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Mike Pence had a chance to recover but, instead he doubled-down on his Globalist stance. He clearly doesn’t know what the conservative base cares about and he may have permanently ended his political career but I’m not sure how he ever had one, to begin with.

Although I couldn’t find the video for it, The Des Moines Register reported that the crowd booed Pence after he stated that, “It is in the interest of the United States of America to continue to give the Ukrainian military resources that they need to repel a Russian invasion and restore their sovereignty.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • That’s Not Pence.
    I know this because I was deeply involved with the 2016 Election.
    That’s Not Pence, so where is he?

  • Many Americans knew who and what this guy was and is, ever since he made promisees to the Pro lifers that got him elected governor, that he never kept and worse, then sided with the Pro choicers after he was safely elected and the Pro lifers were vulnerable! He’s a shameless turncoat. He’s a phony conservative a phony Republican, a phony Pro lifer, a phony Evangelical. All of those things were artificially added onto his persona so that he could get elected in Indiana. He’s a political chameleon!

    I found it hard to believe that Trump was not warned about him, but he had no choice in picking him for Veep. Hence Pence was Trump’s most likely handler for the Republican neocons and might explain why Trump made a blizzard of mistakes picking his political enemies for cabinet members and high offices.

    If what I have written is true, then Pence was likely the puppet meister within Trump’s administration.

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