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This latest video from Greg Reese is a 4-minute, easy-to-share clip with the bullet points of the findings we’ve been publishing here in recent days, illustrating how in many patients, the vaxx is causing the re-programming our DNA or RNA to produce new proteins, forming these new white, rubbery structures

An emergency room physician adds fascinating details about the internal blockages growing within the vaxxinated that would certainly explain most of the deadly side effects we are seeing today, like the young athletes keeling over on the field and the serious Adverse Events experienced by Justin Bieber and his wife  – or what the mainstream media is currently spinning as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome SADS”.



The evidence of vaxxine death and injury is overwhelming to anyone who can see past the mainstream media’s hypnotic lies.

The numbers tell us that the vaxxines have already caused a 20% increase in deaths.

And now, we’re beginning to understand that this is just the beginning. Things are going to get much, much worse.

Many of us have already seen the mysterious objects found in the vials of COVID vaxxines, by two separate, independent groups using electron microscopy.

We are also familiar with the rise of strokes, heart attacks and other side effects experienced worldwide after the biggest experimental vaxxination in history.

And now, we are getting a first glimpse of what is causing all this. Something in the COVID vaxxines seems to be growing within the recipients’ vascular system.

Anomalous objects are being discovered in the dead bodies of the vaxxinated by embalmers and coroners; horrific things being grown inside the veins and arteries.

These are not blood clots ad they appear to be some sort of organic material, with small crystals and extremely thin wires, made up of what looks like reptilian scales.

This internal blockage growing within the vaxxinated would certainly explain all of the deadly side effects we are seeing today – what the mainstream media is currently spinning as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome SADS”.

We do not know what these things are but they are being found by embalmers and coroners everywhere, except pretty much all of them are too afraid to speak out or they don’t care.

Only one has shown the courage to speak out so far. And this is the real tragedy.

For those who remain silent, things will not get better. The FDA is poised to authorize these deadly vaccines to children as young as six months old and humanity does nothing.

Why should we deserve anything other than pain and suffering, if we do nothing to protect our own children?

Once those afraid of speaking out begin seeing their coroner tables filled with dead children, it will be too late.

But it’s not too late now.

If you are an embalmer, a coroner, or a funeral director and you are seeing these things, there is still time to save the lives of our innocent children.

You can start now by contacting

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