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    New Zealand scientist, Dr Robin Wakeling has reproduced the microscopy findings of the Spanish research group, La Quinta Columna of what appears to be self-assembling nanocircuitry in the vaxx recorded in samples of Comirnaty®.

    Because the New Zealand legal system is less robust than in the US, their government is actually administering Comirnarty® to their citizens, which is something I predict will not happen on a large scale in the US.

    Comirnaty® is the brand name of the Pfizer-BioNTech shot, which was FDA-approved in the US last summer, in order to lend gravitas to the Biden Regime’s execution of the vaxx mandates (with the emphasis on “execution”).

    The US Military and other organizations wouldn’t have been able to legally impose the mandates without this FDA approval. However, the branded and approved Comirnaty® product is legally-distinct from the Emergency Use-authorized experimental shot.

    It’s a bait-and-switch, because Pfizer wants to have their cake and eat it too: They want to maintain the liability immunity that comes from Emergency Use Authorization on the one hand while also having the FDA approval that organizations, such as the US military require to mandate its use on the other hand.

    Among the general public, FDA approval confers the sense that this is a “safe and effective” drug and not an experimental infertility- and prion disease-inducing, nervous system-wrecking, dementia- and heart disease-causing clot shot.

    Jordan Schachtel has done a deep dive on this story on his Substack. He calls Comirnaty® the “Ghost Shot” and he calls its FDA approval an “information operation”.

    If there is a bright side to any of this, former BlackRock stockpicker, Ed Dowd told Greg Hunter last week that he doesn’t believe that those who have executed and implemented this vaxx genocide will be able to get away with it. He doesn’t think these people can finagle their way out of responsibility by means of their immunity. This is genocide.

    They were clearly banking on the legal system being totally out of commission – to say nothing of the millions of vaxx-damaged people –  who would be to weak to obtain justice but he doesn’t think it’s so far gone that this will be the case.

    As for Dr Wakeling, his main discoveries were the ongoing self-assembly of:

    1. Lipid nanoparticles into highly varied colloidal structures.
    2. Deposition of right angled sheets and “wires” at interfaces.
    3. Highly ordered complex structures of sheets and “wires”, which he suspects are nanotechnology.

    These structures start out simple and over the course of the hours and days, they self-assemble into nano-sized circuits or routers.

    They somewhat resemble crystalline structures but he shows us a salt crystal, which one might expect to find in the vaxx, as maybe part of the saline solution and definitely does not look like salt…crystals don’t tend to form as a two-dimensional plane.

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    • the Iphones radiation is a field on its own. Depending in which modes, you might have different modulaltions. Keep it in the strongest direction facing the microscope slides with the salts+lipids + genetic material and and at the end you can add graphene. The latter would make the biggest difference to the viewed behavior, I can imagine.

    • It is a good start, but far from final story. The crystallization condition of salts, lipids AND charged genetic material are extremely complex. Taking simple salt solution is NOT a reference example. I’d start with a combination of salts as know from he official Pfizer list: potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose. Best AFTER conforming with them at what concentrations. Phosphates are the easiest, fastest and the most difficult to handle. These are the ones which you can watch in seconds how they grow! Including VERY thin plates. Once you have that background, with very specifically defined conditions (DIRECTIONS of the magnetic field i.e. north or south pole, exact temperature, never exceeiding human body temperature!, measured strength of wi-fi, from a simple 4G or 5G IPHONE, you do not need 5G tower!!!) you can accept these as the controls. THEN you get your real mRNA , any sequence, charges are the same, so the cheapest possible. After recording those you can get over to the REAL Pfizer samples…Or add known lipids before that and watch what happens. Definitely nothing within real crystals gives spheres, in particular chains of them growing in one direction! So that part is ready to interpret. For the real samples, it would be essential to MEASURE THE ELECTRICAL CONDUCTANCE of the liquid. The NO 1 feature of graphene is ELECTRICAL conductivity, in addition to the thermal ne. If you have a very sensitive magnetometer, measure these fields too!!!!

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