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Max Igan with George Webb: Crimes of the Clinton Foundation

Max Igan interviews American citizen-researcher, George Webb, who erupted on YouTube in the aftermath of the US Presidential Election and whose clips I have been running since the beginning, only to find them removed. The first two went completely viral but I deleted the first one, after I saw that the clip had been taken down. This was not done by Webb but by YouTube, with no explanation. Then, I began to substitute the taken-down videos on pages I’d made with his newer ones but now it looks as if his clips are being allowed to stay up.

I can personally attest that the first George Webb video that I posted received around 40,000 views, whereas the YouTube counter was showing that the same clip – the same exact one streaming on my site – had only received around 1,200 views!

I’m happy to hear two of my favorite truth tellers speaking together about how the world really works. Webb is to be commended for the restraint he uses by not overblowing his claims and for the meticulousness of his research into the massive racketeering of the Clinton Foundation, which had been heavily involved in drugs-for-arms-for-black market, embargoed petroleum and human trafficking.

Like it or not, the deeds revealed are the reason why Donald Trump is getting sworn-in today. It’s truly head-spinning stuff but thoroughly-vetted and increasingly supported by a growing number of other citizen journalists, who provide supporting evidence for George’s claims, such as the actual WikiLeaks Podesta email page numbers that back the findings of Webb and others.

The incriminating emails are written in the very words of the perpetrators, themselves which is what makes it all the more chilling. Webb also follows the trails blazed by the handful of excellent Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalists who still exist, like Seymour Hersh.

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