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by @Lisahudsonchow7

Coca-Cola sounds like it’s a drink you might not want to drink. They are teaming up with Microsoft, and it looks like it will be great for them but not so great for us. These people are sick, evil people that are determined to reduce the population. Check this out if you drink their products!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • For the sake of giving credit, where credit is due…..

    Coca-Cola has a history of drugs and other things.

    Everyone knows by now, an original ingredient in Coke, was Cocaine.

    During Viet Nam , just outside of Saigon, was a very large Coke Bottling Plant, that was used to make Heroin, from the Opium of the Golden Triangle.

    This money paid for illegal fighting in Laos, making some General Rich, and other things.

    Coca-Cola has…….For the fourth consecutive year, Coca-Cola has been named the top plastic polluter in the world.

    Many people say that Coke cleans a car’s windshield, like nothing else can.

  • This is a dynamite post.

    The video only mentions coke…..

    Coca-Cola, has bought multiple drink companies world wide; from Dairy Milk Products to Alcohol and Beer Products.

    One must assume all the Drink Products, will at some point contain the NanoParticles….and who knows what else.

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