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Mike Adams and Harrison Smith examine strange rubberband-like tissue that Richard Hirschman, a professional embalmer found in people who “died suddenly”, which appear to be engineered to grow inside the body.

An emergency room physician who is shielding his identity calls in to corroborate these findings, telling Mike and Harrison, “Apparently, what’s happening is these injections are re-programming our DNA or RNA to produce these new proteins, forming these new structures.

“What prompted me to call you was that we’re seeing a huge influx of people that are coming into the hospitals and urgent cares with what we call, claudication, which is usually from peripheral vascular disease or peripheral artery disease, which is blockages in their extremities that can cause issues with blood flow to your tissues. And we’re seeing a huge, skyrocketing amount of patients that we’re seeing that have these types of issues.” These cases are skyrocketing in relatively young patients, which he says, “Is unheard-of.”

The doctor also says, “We’re seeing increased rates of deep vein thrombosis, which are clots in your lower extremities that can travel to the lung and cause pulmonary embolism. We’re seeing increased rates of that, as well in relatively young people.”

He says these blood clots are not responding to blood clot medications, like Coumadin or Heparin. “They’re using a different pathway to form these clots, a completely different protein. These are not blood clots, so this absolutely supports what you’re saying about these clots. This is nothing to do with the blood.”

He suspects that there are a lot of people walking around with these things inside of them, undiagnosed and that the spike in cases of young, healthy people, like all of the soccer players who have “died suddenly” and the cases of so-called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), heart attacks and strokes may have their explanation in these never-before-seen clots.

Meanwhile, the entire medical community appears to be ignoring the causality of this and the doctor is very frustrated with his profession. He doesn’t know how much longer practitioners can dissimulate as what’s going on.

He says, “A year ago some people were saying that 70% or 80% of the vaxxinated people would end up dead within a couple of years and that was a scary thought but now, we’re seeing this in real time.

“We don’t know how to treat this. I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know if there’s really anything we can do.”

There’s no test that one can take to detect the presence of these bio structures and he will be researching them, in an attempt to come up with a treatment but in the meantime, you can test your Arterial Brachial Index (ABI), and see if there’s a discrepancy between your upper and lower extremities to determine if there’s a blockage.

He says, “A CT Scan, a Doppler Ultrasound, things like that, which are used for regular blood clots may be able to detect these. But if this is happening, as I think it is in the small vessels and capillaries, there’s not a lot to do to really detect it.”

He thinks an MRI might be your best bet for detecting these but there’s no insurance code for it and it will involve a fight with the insurance company to get them to pay for the MRI. He notes that emergency rooms do not do MRIs, as they’re considered an outpatient procedure.

Mike says that by the time the Establishment acknowledges the problem, “We might have millions and millions of people on the countdown to clot death.”

The doctor says he agrees with that and notes that there seems to be a cumulative effect, with an increase in symptoms correlating to an increase in shots received. He suggests to those who made the mistake of taking the vaxx, to refrain from taking any more.

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  • The FDA advisory board has just unanimously endorsed Phizer and Moderna shots for young children and infants. So now the FDA’s Commissioner and his ilk, including Congress, is now responsible for destroying and murdering the public, including our most precious resource, our children – through toxic and dangerous vaccinations. May their souls rot in hell…

  • Do live patients have these strands, or are they only found in Cadavers?

    If these are also in live patients then there would need to be a massive cover up with medical professionals on all levels. We have never seen a cover up even remotely to that scale because it’s impossible to keep everyone in check.

    There are too many anomalies with this video and the guest and host aren’t providing enough relevant information to make this credible.

    I’m 100% anti covid vaccines, but we need to do better than this to turn the tide.

  • Do you know if these samples have come from people who have been ‘vaxxed’ ? you a re not specifically stating this.

    • Richard Hirschman says that in some cases, he knows for sure that they were vaxxed. In other cases young people in their 40s, in some cases “died suddenly” – and then he finds the same rubbery “worms” in their veins as he did in those who he positively knew were vaxxed.

      Also, this phenomenon never happened before, in 20 years of his being a board-certified embalmer until after the vaxx rollout.

  • What are the numbers between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals with these unnatural clots?

  • This is too creepy to share with many of the people I know who took the 💉Can you imagine how you’d feel if you learned that what they said would protect you is causing your body to produce something like that? The people in Pharma behind this and all in government, media, academics etc should not be allowed to walk free among us. They are evil motherfuckers. I’m certain of it!

  • WHY would anyone even take the chance of getting a “Vaccine” because of “COVID-19”? COVID-19 is unlikely to kill you, but this “Vaccine” is unlikely to allow one to survive.
    These fibrous “Clot Worms” are only one of the various Vaxxine “effects” that I have personally seen that our Doctors administer and our “Leaders” encourage or even demand. I have shot Heroin and other Opiates into my veins without any concern for over 4 decades without any ill effects, but my being injected with this “COVID-19 Vaccine” instinctively terrifies me. I want to ask one simple question with a logical answer that should scare you too:
    Although this “vaccine” has been proven and acknowledged to do nothing to prevent “COVID-19”, then why in Today’s society is injecting Heroin illegal yet the injection of something like this is both encouraged and mandated?
    One would have to be legally Insane to take this “Vaccine” into their body.

    • The logical answer is that the “vax” is a bio weapon designed to kill and hence depopulate without raising an abundance of suspicion. Those perpetrating this murderous scheme claim to “not understand the reason for these sudden unexplained deaths”. They will always push that lie while we who study this condition, can’t help but “connect the dots”.

  • Morgellons on a larger scale. Welcome to my world. I know they say it consists of Lyme Disease and fungus and biofilm, etc but some of the things I’ve seen under a microscope are like things from the Twilight Zone. Some pics I’ve seen from others are similar to this but not this large and we deal with those white looking things too, fibers, some multicolored and translucent or white with a shine. There’s a video of a guy that was in the military that got the vax which is actually gene therapy and he had fibers exactly like those of us with Morgellons, hate that term, but he was being interviewed and I believe the video is on Stew Peter’s show.

  • I’m grateful to the brave folks that are still following up on this matter.

    This is far from over as long as the criminals are let be.

    • There are posts online of how to detox yourself from the clotshot. It starts with Ivermectin, but includes a lot else.

  • Pity Mike didn’t do his mass-spec on these samples. Also measuring resistance, birefringence might help to identify more these foreign objects.. Because of the volume of these structures being much larger than the injections material, the injections must somehow instruct human blood to extract its certain components to build that stuff..



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