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Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt has been given an exclusive, history-changing scoop by pyramid expert, Dr. Carmen Boulter and I was up at 1:30AM on the phone with Liszt, as the video was uploading on his channel so that he could show me never-before-seen images of this Earth-shattering discovery, that is now the first to broadcast!

An Ancient Egyptian chamber has just been unearthed in Turkey (!), containing an outrageous wealth of Egyptian treasure and lifelike statues of Tutankhamun’s heretic father, Pharaoh Akhenaten, along with invaluable antiquities of the Amarna period. For those who don’t know, Asia Minor, aka the Anatolian Peninsula, which is the territory of modern-day Turkey was never conquered by the Ancient Egyptians and it was never a part of any of their empires, making this exquisite find all the more amazing, to say nothing of the mind-boggling golden treasures.

Exclusive photographs of this find are being made public here for the very first time, in this Part 1 of Carmen Boulter’s interview, making this the most important Dark Journalist episode to date.

This discovery would be historic enough, by virtue of the fact of its being located in Turkey. The artifacts suggest that Queen Nefertiti fled with a small band of followers and escaped her husband’s fate at the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood.
But the shocking discoveries don’t end there! Early carbon dating tests of the artifacts put their age at approximately 10,000 BC, which throws Egyptology on its head. This cache may cause us to look at the royal lineage of the Amarna ruling family in a completely different way. This royal line included Akhenaten, Amenhotep, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut and Tutankhamen. The dating raises all kinds of important questions about our ancient history. Boulter suspects that the unusual Amarna lineage may have been royals from Atlantis who were imbued with advanced spiritual understanding and extraordinary psychic abilities.

Mainstream Egyptology portrays the Amun Priesthood as heroic for deposing the heretically monotheistic “mad king”, Akhenaten says Boulter. She surmises that the real story is much more fascinating and that it relates to Akhenaten’s esoteric knowledge about the founding of Ancient Egypt. Why did the Priesthood attempt to erase Akhenaten and Nefertiti from history? Was Nefertiti able to escape and to conceal ancient knowledge of Egypt’s Atlantean past in a secret sacred tomb in Turkey? Boulter says that the newly-released bombshell photographs answer that question with a resounding YES!

Dr. Boulter was the Director-Producer of a five-part documentary series, ‘The Pyramid Code,’ which explores the esoteric wisdom that the Egyptians used to build the incredible monuments at Giza. Her new documentary series, called ‘The New Atlantis’ will reveal her exciting new findings of an Atlantean culture that existed before recorded history and which she posits formed the basis of the Sumerian, Egyptian, Maya and Inca Civilizations.

You don’t want to miss this history-changing Dark Journalist episode!

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  • It’s interesting to note that Anatolia was governed by goddess worshippers and that the idea of a Mother God held sway there for a considerable time. Considering that Tiye and Nefertiti were both queens who introduced considerable feminine influence into the rulership of Egypt and that the matriarch of the 18th Dynasty was a female pharaoh, Anatolia would have been the perfect place for Nefertiti to seek refuge.

  • I certainly wish all involved safety and good luck for this dig, Java and the Bosnian pursuit. The situation in Turkey is quite dangerous. From the archaeologists and so-called scientists who deny simple truths to protect their reputations to the current governments and religions that profit from keeping humanity in that “6,000-year” box (ROFL!!! Sorry can’t stop. Too funny.), Carmen and the rest are dealing with sects that have grown from the underbelly of humanity and who are still alive and well.

    Those who were once known as the Amun Priesthood continue their control of our planet. Today we know them as a mishmash of military, political and religious groups making up the Cabal. They’ve spent several thousand years ripping humanity to pieces for power and profit while seeking to make themselves gods with every evil act. Now that there appears to be some truth on the horizon they will be even more dangerous, if that is possible. Be safe, good luck. All positive intentions your way, Carmen, et al.

  • According to Tom T Moore in his book “Atlantis and Lemuria”, Lemuria was located off the coast of Japan, going south to Indonesia, in the Pacific Ocean; and Atlantis was located between America and Europe in the Atlantic Ocean.

    • Yes, I agree with this surmise. It seems that Dr Boulter has found evidence of the Lemuria or Mu continent rather than the Atlantean one, but as they co-existed and were both super-advanced civilisations, findings relating to either or both are fascinating and of vital importance to our present global community.

  • Because DJ contacted me at 1AM this morning, I haven’t seen this video yet but he did describe the information, so that I could write the piece and make the page and newsletter – I was up until 4:30AM…

    What she’s getting at, is that this Amarna family either had extremely long lifespans or they may have had members reincarnating into the same “roles”, similar to the Dalai Lama and the other Tibetan Lamas, who reincarnate into their roles over several generations – or what Boulter is suggesting here – over several millennia.

    That’s all I know, without having seen this and only from having spoken with Daniel about this revolutionary find in Turkey. (I’m very overwhelmed by doing things to save my service from being shut down).

    Even if you don’t want to get into the woo-woo stuff – and even if you doubt the method of carbon dating itself, for this large cache of Amarna-style Ancient Egyptian pieces (a huge sarcophagus, tons of gold statues, etc.) to have been discovered in Turkey is huge news, in and of itself.

    A lot of this story is being withheld for the moment and is complicated by the political situation in Turkey. In the wake of the failed CIA coup d’état there, the Turkish government has ejected all Western archeologists, so Boulter received 40 gigs’ worth of photos from her Turkish team, who are there. DJ has only released 2 of these photos so far.

  • India’s ancient spiritual songs and writings indicate human cycles on earth going back six, seven, eight and nine figures in years…see the artifact metal pot found in the Pennsylvania coal seam dating 200 million years…prank or reality? And there are many similar anomalies found across the planet…we do have a lot to learn using the true spirit and tools of science rather than institutional frames frozen in 1500’s thinking.

    • Absolutely. I wrote a book that covers the topic of a World Age Doctrine found in surviving ancient cultures around the world. India is the most notable because these beliefs were never stamped out and are in full practice today by over a billion people. Buddhism (a philosophy derived from Hinduism), the Hopi, the Maya and possibly other Native American groups also retain an awareness of an Antediluvian Age and of the cyclical nature of time and of human expression.

      In that book, I did a long interview with Michael Cremo, who is a devout fundamentalist Hindu and who is very well-versed in and who puts all of his spiritual faith in the Vedas, Puranas and other ancient Hindu scriptures, which he says place the antiquity of humans in the billions of years, if I recall correctly.

      Daniel Liszt is cutting his own interview with Cremo now.

      • Ya…the Vedas are the clearest to me…most other expressions of the universal morph into a fanciful animal-gods aplenty system. The Vedas stay pretty grounded, though, chuckle, virmana-vimana abound, along with a pantheon of ‘fanciful animal-gods’ also. They have a solid logic about cosmology and time. I’ll look forward to Listz’s interview with Cremo, who waxes pretty academic if I remember correctly. Daniel is a good interviewer, prepared, drills down with insight and lets the interviewee get on a roll talking. Dr. Boulter knows her material, with scope and heart…good stuff, tks.

    • Interesting that the ‘father of modern science’, Sir Francis Bacon, was born in the 1500s and that he wrote a book called ‘The New Atlantis’! He was not an advocate of materialist positivism but rather exhorted students to discover the true nature of things and to apply inspired (unblinkered) scientific principles to their discoveries.

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