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So many conspiracy theories, just from the last four or five years, that have turned out to be true. We probably have to come up with new conspiracy theories, which then will turn out  to be true. We were really able to uncover a lot of lies.

We exposed all of the narratives about this mRNA injection being “safe and effective”, which it wasn’t. Then it was claimed this mRNA injection “saved 20 million lives”. It’s a blatant lie.

That is a number that then the representative of EMA, she actually had to admit to it. That number pertains to all vaccines ever in history. But we were just talking about the mRNA injection.

So it’s a blatant lie when you say it saved 20 million lives. On the contrary, the mRNA injections, they may have very well killed 17 million people around the world. So there is nothing “safe and effective” about it.

They never even tested that stuff.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am a viewer who comments, most viewers don’t comment.

    If you listen carefully, you can hear a little drum beating in the background….

    The message is, Alexandra works hard, to bring forth this information and knowledge, for her viewers.

    In addition she has to deal the bureaucratic gatekeepers who try to prevent good info, from reaching the public.

    Supporting Alexandra’s Website and Projects, is something everyone can do, to help Win the fight for Freedom.

    Send a comment asking her, how you can help, where to send a Donation.

    This has been a Public Service Message!

  • The numbers don’t jive.

    Ofcourse, this is stated after the fact, so the Lesson to be learned from this, is to no longer believe the Liars, when they speak about Humanity.

    Even after they create the scare, and offer a safe harbor.

  • The USG, the CDC, Big Pharma has been lying about flu vaccines for decades! Lies that made billionaires out of some of them because they are morally rudderless, BS, MA’s PhD’s and MD’s produced by an immoral or amoral education system created by politicians at the highest levels of Federal Government.

    Now we know who they are, or should know and they are burning the midnight oil on how to lock us all up with their invented twisted rules, laws, regulations and court rulings.

    Their objective isn’t to serve us as the so often claim, but to use us as their commodities, “human resources” to be managed like an “animal farm” or a reservation!

    Who asked for this?

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