Steve Kirsch is a tech millionaire and inventor who funds the charitable Vaccine Safety Foundation that recently funded the successful Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington, DC.  He’s been laser-focused on the fraud being perpetrated since the very beginning of the COVID PSYOP on his influential Substack.

Steve is joined here by Richard Hirschman the board-certified embalmer who was the first to come forward to report the unprecedented rubbery clots he and his colleagues have been in peoples’ bodies since mid-2021, with cases becoming increasingly more common.

In January of 2022, 37 out of 57 bodies (65% of all cases) had these mysterious clots and Richard tells Steve he believes that the vaccines were the most likely cause of death for all of them.

Steve writes:

“With a 65% death rate, you’d think the CDC would be doing an active investigation on this to collect the data.

“You’d also think that after his Jan 26 video, Hirschman would be contacted by the CDC, FDA, NIH, NY Times, CNN, Washington Post, and so on, wouldn’t you?


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  • Taken also a look on the website of Headwind, or contact Sam Brokken, Geert Vandenbossche, Mattias Desmet, …

  • This is a high quality interview that Steve steers impeccably. Having watched the videos with the contributions of both, John O’Looney and Richard Hirschman, I am starting to believe that morticians are the most lovable people on Earth. Could that be, because they are dealing with the dead? I am following the Covid scam right from the start and that dates back to around October 2019. I have been warning people about what I learned and what was logical, because it fitted into the wider political and societal picture of which “medicine” is but a part and I was talking to deaf ears. People thought I was mad. I found similarly minded people on the internet, and we got together, but I have not persuaded a single person to change their mind. More than one year after people started dying with the so called vaccines, people seem polarised. The vaccinated not only do not want to hear anything different to what their physicians told them, but they often hate you, if you try to tell them otherwise. After all this time, I no longer believe that it is like letting a blind man to walk in front of a train. Everyone had access to exactly the same information and if they chose not to see it, or to believe something else, it was their choice and their responsibility. On another level, life is a learning experience and a test.

  • There are some people who are “raising the bar” about this info wars situations, because “knowledge is power” but just the beginning of the battle!

    Than there are those who are not “better” than anyone else, have for taking this situation to the next step up the RUNG to a “stopper” on this situation!

    We need to get the next level asap, as it is well beyond any lackadaisical ideals, because a real ethical caring being has to stop this s*uff!

  • I’m curious if the other Embalmer were also in Alabama? Thank you for your justified concern. I actually listened today to find out what updates there were. I’m disappointed to the silence you’ve experienced. Hopefully, our Canadian neighbors have shown the world that miracles can happen when we come together.

  • When they did animal tests on previous mRNA vaccines all of the animals died. For obvious reasons they didn’t do animal tests for the covid jabs. I’m sure they (modeRNA/pfizer) knew from autopsies on the dead lab rats from previous research that these clots would arise. And knew how long before they would show up. It looks like planned mass murder to me. I hope that all involved are prosecuted according to the law of the land wherever they live.

  • People are talking about it and it’s hard to bring it out, however, we must.
    The head people are getting saline. There are different types of toxins in the different batches.
    We know they are the globalists and also want to eliminate part of the population.

  • Great to have this conversation here with even more details of what Dr. Ruby was able to gather!
    Thank you Steve! When Dr. Ruby came out with the story some of my searches indicated that finbrinogen+PEG hydrogels can build under photoinduction with UV. The decomposition of this new structure was possible using digestive enzyme trypsin and collagenase, but trypsin was more active. Two publications describe the trypsin digestion of these constructs:
    1. Polymer-conjugated albumin and fibrinogen composite hydrogels as cell scaffolds designed for affinity-based drug delivery. Liat Oss-Ronen, Dror Seliktar. Acta Biomaterialia
    Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 163-170
    2. Biosynthetic hydrogel scaffolds made from fibrinogen and polyethylene glycol for 3D cell cultures. Liora Almany, Dror Seliktar. Biomaterials 26 (2005) 2467–2477
    Not sure to what extend all this will change when doped graphene oxide is added in this picture. Graphene is known to take apart unspecificaly all proteins* and cut into DNA! Its suggested detox: N-acetyl cysteine (1g/day). It’s presence in the body (N-doped form): magnetism and electrification (higher voltage across the body)
    * ‘Non-specific cleavage of proteins using graphene oxide’ by Heeyoung Lee at al. Analytical Biochemistry 451, (2014), p31-34.

    • I’m curious if the other Embalmer were also in Alabama? Thank you for your justified concern. I actually listened today to find out what updates there were. I’m disappointed to the silence you’ve experienced. Hopefully, our Canadian neighbors have shown the world that miracles can happen when we come together.

      Added: I just read the scientific summary of a possible cause below. Can someone translate it to give it meaning to us non-scientifics? =)

  • The COVID scammers are in coverup mode to ignore the evidence to maintain plausible deniability in case someone screws up and sues for blood transfusion contamination after an operation that results in death. Liability from vaxxed organ and blood donations will rip the band-aid off the ” Died of Clotting ” epidemic and cut into the new source of funding needed to save all the vaxx damaged with the spare parts bonanza coming from the newly deceased . The roundup of the unvaxxed from accidents and such has already begun the goldmine has been struck for the premium parts market.

    • BINGO!
      Spare parts go for a very HIGH price, and when dead victim is cremated, can’t be evidenced as “organ robbery!”


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