord as I watch for the signs as commanded. Do NOT put your hope and trust in any man for to do so is to be cursed. (Jer 17:5). Put ALL of your hope, trust and faith in the Lord Jesus alone. God Bless you all.

    • Amen friend, I follow and encourage humans who stand for the truth but I do not worship any man.

      Its rather clear these are biblical times and people MUST choose, either you choose to trust in man, science and vaccines or you trust in God and one of His greatest creations, our immune systems.

      God made the choice really easy who to trust.

      I feel we are in trials and tribulations and believe what you say that more evil is to come and this is when God will use his powers to transform and shake the very foundations of civilization by causing the poles to shift.

      Which will appear to be end times if you made the wrong choice or are in the wrong area but what it will be is a new birth for the world to once again start over.

  • Notes from Dave Hodges, re ongoing COVID-Hoax :

    1. No reliable test for diagnosis. They cannot have a reliable test, because it would reveal much.

    2. In the history of modern medicine the vaccine is the first medical treatment to contain no contraindications. That implies the treatment is perfect and without side-effects for ANY population. This is never happened before in medical history. Everyone must get vaccinated.

    3. Face mask packaging says “cannot” protect against viruses. Fauci, in March of 2020, said people need not wear face masks because they would not likely be effective.

    4. Death among people under 35 is almost unknown from CV-19. Why the push to vaccinate them? Everyone must be vaccinated.

    5. Time honored practices such as achieving herd immunity have been thrown out the proverbial window for the first time ever! Everyone must be vaccinated.

    6. If one has contracted the virus, it is a scientific fact that their viral load is far higher than anyone taking the vaccine, who has not contracted the virus. For the first time in medical history, this cornerstone principle of medical practice is ignored. Why? Because everyone must get vaccinated.

    7. People were told, take the vaccine and one does not have to wear a mask. That has changed. When lockdown 2.0 comes, it will not be about who is vaccinated, it will be about controlling the population for whatever hidden purpose.
    Found in here :


    • P.S.

      One Deep State Spokesperson Admits :

      “Masks Don’t Stop Virus,” unless
      it’s an N95 (( even that may be too
      porous to stop the bug—and think
      of a correct fit: sides sealed against
      the face!).

      “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is
      not really effective in keeping out virus, which
      is small enough to pass through the material.
      It might, however, provide some slight benefit
      in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs
      or sneezes on you. I do not recommend you
      wear a mask,” —Fauci wrote in an email on
      February 5, 2020.

      —Here’s why those masks are perfectly
      useless, re Virus-Spread : the CRITTER
      is less than one-micron in diameter, to
      which size your cloth-mask is like what
      a chain-linked fence is to sand being
      tossed threw it.

      —This scribbler had exposed that HOAX
      in June of 2020, using this truthful term:
      “C19-Hoax.” Why?—because of the above
      SCIENCE-of-Size FACT, and because 6ft.
      of distancing is meaningless, UNLESS air
      STOPS c i r c u l a t i n g , EVERYWHERE !


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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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