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Fresh off his bombshell panel discussion with Sen Ron Johnson, attorney Thomas Renz joins Stew Peters to discuss data from the DoD’s medical records, which show how soldiers who were perfectly healthy are now battling heart problems, how there’s been a nearly 300% increase in miscarriages, a nearly 300% increase in cancer and an over  1000% increase in neurological damage reported as vaccine side effects.

All for a virus which posed zero risk to soldiers at the peak of their youth and health.

The DoD’s medical records have been considered the most complete and the most accurate data that you can get, due to the highly-controlled conditions of the military, itself – until after Renz’ testimony.

He says his team was able to download a lot of data until yesterday, when they found that the database was offline – and this was after they had just seen how the data on myocarditis had been manipulated!

Renz directly addresses those who would manipulate the DoD’s medical records:

“Let me just go on record and tell you this: first of all, we’ve got copies, including physical copies of this data and I’ve got it all over the country, so you can’t get it; you can’t wipe it out, it’s out there. Second of all, that data, we’ve got…data from different points of time, that indicate where and when it’s been changed, so go ahead.

“You guys try and cover this up, you’re going to dig your hole deeper. My suggestion for anybody that’s involved in this is that it’s time to come clean. Testify and ask for forgiveness, rather than permission. You guys need to really come clean, you need to think about this…

“We have a lot more coming that’s equally Earth-shattering.

“This Cabal, this crooked, corrupt nightmare is going to end. We’re going to end it. And I can’t wait – can’t wait – to see these guys brought to justice. They’ve murdered our soldiers, they’ve murdered our children. They’re going down.”    

Renz says he has enough data now for the courts to take this seriously, saying they’ve got a lot of basis to include members of the Mainstream Media in the Collusion case that his team will be pursuing and which he vows to take to the end.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • this murder of the soldiers goes back through the so CALLED SPANISH FLUE ROCKERFELLA AND ROYALTY MURDERERS HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH DEPOPULATION exercise wars all a scam to murder the fittist of the people

  • hey man, quit rippin’ on (Morning) Fox, check out Tucker or Laura or Watters or Gufeld to get the good stuff. What do think is valid TV journalism? Morning Joe?! (good gawd) or any of his cronies at MSNBC, day or night? What about CNN? You like watching people masturbate on TV? Don ‘hand-in-his-pants-smudge-you’ Lemon? C Cuomo… watch me fellate my big brother!??

    It’s my first time here, and it looks like it might be good; but lighten up on the ‘let’s all hate Fox’ routine… there’s good reason(s) why they’re #1 in the ratings, across the spectrum!!

  • Canadian fan here. I appreciate your unbiased reporting, thank you so much. I would like to write Sen. Johnson and thank him. I will try find out how to do that but if you can advise me/ provide a shortcut I would be grateful. Keep up the good work.🇨🇦

  • 😭 what can i say? MAY GOD BLESS YOU STEW AND THE TEAM. This you started my prayer is that gets worldwide,GOD’S JUDGEMENT IS ON THE BRINK ❤️

  • I’ve heard flight surgeon Theresa Long’s testimony and it’s heartbreaking and terrifying. Thank you Ron Johnson, Tom Renz and all of the brave souls who are fighting for us. We are praying for you.

  • THERE ARE SO MANY DOD MILITARY INVOLVED IN TREASON WITH THIS COVID SCAM…YOU should be expecting a NUKE to go off in a city anyday now.WE KNOW their going to POISON THE WATER ALL OVER AMERICA to kill as many americans as they can..WE also know OBAMA was given 325 NUCLEAR WEAPONS BY THE US AIR FORCE,OBAMA planted them everywhere in america ,around mountains that are VOLCANO’S that will erupt,we know he planted 6 NUKES in the mississippi river,TWO nukes in the gulf of mexico,several off the coast of NEW YORK,and other ares of the east coast..AND the west coast,HOOVER DAN has TWO NUKES in it,I could go on but I know nothing will be done to OBAMA america loves him…..

  • Where are the facts, details, documents to support the claims in this article? Would be helpful if the article’s author provided some specific facts and evidence to back up the claims he makes. I don’t mean to be disparaging, but where are the facts here? – no data is provided?

  • Love watching ALL TRUTH what is really going on Australia is up to its neck with curupt GRUBENT I was stood down then terminated from employment refusing the jab and I am so proud of my stance and take part in ALL the Melbourne marches if there is a way to get you finance to support your course I pray it comes your way.
    Sincerely thank you

    • As far as I know Trumps not a chemist. He was the president when the bettys released it. The vaccine was invented 10 years ago.

      • the soldiers being sacrificed to the cabal
        is generational that’s what the Spanish flue was caused by another bioweapon Gates senior was the doctor In charge, MURDER IS MURDER unless your an elite their is no question any more the bioweapon is not for anyone’s health WW1+WW2 where for depopulation while the elites once again got more 🤑💰 money , Rockafellas supplied the so-called vaccines. yes so Trump lied about the MIRACLE of them being ready in twelve months been to the 2012 Olympic games ceremonies .

    • ALMOST all the US GOVERNMENT are fallen angels and demons,AMERICA will be shocked when they come in FORCE to land and FOOL america into believing their our creators,THE DEMONS from planet -X,the NIBIRU MINI SOLAR SYSTEM thats NOW approching earth..THE EARTHQUAKES will get worse and worse,Storms beyond belief,weather no one has ever seen,AND finaly a POLESHIFT,the OCEANS roaring from pole to pole miles high..and ASTEROIDS miles across,hitting everywhere…ROCKS falling from the sky like hail,on fire…

  • Why are these evil monsters still living, breathing & walking the earth? Why are people still complying? They’re military for gods sake! How many of them against the evil monsters, it’s not going to take a lot to get rid of them.

    • They’re still complying because they’ve been zombified – they’re brain dead like NATO (Macron).

      What amazes me is that 250,000 US troops caught the Gulf War Syndrome after Gulf War I (Iraq – 1991). 33,000 UK troops are in the same boat as well as countless Italian soldiers.

      The only link between these 300,000+ zombies veterans is that they were vaxxed with and Anthrax serum doped with Squalene(illegal since not approved by the FDA) before their deployment to Kuweit, Saudi Arabia and Iraq in late 1990.

      Ignore history at your own risk – Covid-19 transgenic injections are a lot worst than the Anthrax vaxx since you become a genetically modified human (GMH) and you can’t predict how you’re going to behave tomorrow!!!

      The worst thing with these injections is that they don’t just genetically modify you, they contain magnetic graphene oxide nano-particles (novel chemicals), they contain nano-sensors (routers, antennas) for self-forming networks (you can verify the below 50 nano-sensors patents by Charles Lieber) and you see where 5G comes into play here I hope!!:

  • Don’t xpect the corrupt crts 2 do anythin’…..many r nvolvd…

    The only way is the military!

    We know the hospitals hav been killin’ ppl with remdesivir, which shuts dwn the kidneys, floodin’ the lungs with fluids and then they stuck them on ventil8ors and they died!!

    Then they were calld covid deaths…no!!..they were remdesivir deaths, the only protocol hospitals were allowd 2 uze, by ordr of fraudci.ll

    U shud NEVAH go n2 a hospital, sick cuz they’ll make u tk 1 of those bogus PCR tsts 4 covid…then tell u ur positiv, when it can’t even dtect anythin’…

    Who knew y’all can’t even trust drs anymore?!!!

    Those you trust the most!

    Now I understand what Q was tellin’ us!!

    And he was sain’ that 2 YRS AGO!!

    Drs and nurses r complicit n this genocide…they get kickbcks from big pharma 4 every death they call covid…and $30 thou 4 each ventil8or…

    Then they r makin’ $millions organ harvestin’ ….there is majah ncentives 4 the hospitals 2 kill u or jus let u die!!!


  • Agenda 21/30 depopulation plan in progress. It is great that we still have a few brave people willing to speak out. Hopefully they have good security. Truth in today’s 1984 world is rare and not welcomed by those in charge of this mission. You can either blindly believe their lies or use some critical thinking skills and realize that their propaganda is merely a Mass Psychosis operation. These people assume everyone is susceptible to brain washing. Fortunately, their assumption is incorrect. Stay strong.

    • Actually, I find it weird that the Covidian propagandists end up believing in their own lies:

      1: NY Editor:
      A NY Times editor has died of a heart attack at 49, one day after receiving a Moderna Covid “booster” shot

      2. WaPo: Vaccinated Washington Post editor dies of heart failure
      A very influential American vaccine proponent has died after suffering from “sudden cardiac arrest”.
      Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt suffered “sudden cardiac arrest on November 24” and did not regain consciousness. Hiatt was a recipient of the jab after his employer imposed a vaccine mandate in July to “help safeguard the health and safety” of the newspaper’s staff.

      3. EU Commission President David Maria Sassoli dies after his 3rd shot – he was 65.

      Notice that in the MSM news they never say that these people were murdered by the “vaccines”. You’ll read excuses like “sudden deaths”, “heart attacks”, “cancer” etc…

      We are also aware that there have been reverse zoonotic jumps to your pets but don’t worry.

      At Murderna, we’re proud of our guinea pigs – we have you covered for the next viral assault (1 minute video):

      At Schizer, we care about your kids and your pets (1 minute video):

      Please renew your quarterly booster subscriptions to protect yourself, your pets and your family from the upcoming iDelta variant (We apologize for running out of the alphabet letters for the new variants – vaccines are breeding more variants than originally thought).

      We care,
      CEOs of Murderna and Schizer

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