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    We’ve been hearing since the very beginning of the plandemic about how hospitals have been paid extra for each patient recorded as a COVID death. This is because the CARES Act more than doubles Medicare payments to hospitals treating COVID-19, versus “garden-variety pneumonia” – and it triples the amount paid to the hospital if those patients are put on ventilators.

    In short, the Federal Government has incentivized hospitals to kill their patients, using COVID as a ruse.

    As a result, we’ve heard thousands of stories about how hospitals have become the proverbial “gas chambers” of the COVID holocaust, where hapless patients are subjected to the NIH-approved Death Protocol of remdesevir, which causes renal failure and are then put on ventilators, virtually assuring their deaths.

    We’ve all heard about motorcycle accident fatalities that the hospitals have officially called “COVID” on the death certificates. Benjamin Gord was about to become another case like this after he was in a single-car crash in Arizona last month.

    Benjamin was on the side of the road. As he waited for help, he was able to determine that, aside from a few abrasions on his face from broken glass, he was otherwise unscathed. 10 minutes later, an ambulance arrived. As Ben sat trapped in his car, the EMT reached in and injected him, saying “Just gonna calm you down, Boss.”

    Ben woke up 7 hours later in a hospital bed on a ventilator, not knowing where he was. He succeeded in removing the ventilator, the intravenous drips and the catheter. On the floor, he saw his clothes that had been cut off of him. He wrapped some shreds around his naked body and proceeded to an office area, demanding to know why he’d been put on a ventilator and what drugs had been given to him.

    The hospital staff looked at him as if they were seeing a ghost. The young woman who did all the talking there told him that he had COVID.

    He responded, “Even if that’s true that you tested me for COVID, that ventilator is a late-stage, last-resort, hyper-invasive thing that you’ve done. Also, what [drugs] did you give to me?”

    He was told he had been given propofol, fentanyl and morphine and he asked for a formal record of what had been administered and who had authorized it.

    When he called the local sheriff’s department to get a copy of his police report, he was told they hadn’t gotten around to it yet. He had been checked in anonymously as John Doe, Date of Birth 1922 but after he left the hospital, they called his sister, who has a different last name. So, the hospital claimed not to know who he was but they were able to track down his sister, who had filed a missing person report for him.

    There are still many unanswered questions, here but it really looks like this hospital intended to let him overdose on a cocktail of hard drugs so that they could collect $100,000 in “COVID relief” funds.

    This case could shed light on so many other cases over the past 2 years.

    Needless to say, we really need to be extra careful and stay out of the hospitals, at all costs.

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    • That’s exactly why his bracelet said 100 years Bc they planned he would die and a 100 yr old on paper dying wouldn’t get questioned

    • When you research Ben, you need to be aware that his last name was originally mispelled and there-fore there is confusion . You must look up the incorrect spelling of his name to find all the interviews. His correct name is Benjamin Gordon. The begining of his incident occured between 11:30 AM and noon on 1/30/2022. You need to also search for Benjamin GORD, which has been incorrectly (accidently) used by mistake.

      I was able to reach Benjamin on February 5th, and believe his story, and appreciate how well he has been able to relate it. Its not only eye-opening, but coincided with my own experiences. This is a Totally believable, and an inteligently told story. Stay on top of it, if you can, as it unfolds further. Its time, and we are going to learn a lot about whats actually going on in the world in short order.

    • Morphine congest the lungs and kills you via pneumonia, Fact, talk to the old nurses! DOctors and nurses been killing people with this for decades, you have to catch them and then they will grasp what they are doing!

    • The drug (medication) he was given is likely “Midazolam” or other similarly dangerous and highly-potent general anaesthetic. This medication is used for inducing coma in patients, for example, those who suffer massive catastrophic injuries, i.e. in Motor Bike Accidents and Shark Attacks, etc. The Intensive Care (ICU) Emergency Medicine terminology defining the use of Ventilator Machines is synonymous with terms such as “Intubation/Intubated”. “Life Support”, and/or “Induced Coma”

      The reason his urinary catheter isn’t to be removed in this way and is so “harrowing” (as he put it), is because the 1/4″ diameter (12Gauge) by 12′ long plastic tube that constitutes a male catheter has 1″ ballon seal near the tip of tube. The tube is inserted all the way up through the penis from tip to base, and on up into the bladder where its tip is left to reside deep inside the bladder where the 1″ balloon is inflated in order to form a seal and prevent the tube from slipping out. To remove it safely, the practitioner (nurse or doctor) will first (usually) anaesthetise the local area with some lignocaine gel applied topically (or other simple topical local aneasthetic gel), then the ballon is deflated before the catheter is gently pulled out. It is not supposed to be removed while the balloon is still inflated. That’s a big “No no!” and will likely lead to permanent damage along the inside of the penis somewhère. That bloke is a machine! What a legend! It’s no wonder the staff were looking at him in awe. It takes one hell of a virile man to remove those implanted medical devices, those 3x tubes he had semi-permanently implanted deep into his body’s physique (a 1/4″ urinary catheter through penis and into bladder; an IV Canula implanted into venous circulation; a 1″ Vent Tube down throat into lungs).

      He was on Life Support in an Induced Coma. You don’t just wake up and pull those tubes out and then get up and start questioning them on what they’ve done to you. That’s a scary thing for a practitioner to behold.

    • I am glad he got heard! I had given suggestions, of who to try, to get heard.
      I do believe him! I was hijacked in a weird way? About 6 years back. Under the new law, that had been imposed , where anyone can have another taken “for mental illness for 72 hrs”. It was ALL a freak glitch, my Medical and Government Files, had Reset to an Old Time. My income suddenly was cut, just a month before, so i knew about that glitch. Long story! No one believed me either!

    • I’m speechless on what I just read. The fact that the hospital would go to this extreme for $$ is mindblowing. I knew all about remDEATHsevere, when all this evil started. I was able to get others (or their family) to see b4 it was to late. Except for my cousin, my bestfriend and my rock. Every ounce of information, video, articles, pleas etc fell on deaf ears. Kaiser Permanente holy cross hospital in silver springs MD admit date 9/27/21, murdered my cousin and bestfriend after 30 days (10/8/21 put on the vent).
      Then THEY pulled the plug without any family or witnesses around 11/7/21.
      These evil spawns of satan will pay sooner than later. Knowing God has already won this biblical battle, is the ONLY thing keeping me sane right now. Exposing the darkness of the hospital history of harvesting organs and patient abuse, collecting millions/billions from insurance companies, is coming to an end.

    • THIS is ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! I can NOT hardly believe stuff like this is happening in the United States Of America! I am glad he made it out alive!! I hope and pray to God he gets a lawsuit going and sues them for EVERY thing they have!!

    • As a Respiratory Therapist, I am surprised that he would have had time to remove his IV and catheter without the staff arriving at his room in response to the ventilator alarm. I do believe there is more to this story (I am not questioning Ben’s report) and wonder if he was perhaps accidentally overdosed by the EMT requiring vent support until he woke up. Not only were they covering up the medical malpractice but taking advantage of COVID to profit as well.

    • 1984—never remove a urinary catheter without deflating the balloon. This guy should sue the schitt out of that facility.

    • A clear case of attempted murder from the paramurderers to the nursing floor hit squad of the off grid kill facility pretending to be a hospital. His angel was there to wake him up so he could save himself from the plan to collect the bounty from the death act perversely called the CARES ACT. These sick medical bastards and the freemason fraternal protection racket known as the police are out to getcha. Police license to kill colluding with medical license to kill.
      Amerika has the most COVID murders in the world. #1 and they decided to stop reporting deaths so it wouldn’t raise any suspicions.

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