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On a 2012 whale watching trip in the San Ignacio Lagoon of Baja, Mexico tourists were treated to a mother gray whale raising her calf to get a good look at the humans in the small boat.

The whales were showered with squeals of joy and caresses from the humans, almost like a reverse zoo but much nicer.

Whales are so cool.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The best thing we can all do to help these creatures is entirely the opposite of the behaviour exhibited by these idiots.

    No species is here for our entertainment.

    I’ll bet they paid for this as a tourist event.

    Go back to your homes and start to think about what you are doing.

  • Too wonderful…respect and cooperate, animate not appropriate, dump competing with Mother Nature and instead learn her systems and cooperate with them.

  • Wonderful! Life is wonderful and we must learn to respect it, all of life, not just favorite parts. Wanton destruction of life for the sake of convenience is not only wrong it’s a sin. So too is reckless conduct such as is evidenced in the Fukushima calamity which began with it’s construction and continues to this very day. Of what use is the UN? All the nations just shrugged their shoulders at the time of the explosion as if it’s Japan’s problem alone. They have no vision, no comprehension, no love of our earth home. These delightful sea creatures are destined to be destroyed by deadly radiation which corporate interests neglected to take into account when they constructed their wormwood electric generator in a high risk location for convenience.

  • Are we getting the message, we’re in this together, the ‘Lower Animals’ are speaking Truth to Life?


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